Season Spring

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Yuri had left the mansion after walking through it entirely. Yet this time instead of leaving in secret like she normally would she walked out the front door in her Spring form for whoever was around to see. She wanted people to know that spring was in fact part of the Hades family. Something that many had gossiped about before. Those who laid witness cheered, a few people even fell to their knees and gave thanks to whatever god they worship.

Yuri arrived at the ally to only see Syndra who was in her Summer form. Her hair was tied back a light tan with a mix of grays and brown, shaven on both sides with hair still in the middle. She had wolf ears two metal rings piercing her right ear, and a wolf tail. She removed her masked, and folded it having it turn into a clip. She changed back to her normal self and placed in the clip.

"You made a bit of a splash today." She chuckled as she pulled out small square disc. She flipped it open and a transparent screen appeared. "Season pack leader Spring emerges for Hades family mansion headquarters." She read from the screen.

"Odd how quickly things they deem unimportant in the lower district and slums. End up all over the news of Cathia when the other districts are worried." Yuri chuckled softly as she removed her mask and placed the clip in her hair.

"I thought Mira and Lulla would have been here as well." Yuri said as she walked over to the couch.

"They went to visit some of the other Hades family buildings. I think Lulla went to the aid center. Mira went to the tech building." Syndra answered as she put away the disc. Yuri lifted up one of the couch cushions then took off the part were the cushion had laid, revealing a hidden compartment. She pulled out a medium size pouch before returning everything back in its place.

"What's that?" Syndra questioned.

"Hades ore to make our emblems." Yuri answered as she began to leave the ally.

"What! Hades ore!? You had Hades ore this whole time!? So you are going to make it official!?" Syndra said with the excitement of a child.

"Yes, now come on, we have to talk to grans." Yuri said as she left the ally. Syndra quickly followed, she wrapped her right arm around Yuri shoulder and pressed into as they walked.

"Can we at least stop for a birthday dinner?" She questioned without any worry of Yuri snapping at her. Yuri smirked rolling her eyes as she nudge her friend.

"Yea sure why not." Yuri chuckled. Syndra smiled even more, causing Yuri to laugh.

"And now that you're eighteen you can finally drink with me. So to Tiiyi we go!" Syndra said as she finally moved away.

It didn't take them to long to reach Tiiyi bar and food stop. It was against the wall of the mountain that led up to the fourth district. It looked as if it was apart of the wall. The marble was sculpted around the back end of the building with he front decided to match the wall itself. With beautiful designs of Elvi demons (fairies) on it.

In front of the bar the was a tall muscular round belly bald headed man, with skin like Syndras. He was yelling at two boys their age. It was hard to understand what he was saying because his Erathan accent was heavier than Syndras. Syndra sighed as she quickly ran over to him. When Yuri reached them she realized it was Link and Jeremy.

“So what‘s the issue?” Yuri questioned

“YURI!” The man shouted with joy as he quickly pulled her into a tight hug.

"You must be Uncle Tyro. Didn't know you were in Cathia." Yuri chuckled.

"Ah, I moved in a few days ago." Tyro said as he finally released Yuri. Link and Jeremey had tried to slip into the bar but Tyro quickly grabbed them by there shirts.

"No, you high district royals are just going in to be little my bar." He hissed as he moved them away with ease.

"Again, we are not here to do such an ill matter thing." Jeremy sighed. Syndra sighed as while smacking her uncle behind the head.

"Stop assuming the worst of people." She spoke calmly her eyes locked on Jeremy and Link. Jeremy smiled, a faint amount of blush filling his cheeks. Tyro huffed as he turned away entering the bar.

"I apologies for my uncles behavior." She said.

"Can't say I blame him, most of us higher district royals are tools." Link chuckled.

"But I'm not!" Jeremy quickly blurted out causing Link to give him a hard nudge. Jeremy looked away shyly blushing even more, Syndra oddly giggled causing Yuri to raise an eyebrow.

"Aren't you two in our class?" Link questioned.

Syndra nodded her head, she pointed at Yuri "This is Yuri, and i'm Syndra."

"I'm Link and that's Jeremy." Link said. "Do you mind if we join you?" he questioned.


