Tear in Reality

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"We have a choice, it's pretty shitty one, but it's still a choice." Eighteen-year-old Lola Hallows is a witch, one of the many different kinds of Nightwalkers that have roamed Alereis and the Earth for thousands of years. Keeping the secret of their existence has become the least of her worries. When she returned to her home in San Francisco, she believed the hardest part would be learning to keep the secrets of her past from her best friends, all while they have secrets of their own locked away. But nothing could prepare her for having to fight for her survival. An ancient evil now lives within the city, killing its supernatural residents off one by one. The creatures of the night will need to come to terms with the fact that there are other things that lurk within darkness or else it will cost them their lives.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Realm

The following has been approved by the Realms Council,

Christina Blanchard, Zaria Herring, Alexandria Bullock, Tempest Swanson, Brier Elliot, and Liam Reed.

All Nightwalkers and Lien within the bounds of Earth and Alereis, otherwise called by its natives “The Realm ″, are required to conform to any and all laws passed by the Realms Council.

*Marriage to any Nightwalker or Lien outside of one’s own race.

*The creation of a hybrid.

*Being an untamed or having any involvement with the untamed.

*Allowing any human to have any knowledge of Alereis and or it’s inhibitors.

All of these laws are punishable by death if acted upon.

Now onto the history of the Realm...

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