FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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One Smart Man in the Hold

“It matters not.” Danbury shrugged. “I have a Hold full of men. Certainly, enough to get the job done.”

“Don’t bet on that!” Murah hissed. Her chin jerking up. “What is it you want?”


Murah turned and looked toward the cell.

Savage sat up and rolled his shoulders. Lifting his jaw and looking at her haughtily down his nose. Softening his eyes enough to tell her what was needed.

Do what he asks and get the hell out of here.

Don’t play bold. He jerked his cheek to the side in a gesture to indicate not to let her temper get the best of her.

She sighed and turned toward Danbury. “What do you want to know?”

“Tell me what that is!” Danbury pointed toward Savage sitting inhumanly still in the cell.

“I don’t know!” Murah tossed her arms. “He doesn’t even know!”

“How do I contain him?”

“Contain him?” Murah’s blue eyes widened on Danbury. “You’re all going to die and he’s going to force you to kill him. He’s too strong for you to do anything less!”

The tears that she’d been stuffing down now crept down her cheeks.

It’s okay, Sweetheart. Savage was tense. His body yearning to reassure her.

Savage understood why she was mourning.

She knows I’ll attack so violently that Danbury will have to overwhelm me with men to stand a chance.

She was afraid he’d be slaughtered.

“He can clearly see in the dark.” Danbury gestured. “What else can he do?”

She sucked in her cheeks and lifted her head.

“Tell him.” Savage’s voice cut like a whip. “Tell him everything.”

No sense in you being hurt trying to protect me.

I don’t need your protection, Murah. He conveyed the message with a calm look.

Sobbing she nodded. “He can fly.”

Danbury lifted an intrigued brow.

“Is he a demon?” Belline expostulated.

“No.” Murah gave Belling a hateful glance. “You’re more demon then he is.”

She sees the traitorous wench for what she is now. He recognized that look.

“He’s still learning how it works.” Murah sighed.

“What else?”

“I don’t know.” Murah shook her head. Gaze roving the floor. “I-I can’t think of anything.”

Danbury’s next question was far easier to answer. “How does he control all those assassins?”

Danbury dearly wanted to know. Whatever hold the King of Assassins had on them was an enviable thing.

“They respect him.” She blurted. Mulling it over a moment. “And they’re terrified of him. They know he honors his code and demands they do.”

“What’s his code?”

“Be loyal. And how he’ll kill a man.”


“With whatever tools the murderer brings him.” She swallowed.

“What the devil does that mean?”

Exactly what it sounds like.

“What will break him?” Danbury asked.

“I don’t think you can.” Murah said honestly. “He’s suffered far worse than anything you could do.”

“We’ll see about that.” Danbury chuckled. “Open another cell.”

Max, the Master of Torture opened another cell.

Danbury shoved her in. “We’ll see how he handles when you’re broken. Max, is quite good at what he does.”

Max lifted a blade and tilted his head purposefully.

Danbury was chuckling as he caught Belline by the back of the neck and pushed her up the stairs. “Come.”

Savage strode to the door. Hearing Murah crying in the next cell. “Dimurah!”

“Now you call me by my name.” She sobbed.

He smiled. Murah.

“It’ll be fine. Calm down.”

“Will it?” Max asked off-handedly as he used a rag to wipe his blades and set them back in order on the table.

“Come here, Max.” Savage stuck a brown hand through the bars to curl a finger.

Max eyed him as he rounded the table and slowly approached. Staying well from arms reach.

Smarter than he looks.

“I’ll make you an exchange.” Savage offered.

Max was quiet as he awaited.

“If you find a way to get her out of this Hold, this evening, then when I escape late tonight, I won’t kill you.”

Max scoffed. “You’re bluffing!”

But staring at Savage he suddenly shifted uncomfortably.

“What say you?”

Max mulled it over for a long while. Meeting that unflinching stare.

I’m going to kill him if he says no.

“You’d kill me anyway. I tortured you.”

“No. I wouldn’t.”


“Because you’re doing your job. I don’t care enough to seek vengeance over it.”

Max glanced at Murah who must’ve been standing near her door.

“He doesn’t lie. He’ll omit but never lie.”

“What is he omitting?”

She paused and Savage said nothing. “I’d guess, that if you don’t do what he wants when he kills you it’s going to be horrific.”

Savage was expressionless. Giving nothing away. But she’s right. She knows me well.

Max gave a drawn-out sigh. “I’ll get her out of here.”

“You’re a smart man.” Murah said.

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