FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier


Two dragons soared over the valley atop Meadow Mountain. Doing large laps over the crest of WaterRose and its surrounding moat.

A green dragon and a brown one landed in the Meadow. Raese and Rodger Merlinus.

“WaterRose…” Raese breathed. Recognizing it from his visions.

Though I couldn’t have found it without Rodger’s help.

The brown haired, brown eyed man looked up at the castle with him before calling. “Demetrius! Let us in.”

The black-haired elf worked the Bridge Tower. Making the decorative slap of wood creak down to the bank at their feet.

Rodger crossed quickly and approached Demetrius who emerged from the tower.

Raese was awestruck at the size of the stronghold as he crossed the bridge. Eying the glistening green water and the glimmers of gold blocks visible down below.

“Where is everyone?” Rodger asked.

Raese could tell why upon stepping into the bailey. The feel was abandoned. They’re gone.

He was deeply disappointed. So, hopeful to finally touch Calisto, or speak to the other knights.

Rodger was so sure they’d be here.

“You just missed them.” Demetrius nodded toward Phalanx Forest. “They headed to Rosewynn.”

Rosewynn? Where’s that?

But Rodger’s face brightened.

He knows where it is. Relief washed over Raese. Then a surge of hope in knowing where they were for sure.

Though they’d missed the group, they were on their tail.

“Was Calisto with them?” Raese demanded. Approaching the elf rapidly in his need to know.

“Raese?” Demetrius asked in shock. Joy turning his features. “Welcome home!”

“Not yet.” Raese shook his head. “I have to find her.”

“Then you’re in luck, Sir!” Demetrius gave an animated gesture. “For she was with them. At the back of the pack.”

My wife.

“Let’s go.” Raese tugged Rodger’s arm.

Rodger waved farewell to the elf. “It appears he’s in a hurry.”

“As I would be!”

I’m coming, My Wife. Finally…

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