Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Life reappeared before him. Images replaced the void and darkness, together with the sound of death. Fire rolling over the Earth. Screams of people suffering the apocalypse. Fei saw their pain yet felt nothing. He wasn’t sure what was happening or how he had reached such a place. Humans running for their lives, but somehow, he knew their efforts to save themselves were in vain.

He stood motionless among the fearful. Fei Zeall feared nothing. The sky covered in ashes with only one source of light. The Earth’s dying star. “Lalen?” He thought. Suddenly, his life and memories flooded his brain. He cared not to decipher everything, only to find her. With her in his head, he felt fear again.

Fei tried to move, but his body would not budge. He struggled again and again, but his limbs would not obey. “Lalen!” He called out amongst the chaos. He wasn’t sure if his voice projected a sound. The faces of all the people were lost on him. Their features meaningless.

Then he noticed her. She wasn’t running away from the flames. She stood gazing at the sky, at a ship leaving the surface. His heart fluttering. He smelled a scent he had never smelled before, yet its aroma was the most acquainted his senses had ever felt.

He took his first step. And another. Moving toward her. This sensation of connection was different, unlike Lale, but just as much of a bond. He came closer, moving slow against his will to speed up. Fei approached her.

“A child.” A deep voice spoke, the words like a thousand echoes. The screams ceased. The masses froze. It was if the void was about to return. Fei could sense he had regained all control of his body. Fei surveyed the scene. As he searched for the author of the voice, the people disintegrated around him, leaving only the woman and the destroyed landscape.

“She stares after a child.” The deep voice recited again. Fei returned his focus to the woman before she too dissolved away. The scent of her departing as she whither from his view.

“Is this the torture of Death?” Fei asked, unsure of whom he was speaking to. “Death is not torture. Only the fear of it is.” The voice answered. Fei was in no mood for games or parables. “Are you the creator? The being who created the universe?........God?” He asked bluntly.

“I am of no celestial lineage. One does not need the power of your understanding of a deity to transcend the constructs of human knowledge.” It answered.

“I am not in awe of your presentation of power.” Fei stated. He searched for another being, but nothing was revealed among the dark sky and fiery land.

“Only the foolish and weak would look upon me and become awe inspired. Behold, you are no fool. Pity that you possess the might, but toil with those who are not worthy.” The voice expressed.

“What a privilege. Yet, you consume yourself with the dealings of the lesser, rather than to transcend them.” The voice continued. Fei’s eyebrows deepened. His rage pouring out of his body. “The Audacity. I am….” He thought, before being interrupted.

“I am aware. I know to whom I speak.” The voice said. Fei could see an outline on the edge of his visibility. It possessed the stature of a tall and muscular frame. After a blink, the being appeared right before him. Being in his normal form Fei looked up at the now confirmed man.

The man embodied an imposing figure even opposite Fei. His eyes somewhere between a red and brown color. Shoulder length burnt red hair. Fei couldn’t help but see a resemblance.

“I have communed with every direct descendant of mine. Centuries I waited. Only your mother, displayed a modicum of my character. I delighted in few before. But she unknowingly charmed my heart. A descendant I am most proud.” The man said.

Fei took in the image of his ancestor. So many questions. About him, the past, his mother. He wasn’t sure where to begin. “This power. The source of which you seek. Absolute and unchallenged. What will it provide?” The man asked. “A means to conquer. To annihilate my enemies and their seeds. Rid humanity of the weak and bring about our enduring evolution. Revenge. Against those who tried to kill me. I will become perfect. A God.” Fei answered. His ancestor audibly scoffed at his answered.

“Have you considered beyond power? Creation? Governance?” He asked Fei. “I will create a world of peace by my design. A place ruled justly by true benevolence and virtue. Ordained by my just guide.” Fei answered.

His ancestor scoffing again even louder. “Your obsession with the means clouds your judgement. Those in constant expedition for power is merely an indicator they will never possess it. You focus on one planet.

A solar system. You cannot begin to perceive the power of the universe. Your lack of vision insults me. Insults who we are. What we are.” He snarled after Fei.

“To fashion a reign of power through fear will bring about absolute catastrophe. Cyclical in nature. You speak of benevolence and virtue. Foolish constructs that only exist under your narrow view of this creator.” He continued.

“Peace. Virtue. Benevolence. These things only exist mutually exclusive with the idea of your creator. Blind and hidden from the lenses of others, humanity will fall into anarchy. As they always have before.” His ancestor admonished.

Fei couldn’t help but feel he was being strung along by this man who claimed to be his ancestor. “You speak as if you are all powerful, yet here I stand in front of you. My theory would be you too were defeated.” Fei growled.

The man was unmoved by Fei’s disrespectful tone. “You have many things to learn of our existence. The creator. The universe. Do not concern yourself with affairs beneath you. Earth. Pratham. Tetcht. No one planet can contain what you can become. It’s time for you to grow beyond your reality.” The man said.

He began to walk away. Fei boiled beneath the surface, no one had ever talked to him in such a way and lived. “Who are you?” Fei barked out after him. “I am Adamu. Your history will remember me as Adam.” He said walking into a passing cloud of smoke.

The clouds slowly began to separate. The dying sun looked to return to normal. Grass sprouted all around Fei. The sky once again blue. For the first time Fei witnessed the beauty of Earth. Then her scent called to him. This time he knew exactly who the originator was. He turned to lay eyes on her. She was in full sprint toward him. Fei opened his arms to catch Lale against his chest.

He no longer cared if any of it was real, only the feeling of holding her in his arms again. They squeezed as tight as they could, both refusing to let go. “How?” She asked in his ear, sobbing through her word. “I’m not completely sure.” Fei answered.

The two shared their first kiss in what felt like a lifetime. “Are we dead?” She asked. Fei shook his head. “I don’t think death is what we initially understood it to be.” He answered her. “Did you meet Adam? Did you see my mother?” Fei asked enthusiastically.

Lale’s look of bewilderment spoke for her. “Fei, there has only been me. Then you appeared. I have been running to you for what seemed like forever. But, no matter what, I couldn’t reach you. But I never gave up.” She said continuing to let her emotions show.

Fei held her close again. His curiosity of their circumstances would not matter for now. As if a diabolical ploy, he could feel Lale pulling away from him. “Fei!” She cried out, being ripped out of his grasp. “No! Lalen!” He roared. The two beings separated again.

The unknown force, slowly dragging them apart. He cleaved onto her, whatever was pulling her away would have to take him too. He transformed into his feral form, hoping it would make a difference. Or so he thought. “Please don’t leave me!” she screamed, tears streaming down her face. Fei’s vision was becoming watery and distorted the further he was pulled. His eyes closed, and the slushing sound of liquid filled his ears.

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