Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Ten

Days turned into months, yet the Sentry and Fei could not locate Dara. Every day searching the colossal planet to no avail. With no ship at their disposal, Fei would do most of the searching. The Sentry split up on foot, spending weeks away from the city at a time.

Fei returned to his throne after yet another failed attempt to locate Dara. Stepping off the lift his muscles dripping wet, he approached where Lale waited. She sat aloof, staring as he exited the lift. “I take it you found a waterfall?” She asked with a smirk.

But Fei did not return her jest. “I would like an audience with the God Conqueror please.” She said sarcastically. Fei approached his love before kissing her on the forehead and settling on the stairs leading up to the throne.

Sweat mixed with water sliding down his bare chest. Fei’s body was exhausted from supporting his primal form for so long and so often. He had never been in either form this long without reverting to normal.

His body was being pushed to its limits. “You know, you could be of assistance.” Fei said. Lale adjusted her body to lay across the seat, her hair dangling off the side. “I am unable to submit myself to the will of those who would be unjust.” She responded.

“What could be more just? I fight for us. Which is more than I could say for you.” Fei barked. Lale could hear the frustration in his voice. She continued to depict the attitude of aloofness.

“Replacing choice with dominance and obedience is only a mirage. If you get injured or express the slightest sign of vulnerability. Your opposition will reveal themselves.” Lale said, running her fingers through her perfect curly hair. Fei laughed. “Tell me, my love. How do you challenge a God?” He asked. Lale laughed even harder at Fei’s response. Fei growled at her obvious stab at his question.

Lale sat upright to address her counterpart. “A God like the one who allowed his creation to escape his planet, without so much of a murmur? Or allowed humanity to reach the brink of existence several times? I would suggest God’s are the one’s having a difficult time……. You might be aspiring to become the one being that has no control at all.” Lale argued.

“I am the perfect version of the old God. The final calculation of the creator. I am judgement. After the blending, I will wield all power. I can devour our real enemies, like that God should have done. But first and foremost, Dara must die.

Her every breath insults me. Once the current threat is removed, together we can find a way to create more of the raw Iku. Assuming all you had exploded with your ship?” Fei urged. Lale joined Fei on the steps. Wrapping her arms around his neck. She gently stroked his hair.

“She is just a child my love. She is no match for you in your current state. Why won’t you give up taking her life?” Lale asked rhetorically. “All I had was on Rose. Sense my body’s responses. I am telling the truth.” Lale said, exhaling in disappointment.

“The power you possess now, is already unrivaled. The universe doesn’t need another God. The age of deity’s has passed. Let the journey to peace be unaltered by those who would guide it to their own version.” She said.

Fei tilted his head and kissed her arms. “It seems you still don’t understand my love. There is only my version of peace. It is your mindset and those who possess it who are the hinderance you speak of.” Lale seized Fei by the throat playfully.

Her grasp not making a dent in his dense neck. She quickly let go. “Will you truly abandon reason?!” She yelled. Fei did not budge after her annoyed outburst. He slowly turned to focus on her eyes. “Lalen.” He said stroking her hair. “When I tried to save you from the unknown. The feeling, that you had somehow gone.” His voice beginning to shake.

“I never want to live in a time where your light can be silenced. For this to be a possible reality? I am obligated to dawn the power of the future, to ensure such a reality will never exist. Without your presence, my purpose is for not.” Fei said.

His eyes full of tears, that he refused to let fall. Lale, couldn’t help but give in. She hated disagreeing with him. More than that, she hated to see him disappointed.

She held Fei tight. It was only in his arms that she truly felt safe. As if an impenetrable wall prevented anything that would do her harm from succeeding.

“Ok.” She whispered. The lovers released their hold on each other. Fei looked into her eyes. “Ok……. Let us create the future.” Lale said.

She took a few steps back and kneeled before him. “If you’re going to war. The final war against humanity, you will need the best warrior on your side. I pledge, to fight for you Fei Zeall, the God Conqueror. You’re the reason I exist, and the only cause I deem worth dying for.” She stated. Fei’s smirk was short lived.

“What was your mission?” He asked. Fei would not back down, despite seeing her become unsettled. “It was to find the raw Iku wasn’t it?” Fei asked. Lale breathing in and out more deeply than normal. She began reliving the flashbacks in her mind’s eye.

“Right before we escaped, Magnus and the Council approached me with a mission to locate an AWOL team of scientists.” Lale began.

“They were believed to have discovered the method to modify the Iku to keep its raw form. Ensure it gave abilities 100%. In the dossier I read about the potential of the Blending.” She continued. “They told me it took precedence over finding and killing you. Once I tracked the scientists.” Lale paused.

Lale lifted her head to expose her shame and remorse. “I killed them all. But then I uncovered the truth. It was an ambush. Somehow, they figured out we were together and that I had been pretending not to know where you were. Someone had leaked the information that my child was yours. I became dispensable. I found the formula and decided I would inform them that I destroyed it, hoping against hope they would spare us. But they were steps ahead of me.” Lale explained.

“The A-Kialle arrived and attempted to take me out. I escaped with the formula, progress notes and a couple vials of the raw Iku.” Lale’s voice shaking as she tried to finish her confession.

“I arrived too late. They already had you detained, and our baby murdered. I made a mistake; I didn’t know they would betray me. I didn’t know about what my choice would do until I arrived. So, I saved us and kept the secret from everyone. Hoping that one day someone better than the Council, you or I would come along and change everything. Someone innocent. I saw it in her eyes. Dara could be the start of a new beginning.” Lale whimpered.

Fei expressed no emotion as he heard the entire explanation. “I’m sorry my love. I should have trusted you. But our world was destroyed that day. I didn’t think either of us would ever be the same again.” Lale uttered through her sobs.

Fei squatted down, he curled his large finger underneath her chin, bringing it to his face. “We both failed our son. He paid a price that he didn’t owe.” Fei started.

“Help me my love. And I’ll make sure 1 thousand judgments come to those who tried to destroy us. Tetcht is just the beginning. We will return to Pratham. We will find the raw Iku. Only then will we be able to create the world worthy of our son. We’re done hiding.” Fei stated. Lale could fight the urge no longer. She kissed Fei and threw her arms around him. “I’ll take you to her.”

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