FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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I Don't Sleep

“What have you done!” Murah cried at the sight of him. “You’re just letting him sit there?”

“No.” Danbury frowned at her. Disliking the tone of her voice. “I’ve fed him. Max, light the torches.”

The Master of Torture quickly complied.

“You fool!” Murah shook her head in disdain. “He’s going to force you to kill him!”


Quiet, Murah. Savage tried to urge her.

But she was currently too upset to adhere to his staying glances.

“You should be torturing him!” Dimurah fisted her skirts in a white-knuckled grip. “Question him, something!”

“What’ve you done…” She mourned.

“Why are you reprimanding me like a wayward child, Woman?” Danbury snapped. Losing patience.

“His mind is like a blade. Silence and quiet make him hone that blade like you’d sharpen a dagger.” She gestured to Danbury disgustedly. “He’s in there peeling apart every inch of that cell for tools, weapons. He’s probably found a hundred ways to kill your men from in there!” Tears welled in Dimurah’s eyes.

Dammit. Hush. Savage willed her.

Vaguely surprised by how well she truly knew him. Everything she’s said is completely accurate.

I hadn’t thought she saw through me, quite so completely…

“He’ll be too weak.” Danbury said proudly.

“Why in Ardae would you think that?” Murah turned huge blue eyes on him. “You said you’ve fed him.”

“I have. Twice a day. He’s fed enough.”

“Then why the Hell would you think he’ll be too weak?”

“He sits there. He eats, defecates, but he’s never slept.”

“Never.” Max, the Master of Torture chimed in.

Danbury gave him a quick look. “He’ll be too weak.”

Don’t tell him. Savage was trying to silence her, but she was so aggravated she wasn’t seeing either he or Danbury.

She’s really not helping.

Murah was groaning. Staring Heavenward for patience as she drug her palms down her face. She tossed her arms and shook her head in aggravation. “Don’t you get it? He never sleeps!”

“That’s impossible…” Belline said.

“What?” Danbury was puzzled.

“I don’t know of a single time he’s ever slept. He rests, sits, lies down but his eyes are usually open or quickly become so. He’s always awake.”

“It is impossible.” Danbury murmured.

Dimurah rounded, red skirt spinning around her as she turned. “Methanks to you, My Lord. I’m glad you’ve locked up this animal.”

“What?” Belline cried.

“She’s lying!” She gestured as she gave Danbury a pleading look.

He ran a hand through his short, dark hair. Perfectly manicured. His nearly black eyes glancing between the women.

Murah was unflinching.

Good woman.

“So, you’ve no concern with us torturing this man?” Danbury tested.

“Not in the least.” Murah shrugged. “He’s an animal. I’m glad to be free of him. I want nothing more to do with him.”

Well done, Murah.

She began stiltedly walking toward the stairs to return to the upper level.

Get out of here. He willed her.

“Don’t believe her! He’s the only thing she loves!” Belline was tugging at Danbury’s sleeve. “And she is his only weakness!”

Shut up. Savage was nearly baring teeth in annoyance at the traitorous wench.

Danbury snatched Murah’s elbow and spun her around. “Perhaps a bit of torture would refresh your memory.”

Savage flinched at him touching her. Get your hands off her. Or I’ll remove them for you.

Danbury’s gaze was lingering over Murah. He reached under the cloak and swung it open to reveal the form-fitting dress. He swung the flaps of the cloak over her shoulders and out of his way.

Don’t touch her! Savage was watching riveted.

“You could. But it’d be pointless.” Murah said tonelessly. Utterly fearless. “I don’t know anything so there’s nothing you could make me tell you.”

“She’s too willful for that to work!” Belline whispered to Danbury, seething with jealousy. “She doesn’t fear anything but him getting hurt.”

Both Belline and Danbury looked toward Savage’s cell.

Savage tilted his head slowly to the side. Come get me, rodent.

“Perhaps removing a few of his fingers would do the trick?” Danbury asked Belline.

“You’re bluffing.” Murah’s blue eyes narrowed on Danbury. “How would you manage that?” She tossed her head toward the quiet Master of Torture. “You think he’ll give that a try?”

“The Hell I will!” The Master of Torture took a step back. “The only reason I’ve been able to do as much as I have is because he’s not resisting. He’s strong as an ox. Everytime he flinches, he damn near rips the chains.”

Danbury gave the man a quelling look.

“I won’t do it.” The Master of Torture shook his head adamantly and eyed the stairs.

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