FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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Traitorous Wench

A servant ushered the scarred barmaid into Lord Danbury’s vast Greeting Room. He stalked down the stairs and into the room. “What do you want?”

She turned and curtsied as prettily as she could manage.

His gaze locked darkly on the scar marring her face. “Oi, you are an ugly wench, aren’t you?” His lip curled in distaste.

“Yes, My Lord. But I was fetching once.”

He frowned. Eyes slitting as he leaned forward to get a better look at her. “Yes, I suppose you were…once.” He said disdainfully.

“’Twas Savage Jack that did it, Milord.”

He grunted and shrugged. “So what do you want of me, Wench?”

“A look at him in there.” She breathed. Leaning forward in elation.

He gave her a skeptical sneer. “Why in Ardae would I let you do that.”

“I’d service you, Milord.” She toyed with her skirts as she peered up at him from under lowered lashes. Free hand twirling her curling blonde hair. “The best you ever had, I assure you.”

“I’ve no coin to spend on you today.”

“For free, Milord.”

His gaze brightened and black brows lifted. His gaze roving over her figure with renewed interest.

“For a look at your prisoner.” She smiled slowly.

“Just a look?”

“Only a look.” She lifted one finger for emphasis.

He frowned thoughtfully. “There are some things I wish to know.”

“Oh?” She lifted her chin flirtatiously. Wiggling her shoulders seductively.

“Come.” He waved her to follow.

He led her toward the back of the Hold and down a thin line of narrow stairs.

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