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Season Spring

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Ep 11

Yuri sighed as she stared up at the barely crescent moon. At the very edge instead of it’s normal color it had a faint rose tint to it.

“It’s going to be so pretty once it fully colored.” Lulla commented. Syndra nodded her head in agreement. Mira though was still silent, she hadn’t said much the entire time they were walking to the shrine. They were going to the same one Yuri had seen Zander at. She didn’t understand why Lulla insisted they go to that one, when there were plenty other ones that were closer.

When they had arrived there was an odd crowd around the shrine. They were a distance away though. It was because there were six Ares members in front of the shrine. One of them was giving the shrine scared maiden a hard time about something. Beside the maiden was a young girl light brown hair girl who was also wearing a maiden robe. She had a knife strapped to her hip.

“Listen Maiden, you have to give us money so we can protect your shrine from demons and bad people.” The obvious leader said as he reached out his hand. He gave the maiden a smug grin.

“The amount you ask for will set us back for the festival.” The maiden spoke calmly.

“Come now i’m sure the loyal followers of your stupid spirit goddess will be more then willing to give you more money. Beside you can’t attend a festival if this place gets destroyed. Or you end up dead.” He spoke his voice turning more aggressive.

“That goes against our religion to expect those who worship our goddess to give more when they already did.” The maiden responded still calm.

“Yea! And what do you think? District five people are made of money!” The young girl shouted. The maiden glanced at the girl before sighing.

“If the people of this demon infested district can come up with money for some stupid goddess then they can give more. Now I’m sick of being nice I’ll search the whole place and just take.” He yelled while pushing the maiden out the way. The girl quickly got in his way placing her hand on the hilt of her knife.

Yuri and the others looked at one another ready to jump in, till someone pushed pass them. It didn’t take Yuri long to realize it was Dante from their class. He grabbed the guy who was in front of the girl and tossed him back toward the other Ares members. The other five members helped the main trouble maker steady himself. All of them but the main seemed surprised.

“Of course it’ll be you.” He snickered while approaching Dante. The other five looked as though they wanted to stop him. Yet it was clear by their body movement they were to scared to. And who would blame them Dante was a very intimidating guy. The main guy was the same height but not the same muscle.

“I think you should leave cousin.” Dante said in a low intimidating voice. He took a step toward his cousin which in turn made his cousin flinch and step back a bit. His cousin then held up his hands and let out a cocky laugh.

“Oh please you have no authority over how I run things. Plus it was my brother who tasked me with making sure I gathered money. Don’t want to upset him do we.” He said in a cocky tone as if he played a winning hand. Dante looked as if he was going to take things to the next level yet suddenly stopped.

“Estopon that is you.” Syndra spoke as she made her way between them. Yuri quickly looked over to Mira and Lulla who were just as surprised to see Syndra sneak over there. Estopon cheeks suddenly turned pink and he quickly stood up straight.

“S..ss-Syndra www-what are you doing around here?” He stuttered. Syndra sighed placing one hand on her hip.

“I live in district five remember?” She quickly answered in an odd flirtatious manner. Estopon quickly reached and gently took her hand into his as he bowed. When he did Syndra smirked and that’s when Yuri knew the poor guy was wrapped around her finger. The other five members and Dante looked astonished to what they were witnessing.

“Yes.. yes i know but not around this area.” He spoke before kissing her hand.

“So a girl can’t visit other areas of her district?” She aggressively questioned.

“Of course you can sweet angel.” He quickly replied looking up at her.

“You’re not harassing these people are you?” She questioned. His face quickly went pale, he stood up straight and looked at the on lookers who witnessed everything. He then locked eyes with Syndra and frowned.

“I was just trying to offer protection.” He said obviously trying to sound as if he was concerned.

“How about you and your friends go to the bar. And talk to my uncle about what areas that need protection and maybe I will stop in to help.” She said. Estopon eyes lit up and he quickly moved away toward his crew. He snap his fingers rapidly about five times. His crew in responseded quickly and gathered around him finally taking their leave. The people who were watching slowly dispatched. Yuri, Mira and Lulla walked over to Syndra.

Dante let out a long sigh of relief as he began to rub his head. Syndra laughed and patted his shoulder in assurance. Dante smiled awkwardly in till his eyes locked onto Mira. His cheeks began to turn red and Miras did the same. She than quickly hid behind Lulla. The three of them looked at Dante then each other and grinned.

“I’ll be on my way then.” He said shyly as he gently moved passed them.

The maiden seem to wait till he was a distance away. She then turned around and beckoned them to follow her. Yuri couldn’t help but stare at the young girl. She seemed oddly familiar. They followed the maiden and young girl into the temple. The young girl quickly ran around. She checked every area she possibly could before running over to the maiden and giving her a thumbs up. The maiden smiled nodding her head as she pulled out a small bell. Its base was gold with a rose gold bottom. The handle was also rose gold shaped like a fox. She rang it three times and all the doors of the temple closed and locked.



The two yelled in excitement, the young girl jumped into Lullas arms and Lulla spun her around. Yuri couldn’t help but smile as she watch the two laugh. She then began to wonder how they knew each other, and why that girl seemed so familiar. Then the maiden slapped Lulla beside the back of her head causing Lulla to put Taliyah down and sigh.

“So here is the thing.” Lulla started with a groan.

“The maiden here is my Aunt, sister to my father. Taliyah here I saved during one of the attacks. I bought her here and told her um… who we are.” Lulla said.

Yuri just stared at Lulla who seemed to already know she was pissed. Before Yuri was even able to get a word out the Maiden cleared he throat to interrupt her.

“Allow me to explain.”

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