Season Spring

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"I hate you so much." Mira growled before stuffing a dumpling in her mouth.

"Meeting her was pure luck. And it's not like we had a full blown conversation." Yuri sighed as she reached over to grab a small piece of meat to add to her ramen.

"No you just had the honor of fighting with her.” Lulla quickly responded.

"Can't really call killing a demon in less then five minutes a fight." Yuri remarked.

"Either way, why is in Cathia and hanging with the Zeus asses nonetheless?" Syndra sighed. Yuri just shrugged as she picked up another piece of meat. Lulla began to rummage through the bag and pulled out a pastry box. She looked over to Syndra whose eyes had widen. Mira had a worried expression on her face then the three of them looked to one another before looking over to Yuri who merely stood up.

"All yours, I'm going to ask around and is if someone in our class knows something. Or maybe one of the teachers." She spoke before leaving them returning back into the building. The three of them side in disappointment before Lulla return the box back into the bag.

Yuri walked the halls of the school and listened around to see if anyone was gossiping about Kigo yet had no luck. There were a few conversation about the demon attacks but that was it, no one had mentioned Kigo. Yuri decided to give up and return to class just before the call for lunch end. Mira and the others were already in class and the three of them were whispering to one another. When they noticed that Yuri was watching them they quickly went to their seat. Yuri rolled her eyes not wanting to know what they were up to as she took her seat.

The room was in soft whispers as they talked to one another. It was odd to have the teacher be the one to come in late. When he did come in, four other male students followed. Yet to everyone's surprise they were wearing emblems from the other royal families.

One boy was a mocha tan, his hair a dark red in a lose bun with a few strains over his light brown eyes. He was wearing the Ares emblem. The boy by the door was fair skin, uniform in pristine condition. His hair was a light brown and slicked back. His eyes a hazel purple, he wore a Hestia emblem.

The boy between them was a bit more muscular. He was slightly taller then the well groomed guy. His skin was a slightly darker mocha than the other guy. His hair a pale pastel gray short moved mostly to the left side. His eyes were a beautiful color of gold and green blended perfectly together. Yuri couldn't help but stare at him, for some reason he seemed familiar. He was wearing the Poseidon emblem.

The final one who stood right next to the teacher had spiked blonde hair. His left eye was a lighting blue while his right eye was a hazy smoky white. He was wearing a Zeus emblem. His eyes and Yuri meet and he seemed to smile a bit before looking away making Yuri skin crawl.

"I apologize for my tardiness, there has been a few changes within the school. This changes are begin made as a test." The teacher began before pausing to cough.

"As you may all be aware today marks the eleventh year of the loss of the Hades family. It has been decided in memory of the Hades, a student exchange of sorts." The teacher continued stopping when the class broke out into broken conversation.

"Now, can these students please gather their things and come with me." The teacher shouted over the his students. After he spoke the selected students name they had left the room. The boys took the students who left seats and within seconds the teacher had already returned. He quickly introduced each of the boys. The Hestia boy name was Jeremy. The Ares boys name was Dante. The Poseidon boy name was Link. And the Zeus boy name was Zander.

For the rest of the day Yuri couldn't help but glance at Zander and Link. Something about them seemed familiar, like she somehow knew them. She doubt it though, and even if she did most of her childhood that included other royal families was a blur. After hearing the final bell for the day Yuri quickly gathered her things only to be interrupted by Syndra who was now standing in front of her desk.

"Deciding which one is the best looking are we?" She whispered leaning over the desk. Yuri sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes as she got up.

"I'm not you." She hissed as she began to leave with Syndra on her tail.

"Then why did you keep looking at Zander and Link?" Syndra whispered back the two moving through the hall in swift manner. Yuri suddenly stop causing Syndra to bump into her. She face Syndra and let a low growl slip through her lips her eyes locking onto Syndras.

"Be pissy all you want, you know I wont stop." Syndra calmly said. Yuri sighed in defeat knowing she was right.

"I honestly do not know, I think I may know them from...but I'm not sure. Is that all?" Yuri sighed.

"I know you hate this day. Bu.."

"I will meet you guys at the ally to go for dinner. Happy?" Yuri quickly interrupted her.

"Thrilled." Syndra said leaving Yuri with a smirk on her face. Yuri let out an irritated growl causing someone who was just walking by to quickly move further away from her. Yuri glared at everyone that was clearly staring at her causing them to continue to go about their way. She then stormed off leaving the school as quickly as she could. She moved down the roads this time takin her time. She took in the sights as she made her way from fourth district back to the fifth.

She could have taken the rails, but decided she needed the walk to clear her mind. She wouldn't get home for another hour but didn't care. Every year on this day she promised herself she would enter her family home. Yet she could never follow through with it and would instead find a place to hide for the night. She sighed gripping onto the sash of her bag.

She remember her mother help her try to understand her midriff rune ability. How her father would chase her around pretending to be a demon. How on every time it rain they would make soup together for dinner. Then sit by a window and watch the rain singing a song about how the sun still shines. While Yuri mind was clouded with these doubts she without truly thinkin ended up in front of the Hades mansion.

Places around the destroyed gates were flowers. And few photos of masked members of the Hades family with people they had helped. She took a deep breath as she once again used the illusion invisibility rune. She turned the clip into the mask then slowly made her way past the gates. She glanced over to rubble that was once a beautiful foutain. Now it was cover my moss and vines. She made her way around to the side of the building and climbed through a window. She figured if someone saw the front door open and not see anyone questions would be asked.

She had climbed through the window that belonged to her fathers small library. Massive shelf lay on the ground pile on one another with only three standing. Scraps of burnt books were scattered on the floor. Yuri took in a deep breath doing her best not to let her memories flood her emotions even more. She looked over to see one of the shelves atop her fathers desk. She turned away walking out of the room into the main hall entrance only to stop.

A large burnt banner, half off the ground hovering over the massive stairway caught her eye. It was dusty, covered in ash. Yet she was able to make out what it was suppose to say.

Happy Birthday

Tears filled Yuri eyes as she slowly made her way to closer to it. As she reached up to touch it grazing the edge, the piece turn to dust and blew away. Yuri fell to her knees and hugged herself. She cried more than she ever did in years.

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