Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Thirty-One

Lale’s eyes begged her son to reconsider. Only submitting to Fei’s will would avoid a fight. The thought of her son and love fighting was nauseating. “Everything we did, was for you. To protect you. Prevent you from ever having to live in turmoil……And you can’t do this?” Fei growled.

Black energy reemerged over his body. Quakes stronger than before. “My love, he is still our boy, give him a chance.” Lale pleaded. “You clearly have misunderstood me my son. There is only my path.” Fei scolded, not even acknowledging Lale’s appeal to his senses.

Growling fiercely. “I choose my own path.” Jesh said. Unwavering in his spirit. He couldn’t agree with his father’s methods. Having no other alternative, he prepared his mind for battle. Ready to protect those he loved. Jesh stood firm, even while being afraid of the outcome.

He wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to defeat his father, he hoped against hope that maybe something, anything would transpire to calm him down. Praying he would see reason. In the meantime, he had to fight.

“I will not shirk from my purpose. I will remember your bravery. Your courage, although misplaced, is admirable. For that, it will be your downfall. Let it serve as a cautionary tale for my new race.” Fei snarled. Fei’s massive halberd appeared in his hand.

The ground moved at her command. Da-Xia rode a wave of land into the air, catapulting herself into the sky. She bolted down with great force at Fei. The clash of their blade sending a gale of wind in all directions.

Kyah leaped forward to aid her comrade against their common enemy. Lale cut off her sister’s advance, ramming into her, knocking her down. Kyah tumbled before planting her shield into the ground, allowing her to roll back to her feet.

Lale readied her crescent blade for her sister’s attack. “Please Kyah, don’t do this!” Lale begged. Kyah sprung back after Fei. Lale protected her love again, reluctantly engaging in one on one combat with her sister.

Meanwhile, Da-Xia attacked Fei with the ferocity of a thousand Pratham soldiers. Her guan dao swinging faster and faster, nearly landing a blow before Fei evaded or parried. Much to his surprise he was on the defense.

Kyah attacked her sister to disarm, looking for any opportunity to attack an unsuspecting Fei. Kyah tried to close the gap between her own duel and Fei’s. Lale refused to make any attempts at an attack against her sibling, primarily exercising her unparalleled defensive techniques against her sister’s vicious attacks.

Kyah was relentless and one mistake could easily render Lale unconscious. Finally, Kyah took a risk to advance at Fei again, a swift kick to the abdomen from Lale sent Kyah backpedaling.

The first hit had landed. The startled look on Kyah’s face informed Lale, she was done playing around. Before Lale, could attempt to aid her love, Kyah ushered a concussive blast sending Lale flying up into the air.

Distraught and confused, Lale’s body began its descent back to the ground. A breeze of wind caught her before she hit the ground. Serving as a gusty platform, Lale seized the opportunity to return to the duel against her sister.

Jesh and Dara exchanged looks. Not sure who impeded Lale’s fall. Dara peered among the crowd, but only saw the awe of the spectators. Da-Xia pursued Fei into the sky, riding a channel of land after him.

Fei parried many of her attacks, barely escaping a cleaving blow to the neck. Da-Xia screamed with each miss. Her will to kill growing. She couldn’t remember the last time she worked this hard in a fight against one person.

Even hordes of enemies were usually a light training session. Fei retreated toward the ground; Da-Xia took the proper angle to cut him off. Deviating from her terrestrial transport, she plunged down blade first at Fei.

Suddenly, another powerful gale forced Da-Xia off course. Jesh and Dara caught the culprit. PTong provided support from a safe distance near the compound. “I got him. Help Da-Xia.” Dara called out through their link. Dara enflamed in her red energy sped toward PTong. Realizing he didn’t have much time, Jesh flew to protect his vulnerable friend.

Fei proceeded to crush Da-Xia as she laid flat on her back. Jesh used his twin swords to block his father’s blade just in time. Kyah and Lale were intrenched in an intense duel just as captivating as their other battling counterparts.

Their purple armor gleaming flawlessly as they fought. The sisters moving at such a pace, it was hard to tell them apart from the naked eye. Neither wanting to give in inch. Lale could not allow her sister to kill her love and take her son away.

Kyah refusing to allow her sister to destroy her family. Dara cascaded through the sky toward PTong. Large gusts of wind whizzing past her. She closed in on her target. As a desperate attempt to protect himself, PTong summoned a great force of wind, just before she could reach him.

Dara immobilized the powerful gale in front of the conjurer. Her mastery over the elements far greater than his. Dara forced the wind back with more might than he could sustain. PTong was hurled through the wall of the compound.

Jesh and Da-Xia fought valiantly. Fei blew Da-Xia away with a powerful dark energy blast, only for her to use her command over the ground to catch her mid-air. Da-Xia flung a massive chunk of terrain toward Fei, which his halberd easily cut through.

Da-Xia landed prepared to commence the next bout. Fei wiped his hand down his halberd, emblazing it in his shadowy energy. With a long swoosh of his halberd, Fei sliced a wave of energy after her.

Jesh dropped in front of Da-Xia to block the attack using the same technique with his twin swords. Holding the energy wave at bay before sending it up into the sky to explode harmlessly. Da-Xia gathered her strength and began hurling sheets of land at her foe.

