Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Thirty-Three

Jesh lunged at his father. The two colossal beasts rolled around clawing and biting as if only one source of food remained. Jesh’s claws able to penetrate his father’s armor but not causing any major damage.

Fei’s attacks sinking and gashing into his unarmored son. Still, Jesh remained on the attack. His anger the only emotion left of his mind. “Help me grab Da-Xia’s body!” Zeeba called out to Dara through their connection.

Dara cautiously flew over to assist Zeeba, keeping a close eye on the two titans hastily plowing the ground beneath them. Zeeba landed the ship next to her unconscious friend. The two struggled to hoist her large woman into the rear of the ship next to Yaffa’s body. “We need to escape.” Zeeba suggested.

“I won’t leave him.” Dara responded. “We’ll all die. We have to go!” Zeeba retorted. Her eyes spelling out the defeat in her mind. “Dara, we can’t stay……...I’m done. Everyone I love is on the verge of being destroyed.” Zeeba’s voice quivering.

She tried her best not to let a tear fall. “I can’t stay to witness this.” Dara wiped one of the falling tears from her former crew member, and now friend’s cheek. “Ok……Go. I will stay with him. Hopefully, we will all see each other again.” Dara said.

The two clasped their hands together, squeezing tighter. “That’s my little brother over there……. Save him, please. Only you can.” Zeeba said, crying before she let go. Zeeba prepared the ship to take off with Da-Xia unconscious and her sister’s body in tow. Away from her family, her friends, from Pratham forever.

Dara watched as the ship disappeared above the clouds. For the first time, the feeling was gone. She no longer wanted to run. Accepting whatever may happen next. Deafening roars ringing out in the air as the savage culmination of Pratham’s history neared finality.

Jesh began to tire. A powerful swat to the face from his father knocking him to his back. He slowly reverted back into his normal form. Blood seeping from his injuries. Fei’s mane and frame lording over his son’s defenseless body.

Fei returned to his feral form, removing his armor. Standing tall, only minimal wounds to show from his bouts. Jesh gazed at his father. Hatred sinking in, becoming a part of him, as his defeat was inevitable.

“Insolent child.” Fei began slightly panting. His stare dismantling his son’s pride with each word. “So weak. Everything I fought for. We gave up all of it, for you. And you rise against me? My son? You don’t deserve my blood.” Fei admonished his defeated child.

“No father. I don’t.” Jesh managed to say through the pain. “I deserve more. Better than you. I don’t want your blood. I don’t want your power. What good is any of it, if only you are left to have it?” Jesh said between bated breaths.

“Get on with it father. Destroy it all. Destroy your son. You deserve everything you want.” Jesh continued. “You just don’t get it. Earth, Pratham, humanity. It’s all corrupt. I am the future. My blood predestined to erase the mistakes and bring about the new species. The New God.” Fei growled.

“Well, you still have one enemy left from the old species.” Dara challenged from a few feet away. Fei turned to see the girl, her sword and shield ready. Fearless, Dara the Merciless. Her sky-blue armor active, and shadowy crimson energy swelling around her.

“Planning on running away again?” Fei taunted her. “I am. After I put you in the ground for good.” She retorted. “I get it. You’ve been hurt by a lot of people. But if you repeat those mistakes, you are exactly the very person who hurt you. You are willing to harm the people you love to create a place where those types of humans don’t exist anymore. But that’s impossible, because you exist. If you’re the new God. Those people, your true enemy, will always exist.” Dara said.

“I’m not here to change your mind.” She continued, twirling her sword, her power increasing. “I know you’ve given up on everyone and everything. But I fight for all of those who aren’t strong enough to oppose you. Including that person behind you. The one person you claimed to have done this for. He’s not yours anymore.” Dara exclaimed.

Fei withdrew his halberd, but his rage faltered. Still substantially more powerful than his opponent, his mind felt still. Unable to tap into his anger. His hand shaking, he felt just human momentarily.

Lale groggily came to her senses. Fei’s heart yearned for his love and his child. “I can’t turn back. I must do this. I’m the end.” He said. Fei twirled his halberd above his body swinging around and bringing it across his son’s chest.

The tip of his blade coursing through his skin. Dara screamed at the sight. Jesh’s body laid flat from the force. Dara rushed to his side, dropping her weapons. She held Jesh’s head against her chest. “Stay with me. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.” She cried into Jesh’s ear.

PTong finally reached the battlefield, limping from the attack he received from Dara earlier. Cautiously helping Lale to her feet. Lale gasped as she saw her sister’s body. Tears falling uncontrollably. Next her son, the sight of her son was too much. Lale fainted into PTong’s arms. PTong dragged her over to Fei. “She may not forgive you.” PTong suggested.

“Good. Attachment’s to the weak will hinder our purpose.” Fei responded, although the sight of what he had done slightly making him feel unsure. He readied his blade to strike Dara. Then, Fei hesitated. “What is it?” PTong asked. Fei looked off in the distance. His senses firing warning signals. “Adamu?” Fei whispered. A red orb appearing through the clouds, approaching at an amazing speed, followed by Magnus’s personal vessel, the Nova.

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