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The Underground Laboratory

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Rising populations of lower classes in India induces a dangerous experiment to reduce these numbers. Data based on personal experience in India.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

The Underground Laboratory

“Those lower classes are breeding like stray animals now.”

Chapter 1. The Guinea Pig

Stringent regulations about experiments demand that laboratories test their methods carefully to insure the safety of all involved.

Inspector Vaishali began to slowly recover her senses. Despite the semidarkness around her, she felt that she was not wearing her working clothes, a long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. She struggled and squirmed while trying to stand up and walk. The feel of straw under her legs warned Vaishali that she was sitting on a straw matt. Furthermore, her failure to move warned her that her hands and feet had been bound tightly and the sensation of her arms and legs while struggling warned her that her lingerie had been removed. She tried several times to call for help, but the faintness of her voice and the incoherence of her words warned her that she had been gagged too. Vaishali realized at once that she had been kidnapped.

‘My god! Someone has kidnapped me! Why?’

Inspector Vaishai had a few minutes to try to remember what happened to her. Slowly, she remembered that she had joined a team to investigate reports from witnesses that someone or something had entered one of several old, seemingly deserted buildings. Her team spread apart to search, customarily, and she had entered one of those buildings. After a few minutes, she had found a passage and an unlocked door, and entered it to search for clues. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her back, like a dart or a large needle, and lost consciousness. Slowly, after she had stopped remembering, Inspector Vaishali heard the sound of footsteps like shoes in the corridor and the sound of something like wheels or coasters. She was puzzled. Besides that, the footsteps sounded like more than one pair of shoes. One pair was softer than the other, and she realized that they belonged to a woman. She waited tensely. The sounds grew near and she knew that she would know the identity and purpose of her kidnappers. A few minutes later, the sounds were very loud and she knew that the kidnappers were outside her room. Vaishali looked up at the door, but she had to turn away. A pair of persons, one man and one woman, stood at the door and watched her calmly; but the man held a battery torch and cast the light into the room and on Vaishali’s body. They both dressed in hospital gowns.

Looking at the man, the woman said, “She has weakened up now.”

“Yes, she will be ready now. Put her on her feet and then let’s seat her in the chair.”


The woman walked calmly towards Inspector Vaishali and lifted her to her feet. Vaishali stared at her. Then she pulled Vaishali towards the chair and Vaishali discovered a strangely designed wheelchair. The back of the chair concealed a pair of handcuffs, which were removed and locked around Vaishali’s wrists. Her hands were chained behind her back, to the back of the chair. They unbound her feet but rested them on the foot holders of the chair and locked both her toes and ankles tightly. Inspector Vaishali stared at her feet. The toes were locked in rings attached to each holder and a heavy steel brace locked around her ankles. The woman doctor stood behind her and reached down the gown that Vaishali wore. Moments later, she had locked her fingers over Vaishali’s nipples. Vaishali squirmed and moaned.


“Hello, Inspector Vaishali. Welcome to our clinical laboratory,” the man doctor began, calmly. “Surely, you wonder why and how you are here. I found you snooping around, upstairs and brought you down here. I had to chloroform you; otherwise, you would warn your friends about us. Oh, yes, while you were unconscious, we took your bra and panties off. You won’t need them for a while.”

Inspector Vaishali stared at them.

“Now, why are you here? Very simply, modern rules about our profession demand that we test our methods carefully. We are established here; but, as we do not wish to break the law, we need a specimen to help us test our experiments. That will be you. I have redesigned your wheelchair to restrain you until we begin our experiments. You cannot escape. Do not waste your breath trying.”

Suddenly, the woman doctor released Vaishali’s nipples and one hand reached for her vagina. A finger penetrated it slowly. Inspector Vaishali squirmed. The woman doctor smiled.

“Inspector Vaishali is hot now, too.”

“Here! Look at this news story,” the man doctor replied, handing her a copy of a newspaper. It had a story about Inspector Vaishali’s upcoming wedding. A sheet of paper fell out. That was data about the lower classes. In fact, the paper was a detailed report dating back over two to three years about the sudden upsurge in lower and lower middle class populations in the state, particularly the Dalit and Marathi laborers. The man doctor lifted it from the floor and concealed it I the newspaper; then, they resumed planning for Inspector Vaishali.

“Inspector Vaishali must stay confined until we are finished.”

