FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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SAVAGE JAXSON - Retrieving Dimurah

Winter Haven, Blue Lark Guild, Dread Hideout


“Dimurah, My Dear!” Belling called cheerfully.

Drawing Dimurah’s attention from behind the wooden counter in Winter Haven. “Belline! What are you doing here?”

Dimurah’s gaze flicked around the relatively empty alehouse. “You shouldn’t be here!” She whispered in a hushed voice. “He banished you! If he catches you here…”

“He’ll give me another scar?” Belline asked scathingly as she gestured to her horribly disfigured face. “Or deposit me in the woods to be hunted by the dogs of Battling?”

“What?” Murah covered her mouth. “He wouldn’t.”

“He did!”

“How’d you get away?”

“He came ba-he gloated and left me…” She corrected. Garnering Murah’s sympathy. “But I found my way to a nearby village.” She waved a hand. “But it matters not now. I’ve forgiven him. I’ve a sweet soul, you see?”

Murah eyed her a bit skeptically and Belline realized she was taken her story a bit too far.

“Well, perhaps not. But I do dearly care for you.” Belline lurched over the counter to grip Murah’s arm desperately. “I came to tell you he’s been taken to Danbury’s Hold in Nightway for thievery.”

“Raiding…” Murah corrected. “Oh, no!”

“Danbury is a kind man. I think he’d listen to you. We should go!”

Murah didn’t move when Belline pulled at her.

“What?” Belline asked.

“Savage Jack told me Danbury is a conscienceless thief robbing from the poor of Nightway.”

Belline frowned. “That can’t be true. Has Savage Jack always been honest with?”

Murah’s gaze fell.

“As I thought! Let’s go!”

Murah relented. Dutifully following Belline back to Danbury’s Hold.

But throughout the trip she was casting Belline suspicious glances.

Danbury's Hold, MidGale City, Nightway

Belline walked before Dimurah into Danbury’s Hold. Belline called the guards who conferred with Danbury and let her in.

In the dungeon, Danbury’s Master of Torture rose from his seat. Intrigued to see Savage unraveling from where he sat cross-legged in the cell, to come to the door and grip the bars of the window. Pushing his face against them. Eyes glittering gold as he stared toward the top of the stairs. Nearly luminescing in the dim, underground level.

“What are you waiting for?” The Master of Torture queried in curiosity. “Who’s arrived that you’re so keen on?”

Savage’s gold eyes flicked to him and gave him an unsettlingly, long stare. Unblinking. Then after what seemed an eternity for the Master of Torture, Savage turned from the door and resumed sitting in the center of the cell.

Up on the main floor, Danbury hooked an arm around Dimurah’s shoulders. “She was right, you are a pretty thing.”

Danbury stroked a couple fingers over Dimurah’s cheeks.

Murah unhooked his arm and stepped from his reach. Giving him a withering look.

Belling huffed in satisfaction to see Murah was so unpleasant.

“Come.” Danbury barked. Eying Murah darkly. Unaccustomed to taking spurning without immediate repercussions.

As Danbury led them down into the dungeons, Savage’s stomach was sinking.

Don’t bring her down here. He didn’t like the idea of her even seeing such a place.

Danbury summoned a couple guards and directed them to put out the torches so Savage wouldn’t be able to see the woman they were leading into the depths of the Hold.

The man quickly complied. Returning with a lantern. Lighting the oil with a candle and handing it to Danbury who led the women down. Keeping the lantern low to their feet rather than shining on their faces.

It doesn’t matter. I know she’s with you.

Belline tugged Murah’s arm with a giggle, toward the cell.

Even through the dark, Savage saw Murah’s blue eyes peering through the bars looking at him half-naked. Bloodied and burned. With dirt patches all over his sweating torso and face. Her look was questioning.

She’s afraid. She knows something is very wrong now.

He looked at her from beneath hooded eyes and jerked his head slightly sideways. Only once. Indicating she shouldn’t do whatever she was planning.

She worried her lip.

He gave her a steady look. Get out of here.

Don’t try and intervene. Typically, they were good at communicating with a mere glance or quick expression.

And despite the pitch blackness, he saw her clear as day, with his animal’s eyes peeking out at them.

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