Astrology Academy (Continued)

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Fantasy / Adventure
Ritika Kilaru
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Then, everyone got to work. They all went in sections. The fire and air dorms were where Layla, Amy, and Sammi set up, the earth dorm was where Valerie, Krystal, Ava, Sydney, Claire, and Pearl discussed, and Gianna tagged along with Amy and Taylor, hoping to find anything that Orianne had done.

Gianna: Okay, let’s see what’s in her backpack!

Amy: Yeah. We already searched EVERYWHERE.


Ava: It could be in Madam Astrology’s office.

Valerie: Why would it be in there?

Sammi: Because Madam Astrology and Matthew McAdams are good friends.

Claire: Wow, it’s usually not like you to figure things out like that.


Claire: No, i’m just saying you d-

Amy: Girls break it up!

Sammi: Hmph.

Lilly: Amy, Taylor, Gianna, and Claire, you search Madam Astrology’s office. Valerie, Layla, Sydney, and Sammi, you search Orianne’s backpack. And me, Krystal, Ava, and Pearl will search everywhere else.

Amy: Ok.

Everyone: Go Zodiac Team!

The girls begin searching for the spells.

Matthew: You’re going back to Constellation School.

Orianne: COME ON!
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