Season Spring

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Ep 7 ~Lulla~

Lulla ran the streets of the lower slums, she was following an odd presence that was causing her midriff gem to give off small amount of pain. Her hair was now a very light beige brown. Her fox ears tips were black and the same was for her tail. She bit her lip as she ran past corpse that lay on the street. The outer slums was being attacked by a demon that was taking her for a chase.

She stopped in front of a beautifully persevered park. The presence was strongly coming from within it. Lulla clutch the strap holding her claymore to her back. She knew somethin odd was going on. When the attack happened she was unable to reach Yuri or the others. And now this odd presence. She was going to ignore it at first, but her father had insisted she check it out. He gave her the usual scolding on how it is a Hades members job to check all possibilities or trouble.

She began walking in to the park grabbing the hilt of her sword, removing from its sheath. As she walked through the large park, at least three field big it was obvious the people of the slums were take great care of it. It was like she was walking outside the walls of Cathia. She followed the odd presence to a clearing. A woman far older than Lulla who was facing away from her, was surrounded by children. The woman had short silver hair, she was dressed in a beautiful floral gown with a pale golden cloak that she wore over it. Twelve children stood around her holding something that was dripping from their hands. All of them had visible midriff gems.

Upon closer inspection, Lulla had noticed out of the twelve children surrounding her, only two of them were alive. One a young girl, light brown skin dressed in rags that had a small dragger attached to her self made belt. The other a boy with pale skin, slightly older looking than the other children. His hair a rusty gold, he was better dressed then the girl but not by much. The rest stood lifeless, their eyes a ghostly glossy white and they had blood on their lips. The young girl quickly noticed Lulla and dropped the item she was holding.

What she dropped filled Lulla with horror and disgust. It was a heart, a human heart that had a demon heart imbedded within it. The girl attempted to run toward Lulla but was stopped by the boy who looked at Lulla with disgust. The older woman turned around slowly to face her. The woman's eyes were glowing red and seemed to move like flames. Yet she gave soft sympathetic expression, like a carrying mother.

"Oh my, a Season's member." She spoke, her voice sounding kind comforting.

"What have you done to these children?" Lulla quickly demanded to know. The woman's eyes fluttered as if she was surprised by Lullas concern.

"Lady Evel is helping us! She is making us stronger to join her cause and take back what district five lost." The boy shouted. Lulla was taken back by the boys words. Evel smiled as she walked over to the boy and patted him on the head gentle.

"Those poor dead children over there were unable to handle the transformation. And that sadly caused them to lose their life. But Nate here, is doing perfectly fine. One more step and he will be just like me. Little Taliyah here was just about to consume the same fruit as the rest and see if she too will join the cause." Evel said as she moved toward Taliyah who flinched away. Nate nodded his head proudly and Lulla noticed his dark brown eyes were starting to glow like Evels.

"Were you the one who killed those people out in the streets?" Lulla questioned.

"No no, my beloved pets did that for me. I try not to dirty my hands if I see no point to. But I needed the hearts to produce the fruit. So my pets went and retrieved them for me. No worry though I had them only take them from mortals. No one that is like you and I." Evel said as she adjusted her cloak.

"One of the mortals was my mother!" Taliyah shouted as she pushed past Nate and ran over to Lulla quickly getting behind her. Evel frowned as she stared at Lulla and Taliyah. She rustled hair Nate her as she looked over to him.

"Leave here, and look for Cheri. You should be able to sense her." She said kindly to Nate. He nodded his head and smiled as he looked up at her. He then looked over to Lulla and Taliyah, his eyes glowing even more, filled with fury.

"We don't need a weakling like you anyway." He hissed before turning around and running off. Evel watched him and sighed shacking her head in disapproval.

"No worries my dear Taliyah he is just upset you weren't more willing. But I will show you the way and save you." She spoke. She snapped the fingers of her right hand and when she did the dead children bodies began to snap. Their skin peeled and changed as their bones cracked from repositioning themselves. They grew slightly bigger in size as they got on all fours. When then transformation was over the children were now a mixture of dog like lizard demons. Their skin now black scales with golden spikes going down their back.

Their face a mix blend of a lizard and dogs with it's mouth looking more crocodile like. Their eyes moved like smoke with the same ghostly look of death. They were the size and build of a large zearian (bear).

"Kill the masked one leave the girl alive." Evel spoke in a calm charming matter as she patted one of the demons on the side. The demon let out a loud hissing roar showing its many rows of fanged teeth. Lulla pushed Taliyah back as three of the ten demons charged her. She then sucked her teeth as she let go of her sword. As it dropped to the ground the blade steel moved off of the hilt. It split wrapping around both of Lullas arm and hands.

The first demon to reach her open it's jaws wide moving to bite down on her. Lulla reached up with her left hand, the steel moving like a snake quickly wrapped itself around the demons jaw and forced it shut. Then small blades appeared and quickly spun around the demons jaw sawing it clean off. The demon whaled in pain as it fell backward to the ground. Another one of the demons that reached her, swung down with its paw only for Lulla to catch it with ease.

She picked up the demon with little effort than tossed it into two of the demons by Evel. Lulla then turned her attention to the demons whose mouth she sawed off. It was starting to get back up, a gray muck color blood spewing from it's wound. Lulla scooped up the hilt of her blade and the steel instantly reattached itself forming the claymore once more. Lulla tossed the claymore up with ease for it to land directly into the demons neck. The demons body turn to ash and vanished leaving only the bones of the child it was born from.

Lulla stared at the bones, tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. Killing demons was one thing, but this demon was a child. She looked over to Evel who was watching with the same soft expression. Lulla, now enraged charged toward Evel. Yet she was stopped when a girl her age appeared in front of her. Her hair a jet black, long in pigtails. Her skin was odd shade of brownish red. She had short black horn and a thin long tail spiked on the end. She looked at Lulla with glowing green eyes before pushing her back hard.

When she did a large explosion went off. The demons let out whales of pain as a mass amount of heat tore through them, their bodies quickly turned to ash. Oddly thought, even though the explosion was massive and should have cleared the area. It was like nothing had happened and the surrounding seemed untouched. Lulla laid on the ground, Taliyah beside her both confused on what had happened.

"That woman wasn't even really here. Damn." The horn girl sighed as she walked over to Lulla and Taliyah. Lulla stared at her confused. This girl was a demon, yet she saved her?

"Sorry I had to push you. Didn't want you to get caught in my little stunt there." the horn girl laughed.

Something had caught Lullas eye the girl was wearing a Poseidon emblem. The horn girls skin changed color to a light caramel brown. Her horns and tail had vanish and her glowing eyes stopped glowing. She reached her hand out to Lulla to aid her up.

"We have a few things to talk about."

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