Season Spring

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Ep. 2

Yuri sighed highly annoyed to wake to a rainy day. After an hour of washing up and preparing to leave for school she stood at the front door. Staring out at a well managed rock pathed road she sighed. Rainy days meant more people were going to take the mountain transports. She sighed once more grabbing an umbrella that had dancing Kiy (they look like corgis with a unicorn horn and wings) on it. As she opened it up and stepped out she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked back to see her grandmother. A women though in her sixties looked like she was at least forty. Her hair a rosemary gold, short in a curly bob cut. Her eyes a hazy green that stood out more against her peach skin due to the dim red eye makeup she wore.

She held out a grey lunch pack and smiled. Yuri was about to take it till she noticed a rune mark in the corner and chuckled.

"Seriously grandma, another big lunch for me and the others?"

"Well you guys deserve it, forming your own little midriff pack. Up holding the ways of the Hades family. If I could do more I would but..." She said trailing off toward the end,her eyes filling with sadness. Yuri smiled as she took the pack and gave her grandmother a hug.

"Make sure you take your medicine." Yuri said while walking away, she then took off in a steady jog placing the pack into her bag and made sure it was firmly closed. She moved to the sidewalk and looked out over the railing below to where the slum outskirts were. The Pegan bay looked as beautiful as ever during this rainy day. Even though the other districts are suppose to be nicer. The fifth district to her, will always be the best due to the wonderful scenery they have. The people of the slum outskirts always do their best to maintain the true nature of the Cathia domain. Even the criminals don't dare to ruin it in anyway.

When Yuri went to take another step the demon alarm suddenly went off. And just as it did a large demon croc, the size of half a battle field(football field) came bursting out the side of the mountain to her left only a few feet in front of her. It destroyed two building as it came out causing rocks to tumble from the higher levels onto three other nearby buildings. People scrambled in terror, screaming doing there best to get to some sort of safety. Yuri bit her lip as she quickly looked around for a spot for her to run to so that she could change to use her midriff abilities. She knew she could fight with her spiritual rune spells, but wouldn't be able to kill it. The demons hide was to thick, and she didn't have her spirit weapon on her. The demon was to busy attacking those who fled to notice her yet.

She bit her finger and began to put a rune mark on her hand. Once she finished she herself turned invisible while an illusion of her was visible fleeing.. While she charged forward removing her clip, unfolding it to change it to her mask which she placed on her face. Once she did her hair changed to silver with the fox ears and tail appearing. She then placed the tip of her finger that was barely bleeding against a rune mark within her clothing and her clothes changed as well. Now instead of being in her schools uniform, she wearing a cloak. It was green blue that faded to gray silver in the middle that back to green. It stopped just above her knees showing her black pants that had on side up to her her ankle and the other just above her knee.

Her fans appeared within her hands, She opened them and rapidly waved the fans eight times just as her invisibility rune wore off. Wind shot out of the fans in blades and cut into the demon. Yet no damage seemed to be done. The attack though did grab the demons attention. It glared at her with it’s flaming ice colored eyes. The large hooked spikes on it’s back began to glow blue as it opened it’s mouth. As it was about to shot out attack it mouth was suddenly forced shut by silk ribbons.

A young woman Yuri age came down from above landing beside Yuri. She had the ribbons which connected to the demons mouth. Her hair was short dark teal blue going to up the middle of her ear on the right side. The left was shaven down with a beautiful wolf design. She wore a black sleeves shirt with a high neck that showed her belly. Her jeans were a dark blue with tears on her knees. What really caught Yuri eye, was the moon shape gem in her forehead, this woman was a midriff as well. She looked back calmly at Yuri with her lighting blue glowing eyes.

"Wind?" She questioned as she tugged on the silk ribbons causing the demon to slam into the ground as it tried to shake them off. She was holding the demon still with little effort given the demons size and strength Yuri knew the demon had. Yuri nodded her head.

"Force the water." She said. The ribbon began to give off an electrical charge as she spoke. Yuri got an idea of what the woman was about to do. She spread her fans open as wide as she could. She then swung them down hard. A large wind forced down the rain from at least fifteen high. It caused the rain to come down more like a wave and smash into the demon. Just as the water hit the demon the ribbons sent out an immense electrical power. It burned through the demons hide effortless before the demon itself erupted turning into the black dust. Just as the demon was killed the alarm went off.

The woman ribbons retracted to her shrinking, splitting in two and moved up her arms stop slightly above her elbows. As she turned to face her, three men in Zeus status uniforms ran toward them.

"Grab her don't let her get away!" One shouted as the ran closer. Yuri was positive they were talking about her. Since the Ares family was having a hard time getting her, she was sure they asked the other families for help. Just odd that the Zeus members would be in this district. The woman got between her and the Zeus members causing them to stop.

"No." She said to them sternly. They stood before her confused to what was going on.

"But my lady, she has been hiding her midriff gem illegally. As well as interfering with the laws of the Ares district."

"I said no, now you can either continue to bring me to my destination as instructed. Or you can fight me to get to her. I really hope you are smarter than you look." She said calmly. The three men looked at one another. They bowed toward the woman and turned away. The woman looked at her, her eyes now a light misty caramel brown and gave a brief smile.

"I'm on your side Spring." She spoke low enough for only Yuri to hear. She than turned away and followed the Zeus men. Yuri was frozen in awe when she began to put everything together. That woman was Kigo Hinata, Beta to the most well-known midriff pack throughout Era the Veil pack.

Yuri took a deep breath before slowly exhaling. She ran off to find a safe place to turn back to normal after trying to figure out where she had dropped her other belongings. Then continued to try to make her way to school.

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