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Soul of a Samurai

By marycombs14 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


After an accident at his father's martial arts studio, Clarke Kato, 14, touches a Samurai sword and finds himself surfing the historic dimension in the life of Musashi Miyamoto.. There, the Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu, gives Clarke and his brothers, Spencer, 13, and Miles, 12, a life or death mission to harness their own ascended gifts and help Musashi complete a story started long ago. As the story unfolds across dimensions and bridges the centuries, the Kato brothers must overcome their differences, navigate multiple dimensions, depend upon divine miracles and stretch toward their own heroic potential.



Kato Dojo (Martial Arts Studio), East 4th Street, New New York City – June 17, 2192

“Mario, it’s your turn. The mats. Put them away. Please,” said Clarke.

Mario didn’t respond.

“Look, Mario. Just stack them in the closet,” said Clarke, his patience strained.

They had just completed working out at the martial arts studio. The boys had put away their own Kendo shinai, the bamboo practice swords, and now what remained on the floor was the practice mats. This was a duty they rotated.

Clarke Kato was a tall 12 year old, clean cut, muscular and working his way slowly to the top of the regional ranking for Kendo. His dad, Rei Kato, owned the martial arts studio where they trained called East 4th Street Dojo.

Practice was over and Mario was sitting with his buddies, talking and laughing.

Mario was lean and strong and learned quickly. Rei had seen his potential and given him a full scholarship and then tolerated him in the dojo. This was not always easy. Mario had a quick temper and sometimes lashed out at younger students.

The fact that Clarke had just overpowered Mario in the practice session didn’t help. But Clarke was on a roll.

Clarke had made his ‘Crossing’ before the Time Stamp Corporation that ran the city a few days before with all this year’s 12ers. During this ceremony, every 12-year-old received an implant that signifies their crossing to adult status. His Calling Light, the main feature of the implant, had come on the moment he stepped into the studio. No big surprise there. Rei had been instructing Clarke and his two brothers in proper stances and strengthening exercises since they were big enough to hold a stick.

But there was something about having his Light Lit - even if it was expected. Somehow, just being at the dojo was great - everything that had felt like a chore before held promise now. His dad had even given him some new responsibilities to help run their practices.

So, it was with a spring in his step that Clarke was working at the dojo two days after his Crossing.

Now Mario was sitting against the wall with two other boys in full Kendo gear, head mask in his lap.

“Seriously,” said Clarke, holding his new Kendo shinai ready to pack away in its case. “Our shift here is ended and if we aren’t done for the next period, I’m gonna get the clocker shock. So just do it! Please.”

‘Clocker shock’ was a slight electrical shock, one of the ingenious supplemental components of the implant that encouraged punctuality.

Mario didn’t move but made an aside to his buddies who laughed at Clarke. Clarke didn’t have his father’s patience when it came to Mario.

“Get off your butt and pick them up, Mario. Your sticks, too. Now,” Clarke yelled.

“I got your stick right here,” said Mario, with a rude gesture. The other boys chuckled.

Clarke swung his Kendo stick at Mario’s head, stopping at the last instant. Mario ducked anyway.

“Psych!” said Clarke, smirking. Now the kids were laughing at Mario.

Mario scowled at them and looked at Clarke with a red face. He moved forward, pretending to get up, but then dove low into Clarke’s stomach with his shoulder. Clarke fell on his back with a thud. Mario rolled and got to his feet. Now Mario was chuckling.

It took a moment for Clarke to catch his breath.

“You are such a loser, Mario. Just do your….” He rolled onto his stomach and started to get up again.

As he rose, Mario stood over him and planted the Kendo stick hard in the middle of Clarke’s back. Crack.

Mario’s mouth was open as he saw Clarke fall, unconscious to the floor.

Then Mario closed his mouth. His eyes narrowed as he pointed a finger at each of the boys who had watched. He looked desperately at Clarke and ran for the door.

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