Beast of Xeriel

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Chapter Thirty-Four

The orb dissipated to reveal Adam. Just as imposing of a frame as Fei’s feral form, where they could stand nearly eye to eye. Adam was not only comparable, but even more of an impressive figure. His sheer mass daunting. Fei only a foot and half taller than Adam.

The Nova landed a few feet away, before Magnus emerged. Adam’s purple cape surfing the waves of the wind, light reflecting off his pearl white armor. Adam halted his stride just a few feet away from Fei and company. “And here I was believing you to be imaginary.” Fei greeted the massive man.

“If I were, so too would you.” Adam returned. Fei chuckled unconvincingly. “Oh, right. You’re my ancestor. Forgive me. I was raised by a warrior tribe, so my manners are little discourteous.” Fei said.

“You are not the first since my return to undermine my presence.” Adam began. Fei smiled at the stoic look opposite him. “As the millions before you. You too will know reverence before long.” Adam’s low and booming voice could be felt as it hung heavy in the air between them.

“You brought this on yourself Beast. My daughter was good. She wasn’t like you or I.” Magnus heckled from behind Adam, as he approached from the Nova.

Fei grinned at his hollow enemy. “I fear not your perceived recompense. I am All-Mighty.” Fei growled. “I gave you that power. And without it. You are just a vengeful child.” Magnus rebutted.

“You are no longer worth killing. But thankfully I will receive a modicum of pleasure in watching the light leave your eyes. Like your daughter.” Fei snarled. Magnus drew a blaster from his gold armor. “Enough.” Adam interjected, waving his hand. “Fei is right.” Adam rumbled. Magnus’s eyes gawked at his master. “My Lord?” He questioned for clarity. Adam looked upon his follower with displeasure.

“Hopeless. You claw at your existence. Weak. Unable to conquer your enemies, even when they lay dead before you.” Adam shamed Magnus. “My Lord. I did everything you asked. I did not question or oppose you.” Magnus pleaded. “Precisely.” Adam answered.

Magnus turned his blaster to aim directly at the forehead of Adam. His hand quivering, vibrating the skin on Adam’s face as he pressed the barrel up to his forehead. “I saved you. I could have left you on Earth. Broken and on the verge of death.” Magnus threatened.

Adam slowly reached up to the trigger, forcing Magnus’s finger to squeeze. The blaster disassembled inside Magnus’s grip, till only the humming, sizzling blaster bolt was left. Magnus jumped back. “The toil of your death is beneath me. And despite your tongue. I will not kill you.” Adam assured him.

Magnus stood afraid to move. “I’ll give you a choice. If you can make it to your vessel before the beast can reach you. I will grant your effort worthy and will leave you to the life you have left.” Adam offered, as the blaster bolt sizzled away in mid-air.

Fei looked at Magnus, nearly drooling from the opportunity to kill him. “That is no choice!” Magnus yelled. “Sure, it is. You can make several feet before he can reach you. The choice of survival, like every being before you, are yours. Choose life or choose oblivion. It matters little to anyone but yourself.” Adam said in a confirming voice.

Magnus stood motionless taking in the sight of his former master, now true enemy. He turned his head to view his ship, before the force of Fei’s fist crashed through his armor. The power crumbled Magnus’s ribs and chest.

Magnus’s body violently jerked from the force. Fei removed his fist, permitting the lifeless body to fall abruptly to the ground. Fei turned his attention to his forefather, only to witness his disappointment yet again. “Your need to justify your power is childish.” Adam chastened his descendent.

“These petty attachments and emotions. They will fail you before long.” Adam whispered. Fei’s eyes wandering to his love and child as Dara held Jesh. “You didn’t even have the strength to dispel your son.” Adam admonished. Fei was stunned and puzzled how Adam knew he did not kill his son. From the wound, Fei figured only he would know Jesh would survive. Yet, the words offended him, nonetheless.

“Is this where you share that you’re the true God?” Fei snarled. “What need have I to be a God? Existing in such a manner, only summons the lesser to share your company. I take no pleasure in those beneath me. I can make you a deity. Powerful even beyond those who justly are all-mighty.” Adam said.

