Desires Of Nesta

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• Simple Life •

Makshi kurum was a place of beauty and nature on Ferana.

Much of Gazi's food stocks came from the Makshi and many other simple villages. While the coin-owners did not make much travel to such smaller villages, there name was not lost, either.

Makshi was especially pretty when the first month of the new life arrived. With the new life, so did snow and hails, follwing it were such pretty blooming flowers.

I have never travelled out of Makshi, but then neither had mamai or papayi. I wished to leave Makshi when I was young, often telling mamai we should go see The Central of Gazi but that did not come to pass while many other bad things did.

In my life, I have been lead to believe that the biting winds accompanying snow meant it was your chance to let the bad of pasts be gone.

My mamai would always say, "Nesta, bury the bads in the biting snows. Remember, when the first seed blooms, you must make your heart bloom with just as much love."

She would often tell me that what we got was oftentimes enough to live happy. She didn't believe in stretching every limb thin to achieve more.

"Why ruin what I have to get what I simply desire, my Nesta. We do not lack in our needs, we have more that what we truly need to live. Why get trapped in endless cycles of desires?"

Mamai Mazu was a content soul. And while Papayi Kerith did not strive to fulfil all of his desires, he stretched himself thin for some of them.

Papayi was a Preacher in the Faction of our little village. He taught about our gods and our history - as lost and vague as it all was.

But even the myth must come from somewhere and Papayi stretched himself thin to find those sources.

While he taught us pupils about myths, legends and far away worlds in the shine of Brother Sun - he looked for the sources of myths and legends in the Three Sister Moon's guiding lights.

"Why get trapped?" Mamai had cried one night.

She had been quarrelling with papayi for so long, mamai had no strength left to breathe even. So, she sat on the bezzle skin as she cried while papayi watched.

"I crave answers."

Papayi had kissed her gently, held me in his sturdy arms for a long while before he had gotten hold of his pouch from the freezing floor and left.

I was eight snows then. Had I known papayi would never return, I would not have let him go. That snow storm mamai cried every night, even the occasional warmth of Brother Sun did not bring her out of her morose health.

When the first seed bloomed, mamai started to smile. She would often cry still - in middle of laughing, or when she ate, or when she saw me playing, but she would laugh and smile again.

When the month of swealtering heat came in, Brother Sun shone with true vengeance and the Three Sister Moons barely got a few hours to shine.

I never liked the months of High Sun. They made me angry, hungry and reticent. I did not like to work in our large farm so I always hid in shed and played with the salai.

His small form would hide and I would fail in finding him. Most times, I would complain to mamai and papayi about the cleverness of salais. But I loved to play with him still.

That months High Sun, salai had been ready to birth a litter and I had decided on names for all. But I could not watch his litter grow.

With papayi gone, I and mamai had to harvest food alone.

While she got milk from Casca, I harvested sweet and sour food. While mamai made garbs from the sheered threads, I sold them along with smaller trinkets.

When the month to shed leaves came, Mamai fell ill. Fearful, I only could pray to our Lord and Ladies to not take her.

After gruelling months, she persevered.

It was mami and me for many cycles of new life, papayi never returned and mamai grew sadder and sadder with every new life.

When I was 16 snows older, mamai smiled at me as she held me in her arms one night.

"Live a happy and simple life, Nesta. Do not be lost in cycles of desires "

Mamai passed to Lord Kairos in sleep with a soft smile on her face and me crying in her arms.

I prayed for mamai to Lord Kairos for the one customary month, burying papayi's subro amulet with her.

It was said that burying your lover's belongings with the dead enabled them to look for their beloveds in Lord Kairos darkness.

I did not wish for mamai to not find papayi when he were to travel to Lord Kairos. I did not even truly knew if papayi already was in darkness or not.

I prayed not for his health, but I prayed he was because mamai would need him.

With the months of Snow leaving and the months of Blooms approaching, I cried my need for mamayi and papayi everyday.

As soon as soon the first seed bloomed, I did everything to not shed tears, bury the past and bloom with new hope like my mamai.

The nonths of blooming flowers passed away but I could hold back my cries. Even as months of High Sun approached, I often cried while harvesting sour and sweet food.

When the next cycle of life came, I decided to be like mamai and sell my harvest and trinkets. I did not know how to sew garbs but since the younging, all younglings are taught to find an art of choice and make it perfect for the selling of it in Makshi markets every Blooms.

Our Mahara was adamant on younglings learning to fend for themselves.

So, I knew to make pretty trinkets and I had harvest I did not need. Selling it, I could but new garbs and so I filled a cart of my sellings.

I met a man who wished to buy the chain I had made. He was the son of Preacher Kasel who has replaced my papayi in the Faction.

Preacher Kasel's son, Phina, was older by a few months of Blooms. He brought many trinkets from me.

Phina and I happen to meet many times in the village after the bazar of Makshi.

