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John Culther is a teenager age 15 whose mother died and father disappeared. as A young boy his day used to tell him stories to help him believe in himself, qt age 15 15 he meets a mysterious girl who seemed to have some information about his dad location. he then embarks himself in an adventure with his friends in a magical world where he will have to face Shade an evil man part demon to save that magical world and find his father.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: The Shadow and the girl in the pink hair

“Hi my name is John Culther and I am 15 years old and live I with my grandparents, my mum died and my dad disappeared, when I was five years old and my dad always told me stories to help me believe in myself but now he is gone and everything has changed.”


“Coming nanny,” that’s my grandma she can be really harsh but she’s mostly in a good mood, “come and have your breakfast,” she said, and I replied, “I am not hungry grandma and I am almost late for school.” Since my dad is gone my grandma has been taking care of me and I can see that she misses him too. She cries and prays every night for him to come back.

My dad disappeared when I was six. Things seemed to be okay until my mum passed away. People said that it was an accident but my dad never believed it. Since that day, my dad locked himself in his bedroom looking for the real reason my mother was killed. Then one day the door was open and he disappeared.

Three days later, “Yo, how you doing?” said Marse, one of my friends with a pinch on my shoulder,” “I’m fine what ’you up to today, he looked around and handed me a white and blue watch, I asked him: “who gave this to you?”, ’A girl with a pink hair” he answered “why? Is there a problem” he asked,” no it’s just that this watch was my dad’s if you see her please call me right away.” I went home and sat on my bed, I looked at the watch over and over again asking myself who could be that girl and how did she get my dad’s watch? could this mean that dad is here somewhere and she could lead me to him? Yes, I have to find that girl whatever she is.” The minute I said my window to open violently through the wind, my notebook was thrown away, I stood up and closed the window, after 2 minutes it opened again I walked backward saying, “ Hello! Is someone there.” Suddenly I saw a shadow walking past me, I got scared and didn’t know what to do, so I started talking and saying, “ whoever you are I am not scared of you!” As I said in that sentence the wind blew stronger and stronger, I repeated, “ am not scared of you, come up to me if you’re a man.” Then the shadow appeared again and started talking: “alter, I know you, you are the son of Simon Culter.”

“Who are you?” I said,

“No need to know who I am but you’ve got something that you’re not supposed to have. I will not kill you if you give me the watch,” he said softly but scarier than ever, and I told him that the watch is the only proof that my dad is alive and somewhere out there and I am not giving it away… By the time I finished my sentence he got mad and the house was trembling and he said,

“I AM SHADE AND NO ONE AS EVER DISOBEYED MY ORDERS”, then he put his hand in the air and his hand

started becoming purple and the house started breaking piece by piece.my grandparents woke up and they screamed: John! Then I cried and cried and screamed as my tears fell on my dad’s watch, and something amazing happened. It seemed to be that my dad’s watch was magical and as my tears fell on it the watch started lighting up so bright that Shade shouted as he disappeared in pain and anger. When the house stopped moving I picked up the watch and ran downstairs to my grandparents who were happy to see me not hurt and alive, so I told them what happened and then we called the police. The officer came and said:

“Morning my name is Bruce, Officer Bruce,” Then the officer said to my grandma, “this building needs to be demolished, and how on earth did this happen?

”There was a man who came into my grandson’s bedroom.” she said.

“You, a man did this?”

“Yes, officer.”

He turned away and whispered in his colleague’s ear saying, “ she must be crazy.” then he turned back and asked,

“Are sure it was not an earthquake?” said the officer.

I came out of the house and said, “ it was an earthquake but it was caused by a man in a cloak, and I didn’t see his face but I know that he’s called Shade”. “Shade you said?” the police officer declared.

“Yes, sir!” I answered. “Then we will do our best to find the man, and for the house, you will be moved to a hotel when we figure this out.” said the police officer. 2 days later it was the morning I was off to school and saw Mars running as fast as he could: “John!!! I SAW THE GIRL!!!” I started running as well as I reached him. He said, “ she’s in the bar.”. “Stay here” I said softly, I went to the bar and saw the girl with the pink hair. “What took you so long?” she said, “sit down,” I hesitated and after I sat down. “Oh I am Marietta by the way and you are John am I right?” She asked, “Are you a sort of spy or what?” I asked “Kind of but I don’t need to follow you everywhere.” How is that impossible?” i asked “Huh, you really have a lot to learn.”

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