“Indeed. Her friends must be about, upstairs, now.”

“Shall we wait for them?”

“Let us see. Meanwhile, we should prepare Inspector Vaishali’s therapy.”

In fact, at that moment, Inspector Vaishali’s team had entered the premises and begun snooping methodically upstairs in the rooms. They searched for fingerprints and shoe or foot prints on the floor and in and around the furniture, and included any things that Vaishali might leave as clues for them. Until then, nobody had stumbled upon the trap door that led to the underground laboratory or a stairwell leading to it. They separated according to practice and searched thoroughly. But a few minutes later, Inspector Vaishali’s close friend in the team, Inspector Anjali, had found a spot in the corridor. It was a hollow-sounding spot under a small carpet. She acted independently and began to move the carpet aside. Finding it too heavy, she summoned the others.

Chapter Two. In the Basement and Beneath

It happened that the staircase Inspector Anjali discovered led only into the basement proper of the premises. Her team gathered around the uncovered wooden floor plane and they pried it open. They uncovered a very dark and musty basement and climbed down into it, one after another, cautiously, to continue to search for clues and Inspector Vaishali. They declined to call her, sure that surprise was a better tactic. When they all had entered the basement, they separated again and continued to look around them. At the start of the search, everything seemed ordinary and yielded no unusual results; but Inspector Anjali was still certain that something was wrong.

She left the team to carry on their individual tasks and headed for one spot, which to her seemed rather odd. The walls were thickly covered with dust and mold and seemed unlike the others. She was certain that she would uncover something there. She donned her gloves and began to clean the wall before her directly. The dust and mold smelled rather old. She tapped her knuckles on the surfaces, expecting to hear a hollow sound suggesting hidden doors. The sound was faint and did not instantly suggest that. She continued to inspect it. After clearing the remaining dust from the wall at eye level, Inspector Anjali uncovered a line of small pictures like hieroglyphs. She removed her cellular phone and switched to camera. The space around her demanded a flash so she switched that on too. Inspector Anjali was puzzled about the meaning of the pictures. She wanted her friends to see them and analyze them. After she had snapped a few photographs of the pictures, she turned her back to the wall and searched for the team. Inspector Anjali found Senior Inspector Jitesh Kumar at one corner and alerted him.

“Jitesh, I found some strange pictures on one wall and snapped shots of them.”

“Good. Let us have a look.”

She switched to her cellphone photo gallery and then thumbed for the pictures. They both studied the pictures closely, and Senior Inspector Jitesh agreed, immediately, that the pictures were unusual. He could not explain or identify them; but he had to agree that they suggested something or another.

Behind that wall, there was a smaller stairwell that actually led to the laboratory. There was a fairly deep impression in the floor of the basement, like a crater, and the two doctors had set up the laboratory in that. Around them along the walls of the crater, were similar pictures and the walls were made from the same material. To one end of the crater, there was an inclined test table and Inspector Vaishali lay strapped securely upon it, with her mouth gagged by black tape. Her gown lay open at her bosom and crotch partly.

Her lingerie, however, was nowhere in sight. The woman doctor moved towards the table, silently, holding one end of a dark rubber pipe in one hand. The end of the pipe ended with a small, round head; and she inserted that into Vaishali’s vagina while prying the lip open with her other hand. Inspector Vaishali moaned. After inserting the head of the pipe, the woman doctor looked at Inspector Vaishali and mocked tender concern.

“Now, Inspector Vaishali, just lie back and try to relax. We will tranquilize you in one minute. This will be completely painless. We are simply going to inject you with serum to kill your egg cells. When they are dead, they will mix in your excreta and we will drain that through this pipe; but you will not be harmed. However, you must stay still until we finish. OK?”

Inspector Vaishali tried to object. Because she could only mumble through the tape, they ignored her and the man doctor started the process with an electronic gauge near the table.

Inspectors Jitesh and Anjali hurried back to the wall that Anjali had photographed and searched anew for hidden passages and doors. After searching for about ten minutes, Inspector Anjali had uncovered a trigger mechanism which would open the wall panel and she opened the wall. It disclosed a dark passage going downwards.

‘My god! A basement in a basement!’