Fei laughed. Holding his hands up to relish in the destruction around him. “You can make me a God? In case you are mistaken, my lord. I am the most powerful being. My powers grow by the moment. I am the destruction of Pratham. What need have I for you?” Fei asked rhetorically.

“You believe yourself powerful, beast?” Adam asked, his face yet to change since he landed. “A destroyer? God Conqueror?” Fei’s eyes lightened at his ancestors’ words. Unsure how he knew about that self-proclaimed title. “Defeat me.” Adam demanded.

Fei was enraged at the belittling challenge. He withdrew his halberd. Raising to point at his ancestor. “You’re an impudent relic of time. I’ll make sure you never return.” Fei growled.

Black flames flickered over his body, his power growing as he swung his blade to cleave the head of Adam. Before Fei could react, Adam broke the pole of his halberd. Grabbing the blade’s upper handle, lunging forward and carving it down Fei’s face.

Fei jumped several feet back in pain. His roar chilling. Blood rushing through the deep channel carved down the right side of his face. “You! I’ll kill you for that! How dare you mark a God!” He roared and ranted. His energy swelling. The planet began to quake. Ground cracking beneath their feet.

Adam stood unphased at his display of strength. Fei rushed to attack. Adam dodged his initial swing, breaking his arm with a perfect counter. Fei howled in pain but continued his assault. His arid kick dismantled by a powerful deterring kick from Adam to match.

Finally, Adam’s fist connecting with the other side of Fei’s face, effectively ending their brief duel, as Fei fell to the ground defeated. Adam shook his head in disappointment. “A God?” He murmured.

Adam kneeled, spreading his fingers. His hand illuminated violet as he released his power into the planet. Pratham responded with a bottomless rumble. The obliteration had begun. Adam grabbed Fei by his armor, dragging him over to his companions.

Adam gazed into PTong, holding Lale’s unconscious body. “I understand, the choice could be as trivial as choosing to live, however, I choose to learn. What teachings you offer, if offered. Impart the wisdom to me. So that I may never choose again.” PTong implored Adam, whose tall body was lording over him.

For the first time in thousands of years Adam smiled, nodding to the mystical tribesman. The sky darkening with each second until clouds and storms controlled the planet’s surface. Adam turned his attention to Dara. She did not turn away.

“Will you perish with this world?” Dara heard Adam’s voice in her head, yet his mouth did not move. “Death doesn’t scare me anymore. I can think of nothing more peaceful than completion.” She said. “But I will not leave this universe to you or him. I’ll find a way to stop you.” She replied. “Until we meet again.” Adam spoke aloud.

Adam constructed a red orb around Fei, Lale, PTong and himself before lifting them into the sky. The light vanishing behind the darken signal of doom above. The wind swirling, lightning flashing and striking the ground at random.

The planet’s fate was imminent. Dara pulled Jesh through the air over to Magnus’s body. A colossal tornado quickly approached. Dara held her hands up, steering its course safely around them. She grabbed Magnus’s bracelets.

Holding Jesh tightly, she soared over to the Nova, and laid him down gently inside, before firing up the ship’s engine. The ship rocked as the planet Pratham began to break down. Dara blasted off into the sky, the ship taking damage as she wasn’t much of a pilot.

She was unable to dodge much of the debris or lightening. The ship twisted and turned as she tried her best to figure out the controls. Tornados, hail and lightning effectively impeding her efforts. The turbulence throwing her around in the pilot seat. Dara began using her powers to prevent a fair amount of the damage.

“Go! Go! Go!” She screamed. Desperately, trying her best to guide the ship into space. Finally, out of the atmosphere she looked at all the confusing controls, frantically searching for lightspeed travel. Behind she felt it, The first boom of the planet’s impending explosion.

She looked through the rear of the ship at the darken planet. The beautiful green sky and blue grass erased by gray clouds and the planets exposed core. Gone was the beautiful color. Only darkness and the ultimate eruption. “Go to lightspeed!” She screamed. The blinding multicolored hue of Pratham’s detonation the last visual of the once new planet of humanity.

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