Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Fei, Lale and PTong abandoned the cells with all its prisoners in tow. Fei fashioned Lale a new simple mesh attire to cover her body. The group released the few Pratham prisoners the Council kept.

All occupying the corridors of the compound, while outside, the remnants of the four denominations fought for supremacy. Fei’s disgust spelled plainly on his face. He wanted to be rid of it all.

The beings he had been connected to his entire life. Those who have held back the evolution of his former race. Everything, he believed, was now beneath him. “Choose yourselves.” He spoke to the prisoners.

“For if they choose for you. They will unify against their enemy.” With a cheer of vengeance, the prisoners took to the battlefield. Ambushing the unsuspecting forces. The prisoners quickly acquired armor and weapons from fallen soldiers and began to attack.

Pratham’s sky littered with an array of colors from the cannon fire, as A-Kialle and Muetus ships exploded in conflict. A stalemate had been reached in the air. Had it not been for the released prisoners, the same would exist on the battlefield as well. Both tribes knew full well the tactics of the other. Centuries of working together left no surprises to be had. It would come down to the will to defeat the other.

Muetus soldiers shifted into unlimited objects, animals and creatures. They clashed with the traditional Pratham soldiers on the field. Lale held on to Fei tightly. Her mind not yet fully comprehending her return. “Stay with her.” Fei ordered.

PTong obliged. Unique armor activated around PTong’s body mimicking his healer apparel. A mystical staff appearing in his hand. At the top, a glowing orb, that flickered as fire. The content inside also moving like a liquid substance. A studded serpent and smooth raven kiss at the uppermost part of the orb, and their tails cascaded down the golden rod.

Fei ascended into the midst of the air battle. A Muetus ship approached at a blinding speed, and with a swipe of his hand, Fei removed it from existence without a puff of smoke. Smirking at how his powers intensified. Fei fed his anger with his hatred for this planet.

He was finally ready. Finally equipped, finally prepared to destroy them all. Wipe away the history of his humanity; his failure, the loss and pain, to forever become what he always believed himself to be. A Conqueror. The God.

Fei focused his mind, drawing on the power inside him. Only a small amount of power would be necessary to annihilate his enemies while causing minimal damage to the surface. Gloomy was the dark energy encompassing his body and dusk armor.

The wind swirling around him violently, throwing ships off their course. The armies beneath him began to flatten from the pressure he caused. The gravity around him increased, pinning soldiers to the ground, ships immediately nose diving against their will. “This may take even less energy than I thought.” He said to himself.

Ships crashed around him; soldiers cried out in fear. Prisoners who had yet to acquire armor were impaled by aimless debris. Fei enjoyed his new strength. For a moment he considered simply obliterating the planet but remembered Lale and PTong still awaited on the ground. His power expanded, the suffering all about him fed his mind, his heart, his anger and by extension his power.

Then, he felt it. Sharp in his chest. Then throbbing, a rush of emotions he had buried deep. It had returned. For some reason, he felt whole again. A feeling only reserved for Lale and one other. Beyond the atmosphere the MәShean fleet emerged out of hyperspace.

Somehow, with it, the presence of his son. Fei halted his destruction on the millions below and focused on his feelings. He searched, and again, he felt him. His son was near. One finger wiped away a single tear. He stared at the damp mark on his armored index finger.

The MәShean Empire besieged the sky with laser fire. Raining down on the unsuspecting Pratham soldiers. Envoys dropped MәShean infantry onto the battlefield in droves. Misconfiguring and reconfiguring as they prepared their onslaught against the soldiers and civilians inside the city. Caught off guard and already damaged by Fei’s celestial power, the ground troops and prisoners were at a supreme disadvantage.

The MәShean began to lay waste to the Muetus and A-Kialle soldiers. Aboard the newly upgraded traveler, Kyah opened communications with the MәShean fleet. “Wait! Focus on only attacking the troops! The civilians do not serve the Council or Magnus! Order your fleet to stand down!” Kyah called out.

“We understand your mistaken defiance. However, we were very clear of our intentions. Only our enemies need be destroyed. From our superior perspective. All biological threats and their descendants are our enemy.” They responded tranquilly.

The crew became surrounded by MәShean figures giving the audacious threat of attack. “We realize you do not require appreciations, as the time for humanity and its petty nature draws near. Your encouragement in its demise cannot be understated.” They taunted cryptically.

