Season Spring

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Ep. 6 ~Mira~

She watched the chaos from inside an old Hades tech building. Once again the midriff have had enough of how things are in the fifth district. Mira sighed as she turned away from the window. She walked past a few desk that were claimed by vines that had pierced through the cracks of the floor. She remembered this place when it was at its prime. Though she was young the building former glory was instilled in her mind. She walked down a hall that had paintings among the wall. Many were destroyed, some covered by nature. There was one painting though that was oddly in perfect condition. As if time had no effect on it. Mira stood before it, then slowly placed her hand upon it.

The painting was of a fox spirit in her humanoid form. She was beautiful, her hair a soft rosemary color with swirls of white and gold. Eyes a beautiful crystal blue, that in the stories of her glowed. She also had ten fox tails, a symbol of her power. She was leading both spirits and humans alike away from demons. She recalled how her father said she had saved many lives. Not only spirits, but humans as well. Mira placed her hand gently on the painting before walking away. She was trying to remember something else her father said. Something about a group of demons, yet she was unable to.

She made her way to a office, yet when within it, it seemed more like a miniature library. It was dusty, with shelves missing many books. The desk like many of the others in the buildings, was claimed by vines. Mira smiled as she walked to the far side of the office. She stood before a ten foot shelve made from a tree now considered to be rare. Though most trees color or browns and forms of red, this tree was a gray blue. It also looked as though it was in a frosted state, no matter what the season. The shelve had the same beauty. She reached up grabbing a photo that was on the middle shelf. She frowned noticing a crack in the frames glass. She knew it might be time to replace the frame once more.

She smiled as she stared at the photo. It was of her as a toddler being held by her father, the two with large smiles. There was one other in the photo, but her face was completely ripped out. All Mira knew about the woman from the picture was that she had dark blueish teal hair. Only because it shown on the woman's shoulder. Mira would always question if the woman in the picture was her mother. Her father told her many stories about her. How she loved helping child understand their powers. She closed her eyes imagining how her mother would be.

A large explosion went off, caused her to snap back into reality. She put the picture within it's frame before placing it back on the shelf. She removed the clip that had held back her bangs. She held it as she made her way out of the office, turning it to her winter mask once she stepped out. As she placed it upon her face she looked back into the room once more. Her hair now a pure white, she had artic fox ears and a tail. She bowed her head in respect before running off. She stopped at the window that overlooked the chaos that was happening below.

Another explosion had gone off, the source was from a man far older than she. He had two younger guys that were closer to her age next to him. They laughed and pointed to the news team that was trying to cover the story. Mira looked around wondering why none of the Ares members. The ones who were suppose to handle this, haven't arrived. She looked back over to the midriff men causing trouble. The older one held out his left hand and three small glowing orbs appeared on his fingertips.

He laughed as he threw them at the news team who was far to close to the building. The team went flying as the explosion set off. The damage Mira witness down on the lawn of the building infuriated her. She saw the man getting ready to throw more bombs and sighed.

"I will repair you, please forgive me." She whispered placing her hand on the window. She then jumped through glass just as the man threw out the bombs. She place swiftly swept her hand forward. A large wall of ice appeared colliding with the bombs. The wall was unaffected, not even receiving a dent from the bombs. And just as fast it appeared it turned into water. Like a beautiful wave, it flowed itself over to Mira and circled around her. The new woman approached her holding up her microphone.

"Get to safety you moron before I decide to freeze you." Mira growled. The new woman nodded her head not saying a word as she ran off with the rest of her group. The older guy and his goonies were now approaching her.

"Well, well, you're that Season pack girl Winter." The other man chuckled as he tossed a bomb up and down in his hand.

"What message are you guys even trying to send here?" Winter questioned.

"Us Midriffs are treated like crap. And not just in the fifth district either. We have had enough! We are strong, why should we allow the weak to control us." One of the younger boys shouted.

"Yea! So they can slowly make Cathia like Eratha. So they can enslave and use our abilities for their experiments?" The other boy yelled.

"That will never happen in Cathia." Mira assured them.

"Really, come now girl. I am not following for this little farce you royal families have been playing at. All these years, now Hades the one family who could have changed it all, returns?" The older man began pausing to look at the Hades building.

"My daughter believed in the Hades so much. Yet when she was killed for being a midriff. No one from Hades, or those Sato pack member came to help her. No, she died!" He shouted. His eyes briefly turned a flame glowing red. The two younger boys quickly charged at her. Ones hand turned into spinning blades. While the other merely had a sword that glowed. It was obvious they had the intent to kill. And sadly for them, unlike Syndra, Lulla and Yuri. Mira didn't believe that those with the intent to kill another, shouldn't be treated the same. Which is why when it came to fighting people, she normally wasn't allowed to do so.

Mira spread out her arms, the water that was floating around her split into two. She then moved her arm in front of her, the water shooting out toward the men. The water took from a snake that the men tried to cut through only to be taken by its embraced and the two turned to solid ice. She looked over to the older man who was stricken with fear.

"Yo...u can't do that, you're a.."

"A good guy, which for me is a loss term." Mira said as she made her way toward him. The man eyes widen as he stepped back stumbling over himself. Mira stopped in her place though when she noticed that the man had stumbled onto another mans shoe. She felt a odd pain coming from her gem causing her to put a hand over her right upper arm.

The mans eyes were a crimson glowing red that looked like it had flames moving within them. His hair was black, with a single blond bang in the front. It was well groomed in a perfect ponytail. His skin, a light cream like brown. He wore very wealthy clothes ,a suite black with pearl cuffs He helped the older man up and even dusted him off.

"I thought you were tougher than that?" He questioned the older man.

"I am Ruine I am" He quickly answered. The one he called Ruine gave a chilling smiling as he placed a hand on the mans shoulder. Then, without a single noticed he reached around with his other hand and snapped the man head completely off. The body collapse as blood sprayed everywhere. Ruine held the head he tore off in front of him for a moment before tossing it to the side. His eyes then locked onto Mira and he gave her a formal bow.

"I am Ruine." He said with a heavy Hera accent (Brazilian). He wiped off a drop of blood from his suite and licked it off his finger. Only to make a face of disgust before spiting to the side.

"I am sorry for your last host my dear. I promise, I will be far more entertaining."

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