FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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ALAZAR - A True Union

Nightway Castle, Nightway


Later that sennight, Riaura and Alazareth were enjoying a grand dinner. Celebrating their union.

She’d expressed much joy upon his return from helping save Chavias.

And I’m glad to be back.

Glad he’s out. But glad to be back.

They enjoyed companionable silence as they were wont to do. Sharing rare smiles. Toasting each other with fine wine.

Their peace was abruptly shattered, when the doors of the Dining Hall were tossed open.

Jacob. Now commander of the Guard walked in.

“Your Highnesses there’s a messenger citing he has urgent news.”

Deragan nodded to allow him entrance.

The breathless little man was still disheveled from his ride.

Seeming reluctant to divulge his news. Why?

“Speak!” Deragan roared. Making the Dining Hall rattle with his impatience.

The messenger cowered. Utterly intimidated. He looked from Alazar to Riaura fearfully. “Permission to approach, Your Highness?”

Alazar lowered his head in assent.

The messenger sidled up to him to whisper near his ear.

Alazar shot him a surprised look and dismissed him with a wave. Rising from the table so abruptly he toppled his chair. Striding over to lean over her hand. “Forgive me my rudeness, My Queen, but we need to ready for an immediate journey.”

“What’s going on Alazareth?”

His eyes were shadowed with worry. “It’s time we assist with the retrieval.”

Of Elsabet.

Riaura sighed and rose from the table.

He caught her close. The strength of his arms wrapping her and smooth lips touching where her neck met her collar. He reluctantly turned towards the stairwell. Lightly gripping her hand.

Stepping next to him, she leaned her forehead against his shoulder and took in his scent.

He brushed loose tendrils from her face. “Sometimes Wife, staring in your eyes is akin to drowning.”

“Then come.” She got a few steps ahead of him and rounded to take both his hands. Climbing the stairs backward as she gave him an intense stare. “Let’s drown together.”

Together they savored each loving caress. “It’s funny to think I once thought you were darkness beckoning me.”

He paused his motion, leaned over her sweat slickened body. “Best hope not, sweetheart. For it appears you’ve succumbed...” He resumed his slow ministrations.

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