FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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SAVAGE JAXSON - Danbury's Protection

Winter Haven, Blue Lark Assassin’s Guild, Dread Hideout


“Phalanx, I need you to run command of the Seditious for this raid.”

“Why, Savage Jack?”

Because I need you to. He took a drink of his ale.

“I’ve other plans for this raid.”

Phalanx’s green eyes narrowed intensely on him. “What are you plotting?”

No one can know.

Savage’s lips tightened and he shook his head. “Not this time, Friend.”

Phalanx sighed, relenting. “What do you need me to do?”

Protect her.

“Look after her. Don’t let anyone touch her once they think I’m gone she’ll be in danger.



I probably will be in danger, yes. But I’m not unaccustomed to that.

“I hate when you make plans without me.” Phalanx grumbled as he rose. His blue cloak hooked to the armor at his shoulders swished with his movements as he looked down at his friend. “Try not to die.”

“I’m a mite hard to kill.” Savage said factually. Taking another drink.

Phalanx snorted. “That’s putting it mildly.”


Phalanx was walking away but Savage’s dangerous tone stopped him.

“I’m trusting you to look after her.”

Phalanx didn’t move. Understanding there was more.

“But if you trust her, Old Friend, I’ll break your hands.”

“I’d expect nothing less.” Phalanx said without looking back.

Though Savage sensed his smile, as he resumed walking out the door.

Road to MidGale City from Nightway

He’s expecting me. Savage knew. Sensing the differences in the carriages.

He watched them carefully from much higher in the tree overlooking the road.

Where it’s denser. Completely concealed by the clinging leaves.

There’s three vehicles this time.

Do they think me too stupid to notice? Annoyance that his intelligence was being underestimated flicked through Savage.

He studied the transport. Far heavier this time.

The undercarriage was dropping far lower than usual.

Men. With armor. The stink of remnants of blood on their clothes and shields wafted to him on the summer breeze. He inhaled. Assessing the different smells to try and get a number. A lot.

Perfect. He dropped out of the tree and landed on his creaking boots in the road.

Shouting an objection, the driver yanked his horses to a halt. Waving his hand to signal the two carriages behind him to slow. They lurched to a stop as well.

Savage tossed his head sideways to signal Phalanx, who gave a shout to the Seditious. They rose slowly from their cover of trees and shrubbery and began slowly milling from the Warwood into the clearing.

Too slow, if Danbury bothered to pay attention. Savage could tell Radix wasn’t in these vehicles today. He’d purposely let the last few convoys through until he was certain Radix was no longer wasting his time accompanying them.

Oh, the frustration he must be feeling. Deep satisfaction made dimples appear in Savage’s lean cheeks.

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