FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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LUCIEN - A Need for Knights

Browning Village, Isle of Wight


Lucien and Meralee soon made the voyage back to Browning Village.

Today was their first morning in Sabias’ House as man and wife.

She rolled over and found him staring at her. She blinked her lovely doe eyes at him. “What’s on your mind?”

“That I could cherish no one more.”

“Than me?”

He gave her a reprimanding look.

“Oh, well then…” She rolled onto her back to stare at the ceiling. “I suppose I could confide that I find your brethren men of great honor and loyalty.”

“We all are.” He gave her a pointed look.

“Warriors with the hearts of dragons.” She turned her head to smile at him.

He grinned back. “I suppose you could say that.”

She rolled back to her side to look at him. Chewing her cheek. “Do you think you’ll ever regret wedding me?”

“Bedding you?” He reared up. “Not at all!”

She swatted his chest.

He feigned a pained grunt and put a palm over her hand to hold her there. “No.” He sobered. “I’ll never regret wedding you. And you?”

“I regret it already!” She grumbled.

I should’ve expected that, asking so soon after teasing her.

“You shush.” He teased. “Come here woman. After all, you’re mine to hold.”

“I suppose I am.”

“Captain sent me a message he’ll be needing us soon.”

“I figured as much. Is she going to be difficult?”

The valkyrie.

“She’s rarely not. Terrifying, to be more accurate.”

“She scares you?” Mera lurched up on an elbow intrigued.

“Yes.” He freely admitted. “Wait until you hear her screeching all hours of the eve! And she’s not altogether fond of me.”


So accusatory.

“Because I used to lock her in her chamber.” He begrudgingly admitted.

“Why am I not surprised?” She flopped back.

“You’ll understand after you meet her.”

“Think I will?”

“I think all you women will. We’re rather hoping you ladies will have more impact on persuading her back then we will. We were all part of keeping her locked in WaterRose.”

“With Sebastian?” Mera asked.


“I don’t see how that could be bad.”

“Woman!” Lucien roared in indignation. “Damn that man.”

She giggled.

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