Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Thirty-Two

Deep beneath the surface of Pratham

Blood from the platform leveled out between the room and the surface where 48 bodies laid. A massive frame of a man exited. The hue of his irises somewhere between the color of red and brown.

His hair gracefully reaching his almond boulder shaped shoulders, the burnt red tent would nearly be invisible against the blood beneath his feet. Shimmering white armor slowly encasing his body. A long regal dark purple cape draped down his brawny back, the edges of which soaking in the liquid. He looked up at the seemingly endless ascent to reach the surface.

Magnus walked out onto the platform behind the man. “Are you sure you have rested enough my Lord? Fei will be nigh unstoppable.” Magnus questioned. “Cast your fear before you. For I am everything greater than yourself.” The man responded, gently placing his hand on Magnus’s shoulder. The weight of his hand was impressionable even on Magnus’s armor. Staring into his eyes was not unlike the anxiety prey felt as it is stalked by its predator.

The power the man possessed radiated off his body. Yet it did not elevate life or the light within others. It existed to utterly devour, feeding off the existence around it, be it living or dying, always feeding.

His essence drew from others around him, only servicing his own power, gaining strength from the existence of others. To be around him, was to slowly die. The man grasped Magnus by the collar, before bursting into the air. Miles below the surface, was covered in mere seconds. The two shot out of the chasm and into the sky, before harmlessly landing in the blue grass.

Each step toward the Nova was of a determined pace. All Magnus could think about was revenge. He began to power up his personal vessel’s engines. Fighting back the visual of his daughter’s death with every ounce of his being.

The Nova’s bridge lit up as it awaited coordinates for takeoff. Magnus beheld his Lord through the translucent interior standing unnervingly still. As a tree absorbing the sun’s rays and receiving nutrients from the soil beneath it. Magnus returned to his master’s side, careful not to disturb his trance like state.

He waited patiently. The man opened his eyes, prompting Magnus to speak. “The transport is ready my Lord.” He stated. “I have no need for such luxuries. You have all become too reliant on ingenuity. The true power. My power. Is within.” The man responded.

A red orb of energy encircled the man, lifting him into the air. Magnus returned to the pilot chair of his ship. He thought one more time of his daughter. The brutal beating, she received at the hands of Fei Zeall. The Beast of Xeriel. He couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Soon my child. I will avenge you.” Magnus whispered to himself. Magnus entered a sequence into the panel of his ship, homing in on the energy signature his Master provided.

The man launched at a speed just barely visible to the naked eye. The Nova took off shortly after following suit. Magnus sat behind the ship’s gears, allowing for the autopilot to pursue. He was far from a great pilot like his daughter.

And the years of being chauffeured by his personal guard had made his skills even more rusty. He constantly focused on the image of Fei. Not deviating from the thoughts. He knew the only alternatives would be the sorrow of his daughter’s death or the disdain he harbored for his own master. The latter of which he had to be careful not to betray.

Magnus remembered standing on the platform, eyeing the two levers before descending into the darkness of his current reality. He longed for the moment back. When everything was under control.

His control. Now he feared, nothing will ever be the same again. He was aware of what he had unleashed on the galaxy. The looming presence of true darkness was free to roam again, he had hidden away from public knowledge.

Magnus’s own ambition driving him to ferry this evil to the new world instead of allowing him to be destroyed long ago by Earth’s Sun. He was never satisfied by the power he acquired, status and unmitigated reign. A repeated mistake.

Damning everyone time and time again. He thought about the hopelessness of his daughter’s dangling body, it was his lowest point. However, feeling real power. Darker power. The presence of Adam, his master. He knew he was wrong. He knew, every moment prior to what was about to take place, was mercy.

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