FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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Whiting Hall, Paladines


The pup gave a long, fearful whimper.

As Snowman had the day I found him.

Lightly catching the tiny pup by the scruff, Raese peered beneath it. “A little girl, are we?” He swept a hand under it. “I believe, tiny friend, that I knew your papa.”

She has to be his daughter. The gray one must’ve been his mate.

How did I not know that. Joy swelled in him.

“But why would she leave you with me?” Though he couldn’t explain it, he sensed it was some continuance of Snowman’s loyalty. Some honor bestowed on him for taking care of Snowman when he’d been only a wounded pup.

“Well, my lovely little SnowLady. I’m honored your mama entrusted you to me. I’ll do my best to honor that trust, Little Runt.”

Over the next few weeks, Raese busily worked to build the bond back up with his little brother. Learning as much as he could. As fast as I can.

About his life before and after his immortality.

He now knew why he’d always trusted Rodger so instinctively.

Raese was becoming increasingly good at using the staff for various magical feats. And quite proud of myself for the progress I’ve made.

SnowLady was doubling in size every week.

Like Snowman had. But a mite faster. Raese registered there were likely many differences between males and females of the species. I’d barely known anything of them when I’d found him. Everything I know, he taught me.

And Raese missed him.

SnowLady strode to where he sat playing a pianoforte. She circled his feet and draped her long, hairlike tail behind her as she clambered over his feet for a nap.

He twisted to peer under the piano. Smiling as he was comforted by her presence. “Hello, Sweet Girl.”

After a time, she scratched at his leg and he knew it was her signal she needed to go outside to relieve herself.

He opened the door and she rushed out. Heading straight for the treeline, as she often did. He closed the door. Knowing she’d soon come back. When she’s ready.

He didn’t see the other small wakkon in shades of white and gray creep out to brush noses with her. Squealing low as they spoke back and forth.

Together with her brothers, they walked the grounds of WhiteHall. Soon coming across her gray mother seated behind it. Watching animals moving in the distance.

The further she went the more wakkon she found wandering the area. Her brothers scattered to forage. Soon her mother alerted with a whooping call.

Her young rushed to her and crouched behind a bush with her. They watched as a Noni sniffed through the leaves and twigs.

Their mother showing them how to pounce on it. Together they feasted on the creature.

Raese eventually emerged with his staff and headed to the back of the house.

SnowLady and her family moved beyond the cover of the trees to stay parallel to him. Well from his view.

The other wakkon even further in the distance did the same.

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