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She was a Phoenix amongst swans.

Fantasy / Drama
Black Cherry
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The beginning

Every century seven babies are born. Each fathered by the same man, and born on the same night, and all mothered by different women, and all born girls.

Yet, the seventh generation of the chosen seemed to have thought differently of their fate.

Instead of being born in one night, as every generation of Chosen has done, their births were unpredictable.

The firstborns, Moira and Ophelia, were born on a sunny day, which was unusual for this to happen, as Chosen were born at night, specifically midnight.

The council and the King were sure they were all going to be born at the same time, so they all kept their eyes on the other mothers, eagerly waiting on which was going into labor next.

To their disappointment, the second borns, Aalya and Aurelia, were born two days after the firstborns.

Instead of seven mothers like usual in the past generations, this generation only had six mothers. One mother had twins.

The third borns, really shook everyone this time. Born a week after the second borns, the third borns came into this world putting their tiny foot down, wailing towards the heavens of their living victory.

What had shaken everyone was the fact that the twins, were dizygotic twins. A girl and a boy.

How was a boy born into the lineage of girls?

The twins were named Bernadette and Bodhi, they were both beautiful babies, but everyone was in terror to find that there was a boy born into the chosen.

Lastly, after many losing hope, a week later on a stormy night, the last baby girl was brought into this world. The King was most excited about this birth as he had fallen in love with the woman.

Sadly, it was a complicated birth and only the baby survived. Barely that is.

The baby girl was so small that she fit into both of her father's palm while holding her, she was barely breathing as he held her, hoping to hear her cry he gently shook her. Not long after that, she wailed. Later she was put into intensive care, somewhere where only the king could visit.

Every day as he sat with his fragile daughter, he told her stories of her mother, and all of the victories she had brought to their kingdom, he also told her how he had planned to make her mother the Queen but she had rejected his offer as he had laid with other women while he was with her.

As each month went by progress was made, and the baby girl grew stronger and healthier.

When the time had come and the baby girl was ready to leave the hospital, the king had finally decided on a name for the girl.

He named her— Cyra.

And this is her story.

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