Season Spring

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Demons appearing throughout the world. Humans with demonic powers doing their best to fit in or take control. Cities ruled by wealth and status, humans living in fear. As chaos reigns in the world of Era the Season Pack is on a mission to find the murderer of the Hades family and its members. All while trying to keep the city Cathia from falling into the wrong hands.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Ep. 1

People screamed and pushed one another in panic as they fled the streets in terror. The alarm rang as loud as thunder during a hurricane. Within seconds the streets were mostly cleared with homes and shops now covered within protective barriers. Yet in front of one restaurant there was a woman with a child. Her clothes were worn, with her shoes having holes in them. She had her daughter in front of her. She banged her hand hard against the barrier as she pleaded with the man in front of the door. The man gave the woman a prideful grin as he slowly held out his hand, an indication that he wanted money.

A loud screeching roar, like chalk moving down a board, caused the woman to freeze in terror before slowly looking back. A demon with a purple green sludge color ink body and beady red glowing eyes that pierced through the darkness of night. It was staring at her, chewing it's current meal, the sounds of bones breaking coming from its' jaws. In it's left hand was half of a mans body. The woman eyes widen with terror as tears poured from them. She cried out even more as she slammed her hands relentlessly against the barrier. After a minute, she took a deep breathe and moved her daughter behind her as she pulled out a small dull knife.

The woman hands shook so much she was barely able to hold the knife. The demon now only a few feet away from them. It spat out a skull that rolled close to her it still having some flesh and muscle on it. She did her best not to vomit at the sight, but her child cried in fear. The demon let out a laugh enjoying the fear he saw before him. It could have swiftly killed the woman and her child. But instead it decided to take it's time. It slowly reached its inky hand to them, a twist fanged tooth grin appearing on its' face.

The grin quickly vanished for in a blink of an eye its hand was cut off. The demon screamed out in pain as black blood poured from its body, bubbling like acid when it hit the ground. It looked around wildly for the one responsible. Till finally it noticed a woman standing a top the restaurant. She was wore a mask that fully covered her face. It was white with a beautiful watercolor design of a cherry blossom. Her hair a silver color that faded into a soft pink toward the ends. Peaking from her hair were fox ears, her fox tail swaying side to side.

The demon let out a low angry growl as it reached for it's detached limb. It pressed it back against it body the ink reattaching the hand. It's eyes returned back to the woman and child. It was clearly thinking on what it should do. Its gaze then turned back to the fox woman as it suddenly leapt up. Clashing down on the restaurant roof that was luckily protected by the barrier. It chuckled thinking that it had landed on the fox woman and killed her. Yet to it's surprise the Fox woman was now below. She was aiding the woman and child through the barrier into the restaurant.

It growled as its eyes glowed an even deeper red. It jumped off the roof, aiming to try to land on the woman. Yet with the flick of the fox woman wrist a gust of wind flung the demon high into the sky. Two fans then appeared, one in each of her hands. She waved them in front of her twisting them slightly inward. A twister slightly larger than the demon formed and engulfed it. She then waved the fan in her left hand and the twister turned into flames.

The demon whaled in pain as it's body slowly turned into black dust in till nothing but a ruby heart was in the middle. She then pressed her fans together and the flames destroyed the heart before vanishing.

"Far to easy." She sighed turning her attention to the restaurant entrance noticing the owner was walking out the woman and child. He was a very shady looking man, round belly with very skinny legs. The top of his head was bald with small amounts of gray hair on the sides. His eyes were a dark brown, with bags underneath them. He also had very large eyebrows that nearly touched in the middle.

"If you can't pay get out." He hissed as he pushed the two out. He then looked over to the fox woman.

"And as for you, Ms. Spring. You can't just disrupt barriers and allow people to come through. I..."

Spring sighed holding up her left hand causing the man to stop speaking. She reached into her right pocket and pulled out some money. Without a second thought the man snatched it out of her hand. As he began to count a large smile formed on his face. He waved them off as he turned away back into the restaurant.

"Such a gross man." The little girl huffed causing Spring to chuckle.

"Thank you for saving us." The mother said as she bowed slightly.

"It's no problem ma'am." She responded reaching into her pocket once more. "I don't mean to be rude but I am going to assume you live in the slum outskirts?" She continued as she pulled out a small card. The woman nodded, yet showed no embarrassment for where she lived.
"I live against the wall where the Hades family began to reconstruct." She answered.