Then we met me in the festival of felling leaves, and Phina and I talked for a long while. At the end of the night Phina gave me a head piece as a promise of his intentions to be my intended.

That night, I wished to have mamai's arms around me and hear papayi's booming laughter as he prepared for the giving-away. Phina was a well read man and he has shown his intentions fairly - that was a man papayi would have approved at once. Being Preacher Kasel's son was no harm.

As another new life cycle came,
Phina took me to meet his mamai and papayi.

Mama-jai Kusha and Papa-jai Kasel welcomed me with open arms to share the cold snows in their loving home. Their laughter was pretty when Phina set the head piece on my head in front of them.

"I would have asked Kerith if he were here, Nesta, if he accepts my blood for his." I could not hide my tears.

I wished for that too. Papayi would have given Phina an arm chain and an ear stone to accept him as his blood in exchange of giving me awat. Then Papa-jai would have given me a neck chain with a ear stone.

That was how a bond was blessed by the fathers.

"Don't cry, Nesta." Papa-jai Kasel'S voice was soft as he held me in his arms.

"Here." He settled the neck chain before the piercing my ears with the sharp end of the stone. It made me shiver in pain.
"You are my blood now, my Nesta."

Mama-jai laughed as Phina worried for my pierced ear, he fingers soft as he stroked the sharpened end.

It made me shiver with need and desire and Phina only laughed silently while I glared angrily.

The night was a happy night for me despite missing my papayi and mamai.

That blooming month, Phina and I were to be presented to the altar of Lady Oisha. Mama-jai had bathe me that morning in casca's milk and the petals of Red Misca.

Red Misca's scent was sweet, alluring but not hard. It was said to have been for only Brides and Grooms - a ritual presenting to the pair from Lady Oisha. Feranians did not use red Misca in any other way - the flower was sacred.

The ritual of bathing intendeds in Red Misca was often what mothers did for the beloveds but since my mamai was gone, it was mama-jai who blessed the ritual.
After bathing me, she went to Phina and blessed him the same.

When the Three Sister Moons and Brother Sun were both high in horizon, we were sworn to each other in front of Lady Oisha.

In the night mama-jai and Papa-jai helped us into our own home.

Phina and I had to built it ourselves to prove Lady Oisha that were sworn to each other in both hardship and prosperity.

After the ceremonial Red Misca milk was shared, we were to take blessings from mama-jai and Papa-jai by presenting our bound hands for them to open.

If our cut palms had not yet healed, Phina and I were to stay in bound hands still. With the cut healed, however, they imparted blessings.

Mama-jai then teased Phina, "May you be as blessed in love as Lord Kairos."

"We will not share, mamai." Phina grumbled mockingly even if Phina was not averse to sharing, neither was I.

I was reminded of papayi when he had told me of the myth.

While lord Kairos may live in dark with passed souls, Lady Oisha was our blesser of new bonds.

The myth goes that our Lady Oisha was very different. It is said she had to bless souls in Lord Kairos' darkness for they could not be alone even in death. While Lord Kairos had refused her request to enter the darkness, Lady Oisha had angrily went there anyway.

So angry she was, she had wished to end Lord Kairos for keeping her from imparting blessing on passed souls but she did not expect to find how magnificent Lord Kairos truly was.

Her anger had returned when he wished her gone but Lady Oisha had refused vehemently. She had stayed out in the garden of passed souls surrounded by them.

She had blessed so many without stopping that even angry, Lord Kairos still had to take her to shelter while she slept, exhausted.

Lady Oisha found herself falling for Lord Kairos' gentelity. And while Lord Kairos knew Lady Oisha was blessed a bond to Lord Bassir who was Lord of earth and water, he accepted Lady Oisha's love anyway, even if it took him a really long while.

Lord Bassir was angry at the news and stormed the resting darkness of Lord Kairos for a duel to win Lady Oisha back.

Instead, when he saw the beauty of the Lord Kairos, the big frame, the fair skin and the violet eyes of pure passion, he himself fell in love with him, much like his own Lady Oisha.

Not very long did it take for gentle and loving Lord Kairos to take Lord Bassir as his other bonded. Lady Oisha happily blessed the bond.

As the night came to peak, mama jai and papa jai left Phina amd Nesta in their home.



"Saba iso no."

I laughed and held his arms arpund me with a great burst of warmth in my heart. Saying he bonds his soul to me for eternity, Phina truly accepted our bond in all aspects.

My fingers gently untied his tightly closed robe as he kissed me, his fingers still gently carressing my reddedned ear. It stood stiff at his pleasant touch.

Our sharp ears were always a very erogenous zone, Phina had only touched it before our blessed bond today, when he wished to tease me.

"Saba iso no, Phina, saba iso."

Saba iso no - My soul is bound to yours.

Saba iso - my soul is bound.

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