Season Spring

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Ep 9

Yuri and Syndra broke through four walls of the Sato pack building as they fought. When the broke through two more they reached outside. Syndra began to levitate and moved out of the building. Yuri let out a growl and flew towards her. The two clashed together, their fight from the distance of everyone else looked like small fire tornados.

As the fight went on Yuri energy seemed worn out. The bandages around her ribs began to bleed a bit. She also began to have a hard time staying in the air. Her breathing was heavy which concerned Syndra. She sighed as her flamed body slowly turned back to normal. She levitated over to her friend her hand extended.

"How about we settle this when you are in a better state." She sighed.

"You will tell me everything." Yuri said as she held onto her ribs. Syndra smirked and rolled her eyes as she reached her friend. She put Yuri arm around her shoulder and helped her back into the building. The others ran over to them, this time with Kigo who seemed very unenthused. Yuri looked around at the damage they had caused and sighed in embarrassment. She knew that she may have overreacted a bit.

She turned around and looked out of the gapping hole her and Syndra made. To her surprise she saw Cathia in the far distance. They had to be about fifty miles away or so. She stepped closer to the edge of the hole and took in the sights. It was beautiful, the building they were in was only a small part. There were many others all in the mythical Inés style (Chinese). They were built on large rocks surrounded by the forest with waterfall that flowed right the small village.

There weren't many buildings and so far Yuri was only able to count three. There wasn't even a protective wall to keep out the demons and dark spirits that lived within these forest. She wondered how they were they living here so peacefully without being constantly attacked? She stood up straight and took a deep breath.

Yuri then felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to face Syndra who was once again wearing her mask. Next to her was Kigo.

"I'm sorry about the damage." Yuri quickly said bowing only to wince in pain when she did.

"Worse has been done. It'll get fixed." Kigo calmly assured her. "Can you and you're pack come with me? There is someone who wishes to speak with you." She continued before jumping out from the hole. Yuri was about to follow till she felt a jolt of pain and froze in place. She had definitely pushed herself to far.

"Cinder will carry you." Syndra said before following after Kigo.

"Cinder?" Yuri questioned. She then felt herself be scooped up with ease.

"S-sorry, she means I hope this is okay...s..s-sorry again." Kiy said as he carried her in his arms. She relaxed against him only to feel him oddly stiffen up. He jumped out of the building after Sayia, Mira and Lulla did and followed them with the triplets behind Yuri and him.

"No need to say sorry." Yuri chuckled. "So you're calling yourself Cinder?" Yuri couldn't help but question.

"Yea....does it sound bad?"

"It's a totally stupid name." Kasandra laughed from behind them.

"It took him forever to even think of a name." Khalia chimed in with a laugh as well.

"And like a dummy he picked Cinder." Tania added. The three then laughed in a creepy harmony.

"Better then Eclipse, Sand and Sol." Kiy quickly snapped. His sister let out another laugh causing Kiy to speed up to the others. Kigo had led them away from the village and deeper into the forest. Yuri felt oddly at ease while they moved between the trees. The forest gave an odd sensation of peace. They moved amongst the trees for a few minutes in till they reached a large building slightly reclaimed by the land.

It had children as well as teenagers entering and leaving the building. Yuri even noticed what looked like a training ground not to far away from the building. As the approached the entrance of the building Kigo kept being stopped by some of the kids. She had a warm smile every time she talked to them. And her sharp intimating gaze softened. She even slightly spoke more to them.

Once they got into the building Yuri was amazed at how beautiful the inside was. The walls had painting of the stories she was told as a child. Everything from the structure to the design made the building look like one of the ancient times. Sadly Yuri didn't get to see much of the building for Kigo took them straight into a room not long after they entered.

A beautiful woman with long flowing black hair that touched the floor was in the room. She wore a goddess like kimono that was a lovely mix of white, gold, silver and pearl. Her eyes were a soft cloudy blue and she had three midriffs gems in her forehead that looked like a flower from a distance. In an instance Yuri knew who she was, Bane. One of the very first known midriffs throughout their world. After Kiy had let Yuri down, she and the others quickly bowed in respect.

"Ew no, don't bow I hate that." Bane laughed childishly in discuss throwing Yuri off. She looked over to the others, and even though she couldn't see their faces she knew they were just as confused. Well all expect Sayia who was actually the only one not bowing. Kigo gave a brief bow before leaving the room.

The a man with hair like Lulla rolled up next to Bane in a wheelchair. Yuri knew it was Lulla father and was surprised to see him. She then noticed that Syndra uncle Tyro was also in the room.

"Did you tell them everything Sayia?" Tyro questioned.

"I told them what I could, then your niece got all huffy and told me to stop. One thing led to another.." Sayia said trialing off in the end.

"Trying to understand why this is happening without grans being around." Syndra sighed.

"No one knows where the lady of hades is." Lulla dad answered.

"I have a question that has been bothering me since Sayia told us about the gargoyles. How come they didn't step in when our family was being killed off." Mira questioned. Tyro and Lulla father looked at one another. Sayia was looking down at the floor, a sad expression on her face.

"Who ever was planning the attacks some how knew about the gargoyles. Every attack that was made was done on a full moon. Which is when the gargoyles go into their statue slumber and are unable to do anything." Tyro answered.

"So it had to be an inside job, no one else knew about the gargoyles right?" Lulla said.

"It could have been yes but, their were very few outsiders like myself that knew who the Hades really were." Bane answered.

"There is someone who might have an idea on you was killing the members off. The night...." Lulla's father began.

"You don't need to talk about it Adam." Tyro spoke as he patted Adams shoulder.

"The night you're mother and brother were killed. Before I was knocked out I did notice one of the gargoyles was in the room with us. But it was in its statue form. And it looked as if A piece of them was broken off like someone had tried to break them." He continued.

"So if we find the gargoyle we may be able to get some answers? Do you remember what it looked like or anything?" Yuri quickly asked. Adam shook his head slowly his eyes filled with sadness.

"Most of that day.. is a blur. I only remember bits and pieces." He sad sadly. Yuri glanced over to Lulla who was looking at the floor while gripped her right arm tightly. Yuri recalled that Yuri was the one to find her father at deaths door and her mother and baby brother slaughtered.

"This had to be someone who knew us. If we could just find my father I am sure...

"Mira your father left on some mission. He gave no one any clues to where he was going or what he was doing. Much like what Yuri grandmother is doing now." Tyro sighed interrupting Mira.

"There are so many questions and we do not have answers to all of them. We do need to find this gargoyle though. Also about these odd Midriffs. I think they are tied to the outcast family." Bane said.

"Outcast family?" Yuri questioned.

"Yes Many think Cathia was made of only the five royal families but it was actual six. The Electro family was the sixth. Another family made of Spirits, exiled for killing humans, midriffs and demons to try to become greater spirits or even god spirits." Bane answered.

"How come we never heard of them till now?" Kiy questioned.

"They were peaceful only for a very brief time. The only information on them is from the first book on Hades which Yuri grandmother has. I sadly do not know much about them. When they started to change I was handling something else." Bane said.

"Come to think of it that book has a lot of information not added in the other books." Adam said. Yuri sighed knowing that there was no point in looking for that book. Since she remembered that the last time she spoke with her grandmother. She left with a book.

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