Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Thirty

Jesh soared through the sky, wiping out countless MәShean ships. Only his ruby flame visible as he made his way to Kyah and Zeeba. The red energy shining so bright it appeared much like a star. He spotted them falling and quickly swooped down after them.

First grabbing Kyah by the arm before taking Zeeba by the hand. “I have to get to Yaffa! I think she’s hurt!” Zeeba exclaimed. “I left her at the east hangar!” Jesh responded. Jesh located an incoming Pratham fighter jet and forcefully swung Zeeba toward it.

Drawing her daggers Zeeba planted them into the ship’s hull. The speed of the ship nearly causing her to lose her grip. The pilot took notice beginning a sequence of barrel rolls. Zeeba’s grip tightened even more as her body flung around in the air.

Jesh flew in low toward the battle and let go of Kyah into the masses. Kyah dropped into the war zone a concussive blast emanating upon landing. Her attack, along with her infamous purple armor drawing the attention of the MәShean invaders. The majority of MәShean in her vicinity immediately focused their assault on her.

Kyah used her shield to block inbound attacks, ducking and dodging, refusing to even attempt a counterattack. The A-Kialle, Muetus and Prisoners all were amazed by her valiant effort. Enough human blood had been shed for them to collectively combat the AI threat together.

The united humans rushed to Kyah’s aid trying to thin the herd around her. However, the MәShean were formidable. Making short work of the prisoners and making it very difficult for the soldiers to penetrate the encirclement. Kyah was effectively surrounded.

At the entrance of the Pratham compound PTong and Lale looked on. Spectating as Fei destroyed large amounts of the MәShean fleet single handily. The mighty Da-Xia’s gleaming yellow armor and massive guan dao wreaking havoc on the MәShean ground troops.

Her powerful strikes accompanied by her ground shifts and seismic powers. Lale also noticed a huddle of MәShean being wiped out with a fair amount of ease but could not see the culprit. “Your sister is in trouble.” PTong calmly mentioned. Lale searched the battlefield in the direction of his gesture. The bulk of the MәShean forces were swarming Kyah, with no relief in sight.

Da-Xia being occupied with a horde of her own, Kyah was essentially alone. Lale’s majestic purple armor covered her body as she reached for her right shoulder pauldron and withdrew her crescent shaped sword. “Can you get me to her?” Lale asked. “Possibly.” PTong answered.

Lale sprinted down the slight hill toward the front lines. As she drew near contact with the outer banks of the enemy she leaped. PTong aimed his staffed. A large gale of visible wind propelled her into the air.

The wind carrying her across the field before ceasing at the eye of the battle. Lale landed in the thick of the fight. Taking the offensive, she took out several of the MәShean. Kyah’s awe was short lived as she used her siblings surprise to fuel her own offense.

Shield in one hand and now mace in the other, the two sisters were beginning to turn the tide. Their fighting styles interconnected well together, even synching some of their attacks with Kyah’s concussive blasts.

Their prowess together was unmatched. But the overwhelming numbers would prove still too much for the duo. Eventually, their attacks began to dwindle and the two spent more time protecting one another than dispatching their enemy.

Suddenly, from the sky a powerful red shockwave destroyed several feet of enemies in every direction. Kyah recognized the power of her nephew. “I told you to find your father!” Kyah’s frustration just breaching her exhaustion. “I’ve seen him. Kind of hard to miss.” Jesh said jokingly.

“But you needed me more.” He continued. Lale looked upon her son. Jesh met her gaze. Both fought back tears, trying to remain focused on the more pressing matters. “I thought……...” Jesh began. “I was. Your father.” Lale managed to say. “How about we end this war and then talk this out!” Kyah interrupted. The three circled up to protect each other’s rears. Jesh’s energy increased, elevating his power to his yellow form, brightly burning over his purple armor.

The heat from his body scorching the ground beneath him. He drew his twin swords, together the three prepared to end the war. Kyah created a clear concussive orb around her family. Reaching up with his palm, Jesh released the scorching power of the sun.

The power transforming the orb to harness the energy of a small star. Kyah pushed outward sending the energy in all directions, disintegrating the MәShean all around them. One attack wiping out a host of the enemy.

Lale charged forward, catching the MәShean off guard. The blinding flash of the previous attack disguising her rush. Her crescent shaped blade severing multiple enemies with each precise swipe. Jesh took to the sky, raining blasts of bright yellow energy from above, rays of the sun’s power onto the battlefield.

As the pockets of MәShean began to scatter, Kyah moved in, pummeling with her mace, smashing with her shield and sending concussive waves into the sea of enemies before her. The seemingly countless MәShean not only becoming numbered, but now the minority in strength and most evident, lack of conviction to fight. The retreat had begun.