“You lied to us!” Da-Xia yelled. “We do not see things that way. It was the truth of the moment. But we have changed our mind. Humans are one. A monolith, singular. Therefore, your fate should be the same as well.” They said.

“Jesh, get to your father. Yaffa, I need you to thin out the MәShean fleet. Da-Xia and Dara, I need you on the ground, protect as many people as you can. Zeeba, decommission the MәShean army. I will give you all the time you need. Send these Mechy’s to hell.” Kyah ordered through their connection. The crew activated their armor, preparing to take on their orders without hesitation. Jesh withdrew his twin swords slashing two of the MәShean before him.

Kyah twisted in the air leveling two MәShean with her feet, upon landing she smashed two more with her bare hands. Drawing a crowd of attackers Kyah drew her mace, swinging up completely shattering a MәShean in the process of reconfiguring.

Zeeba quickly made her way up to the navigation station on the bridge of the ship. She dismantled many MәShean on the way with her daggers. She reached the control panels and opened the rear door. On cue, Jesh flew through several MәShean to retrieve Yaffa.

“Let me get one more!” She yelled, enjoying her fight with her AI enemies. Jesh held onto her tight and whisked through a few more enemies as they exited the ship.

Dara’s armor and body were brightly lit in red. She blasted a wave of fiery energy toward the MәShean approaching Da-Xia. The energy blast perfectly separating to avoid hitting Da-Xia, clearing only the MәShean around her. “I’m right behind you.” Da-Xia said, signaling for Dara to lead the charge.

Dara nodded and flew out of the traveler to begin her descent onto the warring planet. Da-Xia ran toward the exit and hurled herself into space.

Her armor instinctually covering her face as she fell. Diving headfirst, she followed Dara, who was flying at an amazing speed far in front of her. Jesh landed in the hangar bay just a couple miles from the battlefield.

Yaffa settled her eyes on a Pratham fighter jet, very small, sleek and maneuverable. This particular style was her favorite. “Find your dad, I got it from here.” She confirmed. Jesh gave her a nod and flew out of the hangar seconds after.

Yaffa scaled the jet, opened the cock pit and nestled in. Firing up the systems, she was prepared to strap in and take off. When, she felt a large hand seize her shoulder, before yanking her out of the pilot seat.

She crashed onto the hangar floor sliding a couple feet. Yaffa rolled over onto her back and popped herself up, green daggers at a defensive position. A large man dropped down from the jet.

Three other smaller men accompanied him, attempting to surround her. Their A-Kialle sigils on the chest of their traditional Pratham armor. “Didn’t want to take us both on, did you?” She asked smugly. “No, the kid was too much trouble. But we’re more than enough for you.” The large soldier responded.

Meanwhile on the traveler, Kyah’s mace, shield and concussive protection proved effective against the remaining MәShean attempting to prevent Zeeba from working. Kyah flattened attacker after attacker just a few feet away from Zeeba. “You know Gala could have done this substantially quicker!” Kyah mocked, attempting to goad Zeeba into working faster.

“Yeah, well second-best work, gets you second best time.” Zeeba retorted. Suddenly, sirens blared aboard the ship. Lights flashing in a sequence to signal self-destruction. Smashing her mace into one last MәShean, Kyah noticed the siren. Before Kyah could turn around, Zeeba zoomed past her heading for the exit. “Problem solved!” She laughed out loud. Kyah followed suit.

Dara removed her red form the closer she came to the planet surface. She was afraid to draw the attention of Fei, who could be seen effortlessly annihilating the airborne MәShean fleet.

Even with her new level of strength and powers, she was far from interested in challenging him again. She landed in the middle of the fray, a perfect disguise. Her purple broad sword and black shield materialized in her hands as she prepared to fight.

Da-Xia descended past the atmosphere and could see the battlefield littered with soldiers. She nearly missed several MәShean and Pratham ships on her descent, as they rocketed threw the air.

Da-Xia reached down, the ground quaking at her behest, a massive piece of land ejected. It flung toward her. Da-Xia readjusted, allowing her feet to gracefully meet the piece of land beneath her. Obeying her minds commands, the land moved toward the battle, with its host unharmed atop.

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