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Season Spring

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Ep 10

It has been a week since Yuri and the others returned to Cathia. Yuri was highly disappointed that she didn't learn more. She was given a few answers though from Bane. One being why the Sato pack hasn't helped Cathia much the past few years. It turns out that the Zeus family had told them they no longer wanted Sato to help with the demon issues. The other houses had agreed.

For some reason they think that because the Sato's refuse to be claimed under one of the houses. That had meant that the Sato's were supposedly trying to take over Cathia, which wasn’t the case. It also turns out that Bane was very close to the founder of Hades. Sadly though when Yuri and the others pressed for more answers about the founder. Bane simply said “the time will come where there is more to be discovered”.

Yuri sighed as she grabbed her school bag and made her way to the door. As she reached for the knob she looked over to the seat grans would normally sat in. Almost two weeks since her decision and grans departure. She truly hoped she was okay. She finally left the house and made her way to school. As she moved through the streets she noticed the fifth district seemed a lot more upbeat then normal. Even the old shrine of the fox goddess had more offerings.

As she started to walk pass the shrine she remembered her parents. How they went to the shrine every sunday. They would pray to the goddess to help the souls taken by demons, and to guide them to the after life. Yuri smiled to herself as she then decided to move her way over to the shrine. She was amazed about how well kept the shrine was compared to many of the others she has seen before. They even had golden red lotus flowers around the goddess well statue.

As she got closer a couple holding hands were smiling. She over heard the man say how thankful he is that the goddess blessed them with child. Then an elderly woman who was with her daughter was ranting about how she knew the goddess never left them. The daughter looked highly irritated. Once Yuri made it to in-front of the shrine she reached into her bag and pulled out three round gold black coins. She then moved her right thumb over her left, bent her point fingers on both hands inward so they touch. The remaining finger made a triangle shape above.

“Please look over my grandmother.” Yuri whispered as she bowed keeping her hands in the symbol. As she began to walk away she saw the zeus boy Zander talking to one of the shrine maidens. The maiden wore a beautiful rose gold color cloak that had a gray line fox design on the hem. Something that all the average maidens wore. Sitting beside her was a baby Foxird. Its wing and feathered tail a were a bright blue that bleed into a dull purple at the tips. The body though like a normal fox was mainly white with blue paws its left ear had the tip the same shade of purple.

Yet the right ear had a large piece missing. It also had a scar that came from the base of its tiny almost unnoticeable horns. It looked at her with its big baby blue eyes. It let out a bird like bark before running off into the small temple that was behind the shrine. As soon as it ran off the maiden then looked over at her.

The left side of her face had a large scare that went over her eye to her lip. Her eye covered by the scar was a milky white while her right eye was brown. The maiden turned her attention back to Zander said something before bowing and heading in the temple as well. Zander then looked over to Yuri and smiled. Yuri rolled her eyes and quickly left only to see him quickly appear by her side.

“You’re in my class right?” He questioned. Yuri just nodded her head.

“ May I ask your name?” He asked politely as the two turned a corner.

“Why would you? You’re a zeus member and I’m a lowly district five citizen.” Yuri answered calmly as she walked faster when she saw the shuttle to the school.

“So? I am going to be living in this district for a bit. I want to make friends and learn how things are here.” He replied.

“Try making friends with other people.” She hissed at him once they reached the shuttle. He was about to say something but she quickly got on and made her way to the back taking what was the only spot left in that section. The shuttle was even more packed then before. Yuri began to wonder why, not many people go the school area. To much conflict since it is right on the line of the forth and fifth district.

Once the shuttle had reached her stop she quickly got off and made her way to class. She didn’t want to have to speak to Zander again. She still worried if he knew who she was, but knew it probably wasn’t likely. As she walked through the schools halls she noticed odd decorations of moons and foxes. She shrugged it off not thinking much of it as she reached her classroom.

The entire class seemed to be deep in talk within their friend groups. The teacher was at his desk flipping through the newspaper waiting for the first bell. Yuri walked passed Syndra who was sitting at her desk being spoken to by one of the male students who left once she walked by. Syndra didn't even glance at her and Yuri did her best not to look at her as well, the two still weren’t on the best terms. Yuri glanced over to Mira who was blushing while staring at her hands, she then looked over to Lulla who playing one of her small hand held games at her desk.

“What’s with Mira?” She whispered. Lulla glanced up from the screen of her game looked at Yuri then over at Mira and shrugged. Yuri was about to ask Syndra but the bell and rung. And just as it did Zander walked into the classroom followed by Dante,Link and Jermey. A few of the girls called to them and giggled causing Yuri to roll her eyes. The teacher was quick to tell them to hush and began the class.

The lecture was one about each of the families special holidays and traditions. He also talked about how Cathia was the only domain that prayed to certain gods depending on what district they lived in. It was probably the most interesting lecture the teacher ever gave. Other then that the school day was long and dull. As the last bell rang the teacher wrote on the board.
The Golden Rose Moon.


A woman with jet black hair stood at the very edge of the wall that separated Cathia from the outside world. Her flame glowing red eyes locked on the sun as it set.

“Cheri, why are you up here now?” A man with a Hera accent questioned while appearing from thin air. Cheri looked over to him, he was well groomed as always. Even though he was wearing a tank top shirt over his suite pants. That was only because his right arm was still healing from being frozen solid and shattered. It was almost fully grown back though.

“Why must you check on me Ruine?” Cheri answered back. Ruine gave her his usual charming grin.

“Someone wished to see you.” He answered stepping slightly to the side. Nate stepped out from behind him. The boys eyes more like Cheri and Ruines now. Cheri sighed turning fully to face them.

“Yes Nate?”


“Don’t call her mother.” Both Ruine and Cheri said.

“I don’t understand why everyone says not to.” Nate responded with a sigh.

“Trust us, now continue.” Ruine said.

“Lady Evel, said that um.. Ei..Eiy”

“Eiyther.” Cheri finished for him. Nate nodded his head.

“He said when the Golden Rose Moon appears to be ready. He didn’t say for what though.” Nate said. Ruine let out a chilling chuckle that even caused Cheri skin to crawl.

“Um... so what does it mean?” Nate questioned.

“Feeding time.” Cheri answered.

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