Fei swept through the sky, reaching atmospheric heights without slowing in speed. His power increasing as he saw fit. The void like dark energy reverberating around his body. Finally, satisfied with his display of power, Fei stopped between, the planet surface and space.

Beneath him, the army of the retreating MәShean on the verge of defeat. Above, their ships attempting their escape. Fei’s dark energy channeled toward his outstretched hands. The MәShean preparing for their jump to light speed.

A tidal wave of his stored power wiped the ships from existence before they could jump to hyperspace. The visible light sure to reach other galaxies, as the force carried on into deep space. Fei turned his attention to the fight below.

Speeding toward the massive battle. His power throbbing in anticipation for Pratham’s destruction. Rumbles and crackling announced his arrival back through the atmosphere with a planet shaking thud as he landed on the ground. A small crater surrounding him, littered with MәShean remains from the power that accompanied.

Many Muetus and A-Kialle were physically blinded by his destruction of the MәShean fleet. They tried desperately to cover their eyes, and cried out for help, not understanding the flash of light before their vision was forcefully torn away from them.

PTong oversaw the battle from the safe distance of the Pratham compound. He saw his former clan member fight desperately against the AI around her. Da-Xia was finally showing signs of fatigue. Tapping into his new power bestowed upon him from Fei, PTong conducted life into her body.

Da-Xia gained strength by the second. She was able to fight harder than ever before. Destroying everything in sight. The temporary boost rejuvenating her, serving her will to fight.

The MәShean army was successfully surrounded. Fei to the north, Da-Xia, the Muetus, A-Kialle army and the remaining prisoners to the west. Jesh, Lale and Kyah to the south. Dara to the East.

Steadily, their forces were beaten, collapsing into each other. Da-Xia gave the final swing of her guan dao through the last MәShean invader. The soldiers provided the celebratory war cry, while the prisoners scattered for freedom.

The large group circled the piled AI husks. Jesh stared into his father’s eyes. He saw himself. True power, and for the first time he shuttered at someone else’s strength. His father, stared blankly, taking in the sight of his son.

Despite Lale and her sister being within his scope of vision. Jesh could feel the beast beneath his father’s stare. It scared him. He finally, realized what Dara meant in her description of him.

Dara stood motionless, witnessing the family reunion she was certain would coincide with her death. She thought to run for a moment but knew she wouldn’t get far. She thought to attack, but as she looked at Fei, his calm, his stoic behavior and attitude, she could feel a difference.

He is not as he was before. He somehow felt even more menacing to her than the last time they were near each other. Dara fixated on Jesh, their connection coursing back and forth between them. She felt his fear.

It took her a moment to realize it wasn’t her own, but Jesh’s. Her terror surfaced when she returned her gaze back to his father, to witness his eyes were focused on her. She wanted to look away but feared it would be just the time he needed to move against her.

The cheers of the soldiers reduced to a dull roar before the battlefield was ushered into complete silence. The soldiers couldn’t grasp the gravity of the power in front of them, but even the blinded warriors noticed the ominous presence that had taken over.

Every party involved afraid to make the first move. “My love.” Lale said, stepping out from behind her son. She moved toward Fei. Kyah refused to drop her guard, until Fei’s intensity subsided. “This is your son.” Lale said gesturing to their child. “Look at our boy……. he’s alive.” She said, tears dripping down her cheek, in amazement at her son, so proud and loving.

Fei heeded his loves words and looked upon Jesh again. The dark energy slowly dissipated around him. His eyes swelling, he tried to hold back his tears, but they narrowly escaped as he blinked. “My mother’s blood flows through you. You possess Liis’s heart. Your mother’s valor. My Power. The blood of a God.” Fei praised.

Jesh finally managed to stop trembling before his father. “I’m happy to meet you father. Mother……I thought you were gone.” Jesh muttered.

Lale smiled, letting a brief laugh go as she marveled at her son. “Your father……somehow, he brought me back. We’re finally together again.” Lale sobbed. She looked to her sister. Kyah fought the urged to shield Jesh from his parents.

“Thank you Kyah. I don’t know how you saved our boy, and I know I can never repay you. But thank you for saving my baby. Thank you for doing what I couldn’t.” The sight of her sister was too much for Kyah to suppress.

Kyah’s tears ate at her. She missed her sister, but even more she did not want to relinquish Jesh to his mother. She was his mother, she didn’t require the birth, it didn’t matter to her.

He was her baby, her boy; the thought of him going to Lale, meant him somehow leaving her. She couldn’t bare it. She wanted to grab Jesh and hold on forever. “He’s stronger than you know.” Kyah managed to muster up.

Her voice shaking with each word. Jesh glanced at his aunt. He could feel it, their connection, powerful and unique. Different from the feeling he had finally, meeting his parents. “She’s gone. You guys…. Yaffa’s gone.” Zeeba’s voice funneled into their connection.

