Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Four soldiers circled Yaffa, each one scanning her for a potential opening. Every Pratham soldier heard of the stories and firsthand accounts of the “Deadly Beauties”. The twins were the greatest assassin’s in all Pratham. To engage them together in combat was to forgo your existence. But the story of defeating one alone would still be worth the shot.

Yaffa grew anxious, she was losing precious time, but didn’t want to take an unnecessary risk and expose herself. Finally, a strong swing came from behind. The electrified baton flew right above her head as she ducked.

She could hear the hiss of the attempt, her counter quick to follow. She spun to impale the target in the chest with the toxic blade of her dagger. A blaster bolt shot off her green plume, reminding her not to make a mistake.

Yaffa hid behind the defeated soldier before he fell, to protect herself from the second round of blaster fire that landed plainly on the breastplate of the soldier’s armor. The thud and quick sizzle triggered her to spring forward. Seemingly without looking she chucked her second dagger into the face of the blaster owner.

Such lethal precision and power, it quickly ended his life. She swung around to retrieve her dagger from the soldier’s breastplate. A baton crashed into the side of her face cracking her helmet. The force from the large man removed her from the ground. She traveled a couple meters before barreling back to the floor.

Yaffa sprung back to her feet, although very much slower than usual. Not wasting time, one of the remaining two attackers approached from behind and wrapped her up tightly.

Before she could react the second blow from the massive soldier rung her head again. This time the force shattered the side of her helmet. Yaffa’s eyes crossed from the trauma, nearly rendering her unconscious.

She struggled to get free from the soldier’s grasp, as a third blow landed on her abdomen, causing both her and her apprehender to stumble back a few steps. Yaffa’s helmet flung off, her vision expanded.

She could see the next attack coming. Yaffa wrapped her legs around the soldier’s behind her and leaned forward, using the soldier’s momentum to brace for the attack.

The two began to tumble forward. Yaffa tucked her head to roll, forcing her capturer to unwillingly release his grip. The blow meant for Yaffa landed flush on her restrainer’s face. The man fell unconscious onto the ground beside his fallen comrades. Yaffa rolled free and quickly sprawled back to her feet. The last soldier stood before her, amazed at how true the stories were. Yaffa’s bloody face staring him down, preparing to end his life.

“I don’t hit as hard as you.” She said spitting blood onto the floor. “So, your injuries might take a while longer to kill you.” Yaffa smiled. The man was visibly more cautious as he no longer had assistance from his fallen friends.

Yaffa rolled her neck, still feeling the effects of the quick beating she just received. Stalking the man like a wounded animal. She retrieved her blades from their two victims.

“What do you prefer? Hand to hand? Or weaponry?” She asked. The man thought for a moment, not sure how to receive the question. “Jesh! Zeeba and I are jumping out of the ship!” Kyah called out through the crew’s connection. “I’ll grab you.” Jesh answered.

“I really don’t have time for this sir.” Yaffa said impatiently. “Hand to hand.” The soldier finally answered. Yaffa smirked at his response. Dropping her daggers. “No armor.” He requested further.

A grand smile lit up her face. “That’s a great idea! This will be so fun.” The two combatants deactivated their armor and removed their shards. Yaffa’s tight mesh body suit hiding the black and blue bruises printed on her body. Unphased by the previous joint assault, Yaffa stood smiling as if she were the larger individual.

“Listen, I really need to get back out there, so I’m gonna make this quick. But don’t hold back or anything. I want this to be a good fight, so I can tell my sister about it later.” She said plainly, cracking her knuckles.

The soldier rushed in swinging right for her face. Yaffa dodged multiple strikes as she created space between them. His strikes were strong and on target, if any had landed, she may have been knocked unconscious or worse.

Her agility was too much for him to land a punch. His grunts and her playful laughs ringing through the hangar. He grew more tired with each swing, before an aired punch missed wildly.

Yaffa seized the opportunity, grabbing his wrist, she took a harsh swipe as her nails dug deep into his abdominal skin. Absolutely shredding the exposed area. The large man jumped back in pain. His belly bleeding profusely. Yaffa began to slowly move in.

Her opponent was now on the defense. Her unorthodox skills made him leery of his chances. However, she remained patient and poised. The large soldier started to favor his injured side, to which Yaffa expertly noticed. Fearing he would run, Yaffa lunged forward to feign a leg sweep.

He reacted as she suspected lifting his leg and exposing the other. She quickly shifted her weight while changing directions. Twirling around, generating more force and smashed her heel into his shin.

The crack of the broken bone preceded his whimper like yell. He dropped to one knee. His leg and abdomen injured on the same axis of his body. Yaffa slowly approached again. A wild swing later and she dislocated his forearm.

Defeated and defenseless he awaited his fate. “You didn’t disappoint. You shouldn’t have relied so much on your strength. I was clearly better than you. Have to make adjustments to your opponent’s style.” She gloated. Yaffa took a few steps back to wind up her finishing kick.

After a deep breath she twirled, gaining momentum and round housed the side of his neck. A crunch sound assuring it was broken, thus ending their bout permanently. Yaffa, took a moment to gather her strength.

Just as she turned around, the soldier that was previously unconscious came to. His eyes sought after the nearest blaster. Her mind calculated which were closer. Her shards or her daggers? The soldier ran for the blaster as she scrambled for one of her daggers.

He grabbed the blaster and fired aimlessly before he was struck in the face. As precise a throw as she had ever made. The final soldier fell. Yaffa leaned back to rest. Taking another moment. She reached over to recover her shards when she noticed blood dripping onto the floor.

Her hands began to shake, her body starting to feel cold. She looked down at her wound from the blaster bolt just beneath her left collar bone. She tried to apply pressure, but her strength was waning.

Panting, her breathing was becoming choppy, her body working hard to replace the blood she was losing. Shaking uncontrollably, Yaffa crawled over to her shards and placed one bracelet on her wrist.

She struggled in attempt to apply the other, as her consciousness began to flicker in and out. Fearing for her life and sister, she began to cry. “Zeeba! Help me!” She screamed as loud as she could, continuing to struggle. As the second bracelet latched and her armor activated, she could only muster the strength for one more pathetic word. “Zeeba.” As she rolled over unconscious.

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