Season Spring

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Ep 8

Yuri winced as she sat up slowly, her body aching with pain. She noticed that she was no longer in her clothes but her mask was still on. She was now in bandages that were red with her blood. She looked around the well designed room. The wall were painted in a soft blue and the curtains were white. The room itself wasn't large but big enough that it had a personal bathroom as well as a walk in closet. The bed Yuri was in was a queen size, the blankets were silk and she had a canopy above her. The door opened and Kigo walked in carrying bandages.

" I see you're awake." She said coolie as she placed the bandages on a dresser.

"Where am I and how long was I out?" Yuri quickly questioned.

"You are at the Sato Pack headquarters, and it's been a week." Kigo answered.

"A week! I have..."

"No rush, Sayia has bought your friends here. I will inform them you are awake." Kigo said before leaving the room. Yuri took a deep breath as she looked over to the furthest window. She wondered why Kigo would bring her to the Satos? Nonetheless why would the Satos even allow her and her pack in their headquarters. The door then slammed open, Lulla was the first to enter the room with Mira being second then Syndra. What surprised Yuri though was that Syndras' sisters as well as her brother also came. Kiy was the one to close the door.

He and the triplets were all wearing mask much like Yuri and the others. If not for the triplets changing up their hair colors Yuri wouldn't be able to tell who was who. Kiy mask had a flame with black embers around it. The mask color itself was a smoky gray. He had wolf ears much like Syndra's but slightly bigger and darker.

The triplets were different, they had hyena ears. Khalia the youngest triplet was always the easiest to pick out. Her hair at the moment was a dark brown red in two braided buns. The buns were held up by red ribbon that was so long it fell over her shoulder. The mask she wore was a paw print with the soles of the paw being tiny flames.

Tania the oldest one hair was a pure red at the moment in long braids that past her butt. Her mask had red sand and embers on it. The the middle triplet Kasandra. Her hair was much like Syndra. It was a maple brown with dark brown tips. Her hair was braided in a half bun on the right side. Her mask was A sun being eclipsed by the moon. She looked over to Syndra who was still by the door. The tip of her tail flicking side to side.

"How did you find out I was here?" Yuri questioned.

"Me and Sayia ran into Kigo as she was carrying you." Lulla answered.

"Who is Sayia?" Yuri questioned.

"Well um... you might want to ask her yourself." Lulla said nervously as she looked over to Syndra.

"We shouldn't talk to her till grans comes back." Syndra hissed.

"Speaking of my grandmother, has anyone..."

"No, I tried to find her to tell her where you were but...." Mira answered.

"Which is why we should wait." Syndra snapped. Lulla turned to her in frustration. Syndra let out a slight growl before opening the door and leaning out. She waved to someone, then moved away from the door. A caramel skin girl with green eyes and black hair walked in. She looked about there age. After she walked in Syndra closed the door and leaned into it crossing her arms against her chest. Her ears low and her tail was moving side to side. As the girl who Yuri assumed was Sayia approached her, Yuri noticed she was wearing a Poseidon emblem.

"Why would someone of Poseidon be hanging around Hades members?" Yuri questioned her. Sayia raised and eyebrow before moving her hand over the emblem. She pressed into for a brief moment, when she moved her hand the emblem was replaced with the Hades emblem. Yuri stared at Sayia with confusion.

"I am a spy, have been for centuries. My name is Sayia Issac, I am a gargoyle."

"You mean like from the fairy tales?" Yuri question unable to laugh at it a bit.

"That is correct, created by the true founder. We were task to stay hidden and keep the balance of the humans and spirits that lived in Cathia." She began.

"What do you mean by balance?" Mira questioned.

"That woman really didn't tell you anything. Very well, those fairy tales you were raised on are very much true. Spirits are the true founders of Cathia. When demons and demonic midriffs were trying to conquer all. One of the great spirits created a safe haven for human, spirits and midriffs alike." Sayia said proudly.

"Yeah, yeah I know the story. The great spirit then worried that other domains control mainly by humans. Would worry of a domain controlled by spirits. So they had entrusted four families with being the face of Cathia while the spirits had true control from the shadows. What does any of that have to do with balance." Yuri hissed.

"When the families were formed, the other great spirits worried that the humans may turn on them over time. So the great spirit who formed Cathia and three of her closest friends created gargoyles. They were dispatched into the families to keep an eye on how things were run. This included the treatment of all the races." Sayia paused moving over to a window.

"Everything was fine at first, till humans began to use spirits as weapons to fight. Some made peaceful contracts, while others forced demons to work for them. This worried the great ones, they were able to convince many to return to the spiritual world. And created two more gargoyles tasked to help protect those who remained. I am one of those gargoyles."

"So, by the way you are telling this story. The family of Hades are the true rulers of Cathia." Mira said. Sayia smiled and nodded head.

"Wouldn't that mean that the Hades family are spirits? And that some of the hades members may have been as well?" Lulla said

"Would explain a few things." Mira sighed.

"A good seventy-five percent of people in Hades including the family were spirits. This caused a few conflicts, but it wasn't in till a few spirits fell in love with humans and had children did things really go off the rails. Which is what I think led to members being hunted down and killed." Sayia said.

"I think that is enough for now." Syndra said stopping Sayia from speaking any more. Yuri got up and calmly walked over to Syndra before slapping off her mask. Yuri was startled when her form didn't vanish the moment the mask came off. Syndra just stared at her calmly her eyes glowing. Her right a rose gold, her left mix of gold and blue.

"What are you trying to hide?" Yuri questioned her.

"We should wait for grans." Syndra said calmly. Fans appeared in Yuri hands causing Syndra to roll her eyes.

"Don't start with me." she growled at Yuri showing her that she now had fangs. This didn't bother Yuri though as she backed away raising her fans.

"I am sick of you always hiding crap!" Yuri shouted as she swung down her fans. A large gust of wind sprung toward Syndra. Syndra right arm was completely engulfed by a golden flame as she raise her hand up just as the wind was about to strike her. A golden flame vortex appeared absorbing the wind then vanished.

"I have my reasons, now you need to relax before you piss me off any further." Syndra warned her. Yuri ignored her words and quickly swung her fans rapidly. This time the wind had blades within them. Syndra sighed as she moved with swift speed. Dodging what she thought was all the attacks thrown at her till she felt a cut on her cheek. She placed a finger to the cut feeling a small amount of blood.

"Fine then!" She shouted as her whole body was consumed the a golden flame. Three more tails appeared on Syndra. Her body gave off a massive heat, it was causing things near Syndra to melt. Mira, Lulla and the others were about to interfere till Sayia stopped them.

"It's best not to get in the middle of a fight between greater spirits." Sayia warned.

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