"I thought that area showed far more improvement?" Spring questioned.

"It did, but when we lost the Hades family. Those trying to claim the status swept in and kicked all they deemed unworthy out." She sighed.

"Papa, was the only one lucky enough to get a job. But they still haven't paid him." The little girl said softly. Her mother gave her a glance of anger. Clearly the little girl wasn't suppose to know such information. Spring handed the woman the card before patting the little girl on the head. The woman read over the card and tears slowly began to fill her eyes.

"Are you sure this is okay?" She questioned. Spring nodded her head, and behind the mask was smiling.

"The Hades family may be gone but there are still people out there with their spirits. Now you two should head home. The alarm has gone off and I am sure your husband is worried." Spring said. The woman nodded as she took her daughters hand. Spring turned away and swiftly leapt onto a roof of a near by building. She with a steady speed, moved from building to building for fifteen minutes. She slowed down her pace when she reached a ally between two short stack building that looked as though they were being renovated.

She snapped her fingers as she walked into the ally. A mystical veil moved through her changing the appearance of the ally. It was now filled with vines and flowers clearly well managed. It was lit with lanterns and at the end was a living space with three other young woman. One was taller than Spring. She had brown skin, and was very curvy. She had black hair long on one side shave on the other and light golden eyes. She was spinning a mask on her finger much like Springs but with a sun on it instead.

Sitting on the ground in front of the marble colored couch was a younger looking girl. She was typing rapidly on a laptop. Beside her a mask with a snowflake. She had long curly blond hair with bangs swept to the left covering her eye. Her skin was a faded tan, her visible eye hazel green. The other girl was on her stomach laying on the couch. She had her pearl color hair in two half bun ponytails. Her skin was a sun kissed tan. The girl with the sun mask was the first to notice her.

"Odd you're the one who is last to come in Yuri." She spoke with a heavy Erathan accent (Australian British like). Yuri/Spring removed her mask, the fox ears tail vanishing once she did. Her hair now completely the faded pink color.

"Had a few things to handle on the way to the demon." Yuri sighed.

"So does that mean I killed more demons this time!?" The girl on the couch shouted with glee as she quickly sat up. Yuri rolled her eyes as she pressed her fingers into her mask causing it to fold then change into a pin that she clipped into her hair.

"How many did you even kill Lulla?" Yuri said rolling her eyes.

"Six." She said proudly.

"Of what, the lesser ranked demons?" The summer masked girl mocked.

"Yea, so what if they were? How many did you kill Syndra?" Lulla quickly snapped back.

"Three, but they were at least a C ranked." Syndra responded in a smug matter. Lulla rolled her eyes moving her attention to the girl on the laptop.

"What about you Mira?" She questioned.

"None, I guess all the demons were mainly by you two." She responded in a shy manor not looking away from the screen.

"I only got one so I think Mira is right. All the demons tonight seemed to have appeared where you two were. Anyway, Syndra were you able to pick up the medicine for grans?" Yuri spoke.

"Yup." She answered tossing Yuri a small black pouch. Yuri caught it then moved to grab a backpack beside the couch.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow then." She said as she began to leave before pausing looking slightly back. " Lulla it isn't that late so you have plenty of time to study for the test."

"Yea, yea Mira already reminded me when I got here. Catch ya tomorrow." Lulla sighed as she laid back on the couch waving Yuri to leave.

"And Mira, can you hack the Kan restaurant account and pull some money for me?"

"Sure, guessing they refused to let someone in?"


"Done and done." Mira said with a smile on her face.
Yuri smiled a bit as she left the alley. She decided to take the long way back home wanting to pass a very important building. The city was back to its normal busy ways. People were exiting buildings that were built into the mountain the city was within. Lantern lights were turning back on. Where Yuri was walking, she was able to see the forest that were past the walls of the city. It was a beautiful view, yet she knew it was nothing but danger out there.

She walked for ten minutes before arriving at a location of a burnt mansion reclaimed by nature, right on the border of the lower slums. She stood atop a emblem that laid at the destroyed gates of the mansion. It was a flame shape like two foxes. She knelt down and placed her finger against the emblem.

"Soon." She whispered to herself as she stood back up than bowed toward the mansion. She stared at it for a few seconds as memories of her childhood flooded her head. She finally walked away a sense of determination filling her.

"I will avenge our family."

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