"Sure." Syndra quickly interrupted Yuri. Syndra winked at Yuri before walking into the bar. Yuri sighed in defeat for once again Syndra had her way. She lead them to a round table in the far corner of the bar. Yuri made sure to sit as close to Syndra as she could. Keeping a good distance away from Link and Jeremy who sat across from them.

A boy approached the table his skin like Syndra's as well. He was tall and built like a well tone model. He had black hair that was braided on one side in a neat bun with a few strains that hover over his eyes which were a golden olive green. He wasn't paying much attention and was just looking at the pad he held.

"Seriously Kiy pay some attention." Syndra hissed causing the boy to jump.

"Sister!" He quickly stammered. He then looked over to Yuri and a faint red formed on his cheeks. "Yu-Yuri, h-hi." his eyes then moved over to Jeremy and Link. His stared at them briefly and uncaring before turning back to his sister and Yuri with a smile.

"What would you like?" he asked politely.

"Two Zen drags." Syndra replied. Kiy nodded his head as he scribbled down in his pad. Then turned his attention to Jeremy and Link.

"What do you want?" He said in a passive aggressive manner.

"Um, well do you have Fox Tea?"


"I'll take that."

"And you?" Kiy asked pointing to Link.

"I'll have what the ladies ordered." Link quickly said. Kiy rolled his eyes as he wrote in the pad and walked away.

"You're brother seems charming." Link chuckled.

"Him and his three other sisters." Syndra said sarcastically.

"So, why are a Poseidon, Hestia, Zeus and Ares taking classes in district five?" Yuri questioned.

"No idea honestly, we are as much in the dark as everyone else." Link answered.

"They kind of just got us together and said it was for the memory of Hades but we know its more." Jeremy sighed.

"Why would they keep you in the dark though?" Sydnra questioned.

"I'm a bastard child, Jeremy is adopted. Dante is a different from his family , and Zander is a son of a exiled family member. So, we are normally used as pawns." Link answered.

"I don't mind it though. I always wanted to go out. See how the districts truly are. And Link is hoping to meet Spring." Jeremy said.

"Oooo, Link wants to meet Spring why is that?" Syndra giggled giving Yuri a sly look.

"I am hoping she is the girl from my childhood. We use to play together. I never had her real name though cause all the hades kids were referred to as known, unknown or know and they all wore blank mask." Link said closing his eyes a faint smile on his lips.

"She was tough, but kind always put me in my place. Beat me up a few times as well. I used to call her knowy cause she thought she understood it all." Link continued his eyes partly opening.

"Aw, ain't that just sweet Yuri." Syndra giggled. Yuri did her best not to snap at Syndra and just calmly stood up.

"I just remembered I need to handle something at home." Yuri said as coolly as she could. Syndra smirked as she looked up at her friend.

"We didn't even get our drinks." She spoke. Yuri gave her a dark look before walking off.

Everything Link talked about she began to remember. How they would play tag with Zander. And how she would always win. How the three of them walked together holding hands. And how both Zander and Link asked her to marry them. Yuri let out a huff as she rolled her eyes.

"We were just kids." she whispered to herself as she placed a hand over her heart. The expression Link had when he talked about her was implanted in her head. She smiled to herself, she never thought he would remember. Her head began to fill with memories of her child her. She couldn't help but chuckle now and then while remembering all the trouble she had gotten into. How she was somehow able to drag both the boys into her crazy antics.

Yuri broke out of her trance when she noticed an odd woman walking her direction. The woman face was mostly covered. Yet Yuri swore the woman eyes were a glowing blood red color. Yuri suddenly winced in pain, her midriff gem suddenly bothering her as the two passed one another. Yuri paused looking back at the woman as she kept on. She then looked around for a moment before walking into a abandon building. Most likely destroyed in one of the demon attacks. She looked around once more before placing two fingers on her forehead.

A rune mark quickly appeared and vanished revealing a small purple tint star gem imbedded in the middle of Yuri forehead. She pulled a small mirror from her bag and examined it. It seemed find and the pain she felt was now gone. Did it have something to do with that odd woman?

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