Season Spring

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Ep. 5

Yuri was still very bothered about the woman and how her gem had reacted. When she arrived home she had told her grandmother what had happened which seemed to bother her grandmother more than it did her. But she quickly shifted the conversation to how proud she was of Yuri and her decision. Yet when Yuri showed her the ore her grandmother quickly took it away. Her grandmother had argued with her about it for hours. It even got to the point where her grandmother even changed into her form. Which Yuri knew the she truly had no say in the matter. Her grandmother left after dinner taking a large book that Yuri recalled being a children's book. And when Yuri had asked her about it her grandmother simply told her ' now was not the time.' then left. It was morning now and her grandmother still wasn't home, which had Yuri slightly worried.

Yuri sighed as she tapped the bottom of her pencil on her desk. She remembered the stories her mother would read to her from that book. How she once read her a story from it once, something about a spirit fox helping humans find ways to protect themselves from demon. There was more to the story but she just couldn't remember. But why would a children's' book suddenly have to be a secret? She sighed while getting up and walking over to her television. She turned it on then moved to fall on her bed. She groaned as she buried her face into her pillow.

"It seems a few Midriffs who are tired of being monitored, have formed their own pack which they are calling the Ku. They have been causing a mass amount of damage in district five eastern cove and the Mystic Police seem to be unable to stop them." The new reported said. Yuri glanced over at the tv to see the news reporter running away from the chaos. She was about to continue speaking till a large explosion caused her to fly out of camera shot. Yuri rolled her eyes as she buried her face back into her pillow. She normally kept out of midriff issues since the famous Sato pack were the ones who normally stepped in no matter what district.

"I'm alive, thank the gods." She heard the reporter sigh with relief. "Oh it seems a Season Pack member is here. Um... Winter yea I think that one is called Winter."

Yuri quickly sat up and stared at the screen. Sure enough, Mira was there in her Winter form. Yuri quickly left her room sprinting down the stairs, she slipped on her shoes then ran out the house. There had to be something else going on if Mira was about to step in. As soon as Yuri ran out the door though, the demon alarm went off. Yuri groaned as she placed an invisibility rune on herself. She turned her clip into the mask and placed it on. While changing into her form she leapt onto the roof of a store and continued moving jumping from roof to roof on a quick speed.

The alarm was going off but she couldn't sense demons anywhere. She began to wonder if it was possibly a false alarm, but that has never happened before. She was moving so swiftly she was already half way to the opposite side to district five being near the northern cove now. She sighed jumping off the roof of a tailor store landing gracefully on a rock that laid over the wall that surrounded Cathia. She looked down the mountain side, out into the world outside of the Cathia domain. The water leading out into the ocean was moving roughly, splashing hard into the rocks below. Yuri sighed turning around, she looked past the buildings and up the mountain side. She stared at the wall that circled the fourth district. Maybe the demons appeared between the districts?

She rolled her eyes knowing now she would have to figure out a way to quickly get over to Mira. As she stepped forward her midriff gem shot out a jolt of pain causing her to wince. She quickly looked around, beginning to sense a faint amount of demon presence. It was like it was calling to her. She began to follow the demon presence stopping when she reached a completely destroyed block. The mountain side had a large hole, the once building were now buried by boulders. There were dozen of dead people both children and adults. Many of which, were missing limbs. The blood from the bodies flowed like a river as it left their corpse. She spotted a woman kneeling by a corpse of a child.

"You should get away from here." Yuri spoke as she approached the woman who slowly began to stand up. The woman arms were covered in blood, with it dripping off her fingertips. She turned to face Yuri, her mouth covered with blood. Her eyes a burning glowing red that looked like moving flames. Her hair was jet black in two buns held together with rose pins. She was bare foot, wearing tan shorts that had a black belt. Her shirt black, was a crop top with a sheer diamond shape between her breast that showed a rose shape gem. Yuri froze in place, was this woman a midriff, a demon? Her presence was a mix of the two.