Inspector Jitesh rejoined her and they crept into the passage slowly, with a pen flash lighting their path. They had to keep their guns concealed because the passage was too narrow to use them. After a few minutes, they had found the stairway going to the lower basement and descended slowly. Ahead of them at a distance of twenty-five meters, there were several flashing and twinkling lights. They headed steadily for those lights.

Meanwhile, in the crater, Inspector Vaishali had fainted from shock and lay unconscious on the test table. The two doctors stood over her and monitored her condition continuously. An almost colorless fluid began to flow through the pipe attached to her loins and was injected into her body at the head of the pipe. The fluid was the serum created to nullify Vaishali’s eggs by infecting her Fallopian tubes. Vaishali had no notion that the serum had been injected. As forewarned, the process was painless.

Inspectors Jitesh and Anjali hurried further along the corridor towards the flashing lights. Soon, they discovered that the lights issued from within the crater and they continued ahead, until they had arrived at the perimeter of the crater. Inspector Anjali gaped in shock. The crater was the diameter of a large meteor crater and about six feet deep. The lights illuminated the walls and she saw the same markings as the ones she found on that wall. As they looked down into the crater, the lights illuminated various devices and the table. They saw Inspector Vaishali lying strapped on it.

Chapter Three. Findings

Inspectors Jitesh and Anjali searched for a way downward into the crater, to look more closely and to rescue Inspector Vaishali. While they searched, the serum coursed through Inspector Vaishali’s system and slowly inundated her Fallopian tubes. The woman doctor lifted Vaishali’s chin and forced Vaishali to look at her. Then, she continued to warn Inspector Vaishali coolly.

“Think about this for a minute, Inspector Vaishali. What will this process imply after we are finished? It will infer that you can engage in totally safe sex, with no risks whatever of pregnancy. Whosoever learns that you are infertile will find you and want a turn with you. We may advertise in all the newspapers for you, later, too.”

Inspector Vaishali tried to object. Due to her long work with CID, she began to imagine that a girl aged from sixteen to eighteen years with her medical status would finally be kidnapped, raped and even enslaved. The two doctors had warned her that she was a specimen for their experiment. Somehow, whereas her two colleagues had not yet discovered anyone, Inspector Vaishali suspected that teenage girls from the various lower classes would eventually be treated like her. For one minute, Inspector Vaishali vaguely remembered a Hindi/Marathi article in one newspaper warning that the Dalits and other Scheduled Castes had increased in number in Pune and Mumbai. She faintly remembered a photograph of one girl, with a caption that she had received a standard physical and proved to be pregnant. The girl appeared to be about seventeen years old. The article had mentioned cases of proven pregnancy of girls that age.

‘My god! These-these doctors plan to sterilize teenage girls so that they will never have children! They are using me to-to prove that their method is safe!’

Just then, the woman doctor continued with the same tone.

“By now, Inspector Vaishali, you must be aware of what we plan to do. We must be certain that nobody learns about it; which means that we must keep you locked away down here, while we continue our therapy. Obviously,” she started to smile felinely, “Your work with CID will end soon. We will find other tasks for you to do, and we will give you panties too. But you will not need to wear more than that, from now on.”

Meanwhile, Inspectors Jitesh and Anjali had found an incline along the walls of the crater and slowly climbed downwards towards the floor. With each slow, uncertain step they took, the lights and sounds of the equipment grew louder. Ten minutes later, they landed in the crater and looked around it. Inspector Anjali was shocked by the dimensions of the equipment. Inspector Jitesh suspected that the equipment could neither be found nor manufactured on earth.

“Jitesh, look at all this!” Inspector Anjali whispered, awed.

“It must be alien in design.”

“Alien? You mean, from another planet?”


They continued to look for Inspector Vaishali and their path disclosed more bizarre devices, lights and sounds. Inspector Vaishali only faintly felt them near her. Unaware that they were really there, she tried desperately to escape; but she was very heavily restrained.

Chapter Four. More Discoveries and a Planned Rescue

In the process of searching for Inspector Vaishali, the team had united in the basement and Inspector Anjali had wandered along a back corridor of the sub-basement that was a bit remote from the laboratory. She had suddenly heard faint sounds from that corridor and headed towards them to search for their source. Following the sounds resolutely, Inspector Anjali heard them slowly more distinctly and continued after them. She realized that they were human voices. In fact, they belonged to a group of teenage girls. When Inspector Anjali had finally found their source and entered the space from whence they had issued, she was duly shocked at what she saw and stared with wide eyes. Inspector Anjali stood at the threshold of a large storage space, like a godown, and it confined at least five teenage girls of Dalit and other Scheduled Caste backgrounds. The girls were naked except for their panties, which had been torn at the crotch and knotted into loin cloths over their vaginas. They were cleave-gagged tightly and either chained to the walls of the room or locked in small cages. They wore leather collars with a length of iron chain attached under their chins.