The remaining crew collectively shared a look. Zeeba’s sniffling progressed into a complete emotional breakdown. Da-Xia covering her face at the news. The information reminding Kyah of the task at hand.

“We need to act quickly. Magnus and the Council will surely attack soon.” Kyah interjected. Everyone looked amongst each other. After a brief silence Fei spoke up. “Magnus is of no concern any longer.” He said cryptically.

“It was he who restored me, the raw Iku, granting me the power to return from the darkness. He sought to control me. Weaponize my strength to seize control of the galaxy and beyond.” Fei continued.

“I cannot be controlled any longer. My divinity is near. His death was no longer vital to my victory.” Fei proclaimed.

Jesh saw his mother slightly wince at his words, before he felt it too. His connection with his father was feint, but he could feel something was off. “Father, what could be more permanent of a defeat than Magnus’s death?” Jesh asked. Not entirely sure he wanted to know the answer.

Lale looked at her love with a trace amount of disdain. “I have destroyed his line. Crushed his spirit right before his eyes. As they did to me so long ago.” He said. Da-Xia jumped at the end of his words.

Her eyes attentive to Fei. She gripped her blade tightly. Tears streaming down her face as reality of his words set in. “Where is Gala?” Kyah asked, holding her mace toward Fei. Jesh saw Da-Xia priming for battle. Lale stood between Da-Xia and Fei, trying to prevent any ideas of attack.

Kyah and her comrades heart intertwined in hate for Fei’s alleged actions. However, Kyah was capable to maintain a level state of mind. “She was just a kid.” Kyah aimed at Fei, her tightness masked by her calm tone.

“So was mine. Yet, he didn’t waver. He and the Council manipulated us. They created a lie to extinguish my family. She was a part of that lineage. His lineage. But no more.” Fei retorted. “She was different! She wasn’t like him!” Da-Xia screamed.

“She was of her father. I used her to devour my mortal enemy. My last connection to the flesh.” He answered unphased by the lashing out. Da-Xia’s inhales and exhales became heavier. She was ready to strike at any moment. “Zeeba, we need an exit. We need to leave.” Kyah reached out through their connection. “No! We can figure this out. We don’t have to fight.” Jesh intervened. “On my way.” Zeeba responded.

“Get Dara and Jesh out of here.” Kyah instructed. “No! I won’t leave. Let me try and talk to him.” Jesh pleaded. “You all understand so little. I am on the cusp of my true purpose. These mortal matters will be over soon.” Fei explained.

“Without my failure, the agony of defeat. My true realization of power wouldn’t have been complete. I would have never ascended. You see, every moment has served my purpose. I needed each downfall, each lesson. Each loss.

Pratham will be my catalyst to divinity. Only my line will remain. There will forever be one God. One who will have no quarrel demonstrating his power.” Fei boasted. “You don’t have to do this. We can start over. Together. The three of us. You, Dara and I possess the power to create a better world. A new world.” Jesh said. Fei beheld his son with such disgust.

“I do not blame you for your meek heart. But it will not serve you well.” Fei admonished his son. “Father. I want you to teach me. Help me grow. I want to help you create everything you envisioned. Don’t push everyone away.” Jesh responded.

Fei scoffed at his son’s remarks. “How little you understand. Help me? I am the vision. I am the force that will balance the universe. My duties lie beyond this.” Fei said, holding his hands to show the ruins around him.

“The old races are done. You are my son. There are none like us. You will become the reverberation of my divine nature. Unimpeded by such feeble influences.” Fei continued. Jesh looked around. His thoughts dwelling on the soldiers, Da-Xia, Kyah, Yaffa, Zeeba, Gala and his mother.

He lingered most on Dara. Everyone in attendance looking for his response. Jesh looked into Dara’s eyes. “It’s ok.” She called out to him through their connection. “He’s your father. I understand……besides. It won’t be all bad. I’ll get to see my mother and Tuma again.” Dara said. The peace in her voice bringing tears to Jesh’s eyes.

“I can’t do it.” He whimpered. “I can’t let you hurt my people. I can’t let you wipe them out.” Jesh cried. Lale transitioned her focus to her love. Unsure how he would take the refusal.

“Baby don’t do this. We can figure everything out with your father later. This place has caused nothing but pain.” Lale said, trying to prevent further destruction of her family.

Jesh shook his head in denial. “I don’t know what you’ve been through. I can’t imagine how you two feel. I know what I’ve done on behalf of the Council. I assume the war was worse for you both.” He said.

A smile beginning to creep across his parents faces. “But I can’t. You’re wrong father. You’re wrong mother. My purpose is not to destroy. Or to become like you. Maybe I don’t understand. But what I do know is, they are my family. Just like you. I don’t know what Dara’s future holds. But I know I’m a part of it……. So, I can’t give up on them. I won’t start over.” Jesh said.

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