Jesh had never witnessed Da-Xia fight at this level before. Together they fought with such continuity, their combined attacks still not enough to overcome Fei’s guard.

Kyah and Lale circled one another. The two sisters’ so familiar with each other’s combat style, landing a meaningful blow was nearly impossible. Dara soared from out of peripheral view, catching Lale off guard, her red energy shining bright as her punch landed flush on Lale’s cheek. The attack immediately knocking her unconscious.

Witnessing her sister taking an attack so strong was jarring to Kyah. “Come on! They need our help.” Dara exclaimed, before moving on to aid the others. Kyah took one last look at her sister. She hated that it came to this.

However, Kyah knew her sister would never give up on Fei. “You leave me no choice. I have to kill him.” Kyah said to her unconscious sibling. She turned to see her crew fighting valiantly.

Kyah channeled her energy, allowing her body to pulsate as her power funneled through her, the dust and dirt around her pushed away in a timely manner matching her pulses. Kyah stomped her foot forcing a concussive blast between the ground and her body propelling herself upward. Dara and Kyah joined the fray.

The group circled Fei like an animal. Using their link, they worked collectively to formulate a plan of attack. Fei smirked at the new challenge. He relished the moment before the fight.

A new opportunity for him to test his new power. Fei’s energy disappeared while his power still elevated further. Jesh could feel his father’s power growing. “He’s far beyond both of us.” Jesh spoke to Dara directly.

Fei’s body began to grow while his armor still protected him. Dara’s mind reflected on the fight on Tetcht. “It’s the beast! He’s transforming into his primal form!” Dara called out to the group.

“It can’t be. No one can transform with their armor still active.” Jesh said. Fei’s body increased to his abnormally large size. The gigantic lion encased in his dusk armor. The remaining soldier’s ran for the compound. Their fascination with the fight usurped by the fear of Fei’s eventual victory. His roar shook the bones of everyone nearby.

The rumble would render thunder quiet. He stood on all fours, never had anyone used their primal form and their armor remain active. The crew hopelessly watched as his display of power was astonishing.

Finally, one last display of power, Fei’s dark energy reignited around his armored primal form. “We don’t stand a chance.” Jesh groaned. Da-Xia led the group attack. The four on one odds did nothing for their perceived advantage.

Da-Xia and Kyah took to the air using their respective powers, hurling land and concussive blasts at the massive beast to no avail. Dara engaged her strongest orange energy, while summoning all of the elements at her disposal. Lightning bolted from the sky onto Fei’s armor. Funnel clouds touched down around her, snowy winds gusted, and hail the size of boulders stormed down against her enemy.

Jesh could not bring himself to join the fight. For the first time in his young life, he felt powerless. His strength simply did not matter against his father. The three women fighting harder for their lives with each second.

Da-Xia mounted her adversary, twirling her blade before plunging it through Fei’s armor and into his back. Fei roared in pain. His head reached back, his gigantic mouth clamping around her, his large canine impaling her in the side as he flung her from atop his body. Da-Xia’s scream short lived as she landed 100 feet away.

Only this time, no land came to break her fall. Kyah screamed as she witnessed another of her crew members injured or worse. Dara and Kyah continued the onslaught of attacks. “Da-Xia!” Jesh reached out. He could feel their connection still intact.

From a distance, blaster fire struck Fei. A fighter jet flew through the shroud of the storm Dara had created. Zeeba joined the battle, taking Fei’s attention momentarily. Dara smashed into the beast knocking him over. But Fei quickly scrambled to his feet, pawing and biting after the trio of women.

They worked cohesively against their vastly superior opponent. Fei’s massive paw knocked Dara from the sky. She crashed into the ground creating a small crater not far away. Fei motioned to pounce. Dara unsteady and barely conscious was lined perfectly for the kill.

Unable to respond she witnessed the beast lunge after her. Kyah used her concussive blast, pushing her directly in the path of his bite. Kyah bashed Dara out of the way, while Fei’s massive jaws clinched through her armor.

Dara landed rough but safely out of the way. Jesh watched in horror as Fei violently jerked his powerful head side to side before launching Kyah violently toward the ground. Jesh’s heart began to pound. His head began to throb. His anger grew beyond his control.

He could feel his sanity slip away, being replaced with a primitive nature. His body encouraging him to let go. “Zeeba! Get everyone out of here! I don’t know what’s happening.” Jesh ordered. His armor deactivating against his will.

Dara slowly came to her senses. She observed Jesh stumbling around clutching his head in his hands. To her surprise Fei ceased his attack. Zeeba abandoned her aerial assault to retrieve Da-Xia. Jesh screamed in agony. Crying out for his Kyah.

Suddenly his screams lowered into growls and groans before a loud roar replaced them. His teeth began to elongate, his eyes a sea of orange surrounding a black pupil. His roar grew deeper, as his body grew larger.

Black and orange stripes alternated in random linear patterns across his body over a white underbelly. Bypassing his feral form, Jesh ascended into primal. His body stopping just half the size of his father.

Jesh’s mind was gone, only the raw power, the hate, the anger existed. He stared into his father’s eyes, roaring without control, ready to rip his father to shreds. The lion and the tiger lowered their heads as they prepare for a vicious clash.

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