"Why, so you and your pathetic family can take over instead." She calmly sighed. Her voice was soft, beautiful like the sound of chimes in the wind.

"The little Season pack leader Spring seen leaving Hades family home. Is that suppose to give us midriffs hope? When all it shows that while we were being forced to take monitor chips. When those who refused were imprisoned. And those living in fear hid in worry of what will become of them. You and your family sat back in till you found it convenient to make an appearance." She continued pausing to smear the blood on her mouth across her face with her left wrist.

"That's no-" Yuri began only to stumble upon her words as the woman appeared directly in front of her. "I don't take excuses." She spoke as she swung down with her right hand. Her nails looked like thorns of a rose stem. Yuri was barely able to back away in time. She felt the tip of the woman's nail graze her mask. The woman then opened her hands and large circular blades that were shape like roses appeared in them. Yuri was able to summon her fans but once again before she was able to make another move the woman was before her. As the woman swiped with her left Yuri was able to pivot the opposite direction and spin around the woman. Yuri quickly spread open her fans and swung them twice, sending blades of wind toward the woman who was already turned around.

She let go of one of her circular rose blades, it floated in front of her and began to rapid spin. Yuri blades of wind clashed into it only to bounce off and fly into different directions. The rose blade stopped spinning as the woman grabbed it and rushed toward Yuri. She tossed one of the blades at her. It rapid spun towards her, Yuri swiped her fan downward causing a burst of wind to spring herself upward in the air dodging the attack. She swung her fan one more time using the wind to help her land on a large boulder. The woman ceased her attack and was just looking up at Yuri.

"You're weak but fast." She sighed.

"Who are you!?" Yuri shouted.

"No need to yell, I can hear you just fine. My name is Cheri." She said as she began to slowly walk toward Yuri.

"Why did you kill all these people?" Yuri questioned watching Cheri who had suddenly stopped. She looked around, her face showing zero emotion. She then looked over to Yuri and shrugged.

"The people who lived here were weak. So scared of us midriffs that lived in this part of the district, treating us like we were animals. Then expecting us to save them when ever a demon came. I had enough, so I took care of them like the weak little vermin they were." She spoke softly.

"You killed children!" Yuri shouted at her in outrage. In a blur Cheri was once again before her but this time she was unable to react.

"I said don't yell." Cheri spoke as she grabbed Yuri by the neck and lifted her off her feet with ease. Yuri did her best to try to get away from Cheri grasp yet was unable to. Cheri rolled her eyes before flinging Yuri to the side with a strong force causing Yuri slammed hard into the ground causing it to even crack a bit. Yuri let out a cry of pain as she spit out a small amount of blood.

"You purge an invested world, and the includes killing the larva." Cheri said as she knelt next to Yuri. Yuri eyes widen with fear as they met with Cheri. Cheri gave an unsettling smirk as she slowly stood back up. Her circular rose blade appeared in her right hand.

"Should have fought me with all your powers halfling." She said.

She lifted it up her blade about to give a final blow to Yuri only for her wrist to be suddenly engulfed by silk ribbons preventing her from doing so. Cheri began to be pulled away from Yuri. Then she was completely thrown away by four feet clashing hard into the mountain side. Before falling down with large amount of rocks falling on top of her.

Yuri seeing the chance gathered her strength and began getting up. A hand reached out to her in aid. It was Kigo, Yuri took her hand and got on her feet. She looked over to where Cheri had fallen and saw her pushing the rocks away. She looked annoyed now as she dusted her clothes off. She stared at Yuri and Kigo for a bit as if trying to solve a puzzle before turning away. She moved over to the wall of the fifth district that lead outside the Cathia domain and jumped over it. Yuri was about to go after her till Kigo stopped her.

"No." Kigo said calmly. Yuri was about to argue till she felt a sharp pain, and everything around her went dark.

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