Inspector Anjali tried to remember whether she had read in the local newspapers of kidnapped teenagers. Then, she summoned Inspector Jitesh urgently.

“Jitesh! Jitesh, come here fast! HURRY!”

Inspector Jitesh and his team colleagues had been searching for Vaishali, when she called him, and he ran into the store room to stare at the girls too. They knew that the two doctors had to explain. Neither one of them, nor their colleagues, knew that the two doctors had kidnapped these girls and confined them; then they had found and captured/kidnapped Inspector Vaishali and intended to test their practices on her.

“There must be an explanation,” Jitesh muttered [rather like CID ACP Pratyuman].

“There is,” the man doctor replied stonily, as he strode into the room.

“You had better speak now.”

“Of course. Simply, while we searched for the site to establish our clinic, we found these girls straying from their homes like unattended pets, fighting each other madly over any boys they found like stray bitches in the lanes. So, we concluded that we had to restrain them thus. You surely read the latest news. Their numbers are increasing alarmingly fast now.”

“Yes, we read about it.”

“We are preparing to sterilize these girls now. They will not risk another increase in the population. The state and city governments have trouble providing food and shelter lately. These lower castes are emphatically responsible.”

“They are people, like us!” Inspector Anjali replied.

“They never were. They lost their humanity and now they live like animals among us. They only sleep, eat, fuck and make children. We do not have to care so much.”

“What about Inspector Vaishali?”

“Inspector Vaishali has been our good specimen. She is now sterile, as they will be, and she is very safe. We have merely removed her eggs.”

“You removed her eggs?”

“Yes. We injected her reproductive system with a new serum that we created to chemically remove her eggs from her body painlessly.”

“It is natural to reproduce!”

“It is, but we humans have developed and have advanced ways.”

“Jitesh, we must rescue her somehow, but let us rescue these poor girls first.”

“The team is here, Anjali.”

“No, you must not release them; otherwise, they will simply revert to their animal habits.”

The two inspectors attempted to break open he cages and locks which restrained the teenage girls while the man doctor tried his hardest to interfere.

Chapter Five. The End Comes

A few minutes after they had finished interrogating the man doctor, the woman doctor arrived followed closely by Inspector Vaishali and her team colleagues. The team rejoined and herded the two doctors together strictly. Then they resumed the interrogation.

“So you read that the Dalits and Scheduled Castes were increasing and planned to open your laboratory among them.”

“Exactly. Current statistics from the state bureau show that food, water and shelter in the state will not last longer than five years at this rate. That will mean serious difficulty for existing residents. Furthermore, these castes always apply to the state for financial assistance. The amount quoted now is approximately three thousand Indian Rupees per child. Then they act like rabbits and plan large families, and demand lots of money to compensate.”

“This appears to be widespread in developing countries,” Inspector Anjali acknowledged.

“In India, whose population almost equals that in China, that will lead to disaster,” the woman doctor replied, gravely.

“That is quite possible,” Inspector Jitesh agreed. “But you should ask for a permit to open your laboratory. Assuming that you told us the truth, the method is painless. Many sterilization methods induce some pain.”

“We are telling the truth. As you know, we must prove that we operate safely. We needed a specimen, so we used Inspector Vaishali.”

“Have you considered proposing better family planning?”

“We have. But the state is supporting family development. I doubt that they would pay much attention.”

“We can contact them for you. You should use animals instead, though.”

“We know. We wanted to use a mouse or a rabbit, but currently there is protest against using animals.”

“Jitesh, they are right. The protestors are set against using animals.”

“Hm! This is really complicated. OK. Release these girls and we will try to help you.”

“Record our contact number and call us as soon as you get any results. And warn these girls about what we said would happen. They must wait to have their children.”

“We will meet their parents soon, after we talk with the government.”


Did the two doctors release the captive teenagers? Who can say?

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