FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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SEBASTIAN - Rejoining Our Pack


“Calisto!” He skid into the Dining Hall.

She stood up. Purple-blue eyes huge.

“Do you feel it?” Bast murmured. Touching her elbow. “I haven’t felt power like that in a long time.”

Gasping, she covered her mouth. Nodding as tears leapt into her eyes. She rushed out on the step.

He was on her heels.

The pulses of power were like the feeling of thunder rumbling but without the sound.

And just over Phalanx Forest, Bast could see the white light shining into the sky like a beacon.

He’s coming. Far in the distance, between the tree trunks, Bast could already glimpse the black wolf with green eyes.

Only one of us like that.

He watched Calisto.

The wolf turned to a man as he stepped from the trees and Calisto’s elated shriek could’ve woke the dead.

He dropped his staff and his brother had to collect it as Raese ran across the lawn to meet his wife.

Her hands landed atop his shoulders and she leapt.

He caught her by the back of the thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Tears streamed her face as she rained kisses over his forehead, nose and eyes. Stroking his hair back.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” She chanted in a hushed whisper. Touching him as though she feared he’d disappear when she stopped.

They look like soulmates that have been without each other too long.

I knew in that moment, I saw Raese and Calisto rejoin, true envy. Something I’d never known. More than any dream of riches or influence, I yearned for her.

My Elsabet.

I’d have done anything to be close to her like that. To have her run from the trees to me. Would I have welcomed her any less?

My heart is filled with joy that they are together again.

But anguish that I’ve lost the one thing I thought I’d never find.

My mate…

-From the Journal of Sebastian Bodane

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