Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Fifteen

Tumakako regained consciousness. She found herself unable to move her limbs. A heavy musk filed into her nostrils, combating the familiar aroma of dry desert air. It smelled like her home.

Her eyes opened to reveal her enemy sitting within a few feet of her. She looked over to see the lifeless body of Lale. “When we arrive on Pratham you will take me to where Vanakan conducted his research.” Fei demanded. His anger making his breaths heavy.

“Help me, acquire the raw Iku. If you aide me in reviving my love, I will consider your life after I destroy the Council. If I fail, I will murder you with my cruelest methods before my time is done. I offer no other option.” Fei explained. Tumakako still felt the blow she received in her stomach. She couldn’t remember Fei coming close enough to attack. Still the pain reminded her he had.

“What will you do should this power change nothing?” Tumakako asked smugly. “I will retire to whatever is beyond life. But not before you lead the way.” Fei retorted.

Tumakako found herself beginning to hate Fei. The epitome of selfishness. All the lives he has taken, and here he is fighting harder than ever to undo what he had done on countless occasions. Tumakako couldn’t help but feel she was looking at the past version of herself.

Possibly a stronger version. Maybe he had the power to do exactly what she wishes she could. If given the chance to bring her beloved Dara back, she too would stop at nothing. Tumakako fought the comparisons, she had to believe this beast to be different. “Why not let me go and I send you there first?” She responded rashly.

“Your skill is awe inspiring. Indeed, a sight to behold. I haven’t seen anyone duel my Lale and live. Still, here you are, within reach of death. Success or Failure, I am the calamity of Pratham. It, much like your story will end with me.” Fei stated.

Tumakako stared into his eyes. She sensed a change inside him, since their fight. Lale has always been his deterrent. Without her to keep him balanced, Fei is the most dangerous threat to humanity. He will never be reasoned with; he will never stop.

If his reign isn’t ended before it begins, there will be no other. It all started with her failure. Tumakako made the biggest mistake of her existence. She was unable to execute the plan. Now, everyone will suffer. She accepted her situation was hopeless.

“I pity you. You will never exist beyond your hate and anger.” Fei approached his captive. Staring down at her in his feral form. “My existence will transcend your petty realm of knowledge. Pity yourself. Incapable of comprehending my power. You, who sought to destroy the world of others deemed not necessary. Following orders, without regard for the existence of others. Obedience has killed just as many as hate and anger.” Fei said.

He grasped her throat. Applying pressure. Feeding off his rage, he squeezed till she could not take in any air.

He released his grip not allowing her to pass out, wanting to increase her misery. “You are of the nature who left my mother and I to die on Earth. I am the manifestation of that fear you and your kind possess.” Fei growled. He returned to his seat beside Lale. Tumakako, managed to regain her wind. “You speak as if you’re not one of us.” She struggled to say. Fei held Lale’s hand in his own. “Once I achieve my purpose, I will be of a kind beyond your own.” He replied.

The ship speeding through the black sheet of space masked the tension. Tumakako observed the pain Fei exuded as he clutched Lale’s hand. “I’m not sorry she’s gone. I wish you took her place.” She said unapologetically. A tear trickled down the surface of Fei’s cheek. He chuckled to himself.

“You know, the first time I felt fear was because of her. For the longest time I regretted our meeting, her and I. Introducing a feeling I will never be able to be rid of. So, I accepted it. Allowed it to motivate me. Fuel my rage and in turn, my power.” He murmured, exposing his face to Tumakako.

“She has been my “reason” ever since I encountered her. Now…….” He uttered, choking back tears. “Now, I’m the reason she’s gone. And if I can’t revive her, it will always be me.” Tumakako exhaled deeply. “So much beauty in the universe, enough for everyone. Yet too many desire it all.” She said.

Fei began to feel disheveled. His muscles starting to relax, anger subsiding. His head ice cold, the freezing sensation traveling down his body. It was if every blood cell was no longer working for him. He dropped Lale’s hand. Attempting to stand, he stumbled back into the wall.

Normally his heart would race, signifying he was in danger. But this time, it remained an ordinary rhythm. Fei tried to enrage himself to encourage his feral form, but the harder he fought the more control he lost.

His limbs were betraying his mental instructions. He slowly slithered down the wall. By the time he reached the floor only his consciousness was left under his control.

“To have the power to crush your adversary only to watch yourself succumb to their influence.” Tumakako said. Fei’s body refusing to respond to his dire instructions. “You rely so much on all your strength, you neglect your weakness. You take for granted the strength of others.” She said.

Fei’s body arose to his feet. Ignoring his minds commands. He began to release Tumakako from her restraints against his will. “I was one of the first people exposed to the Iku. My powers manifested unbeknownst to me.

It wasn’t until I heard the communication between our war beasts that I felt it. The connection. A relationship between the savage and genteel.” She continued. Fei removed the last restraint from around Tumakako’s body.

“Over time, communication became partnership. I even managed to request help from many different beast and creatures for advantages in battle. Before long, cooperation became control.

The more savage the beast the stronger my control grew. You, the most powerful beast of all.” Fei’s body remained motionless after completing his task. Tumakako retrieved her shards from the table next to Lale and proceeded to activate her armor.

“I’ll too will admit; your power is impressive. I didn’t feel it at first. I can see why you two were considered the most lethal threat to the council. Your efforts in battle disguised my ability to connect with you. That’s never happened before.” She said wagging her finger at him.

“You see, once I touch, an animal, beast or creature, I can assume control. Seeing as you are closer to a lion more than man in this form. I just needed one touch to gain access. Which in your constant fits of rage, you happily obliged.” She said as she rubbed her neck

Tumakako took in the sight of Lale for a moment. “I knew she would turn on us. I’ve seen the eyes of those who would do anything for the person they love most. The woman she killed looked at me the same way. Still, her prowess did not disappoint.

I’m not entirely sure I would have defeated her.” She said placing her hand on Lale’s body. “Thankfully, her greatest weakness is you.” She said. Tumakako drew her scimitar. Fei’s body unhurriedly dropped to one knee.

“I am truly impressed. Despite my nearly ultimate control, you still fight beyond what I believed possible. You are truly the most powerful warrior.” After a brief visible struggle, Fei’s body lowered his last leg. “I’m uncertain killing you is necessary, but I don’t know if I can keep control of you for an extended period of time.” She admitted.

“They called me the Hope of the new world. Cleanser of Earth’s failures. I was the foremost version of you. I took on the idea of cleansing more than hope. Fortunately, you’ve given me a second chance. Beings like us, the Council, malicious people of Earth.

We don’t deserve this universe anymore. We are what must die to feed true vitality.” Tumakako violently thrusted her sword into Fei’s chest. Using his back for leverage, she forced her blade as far as she could.

Fei’s body still unresponsive despite his mind and thoughts descending into a frenzy. His thoughts uncontrolled and disorderly. The only constant focus being on Lale.

His mind’s chaos simmering down, lowering deeper and deeper into a lull. Finally, the pandemonium ceased, and his thoughts became silent. His essence escaping with his concluding breath.

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