FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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DERAGAN - Lorna Strikes Again

Rosewynn, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier


Lorna walked with her hauntingly slow step. Well healed since nearly dying in the crone’s hut. A dull gray gown sweeping the ground as she walked. Pitch black hair dropped straight down her back. Purplish eyes luminesced in the darkness. The field was quiet.

The wolf standing guard flipped a look over its shoulder, but it was already too late. She put a hand to its head and its eyes began seeping black oil as its throat burbled. Choking on a thick oily substance.

Finally, it collapsed. Limbs kicking over the grass as it fought to breathe.

Lorna turned, dismissing it as soon as the no longer looked at it.

The moment her hand retracted the oil pulled from the animal with it. Seeping back into her hand. Only a few long drips falling to the grass as she walked.

“Now.” A hoarse whisper rose from the brush behind her. Radix knelt, his hands pressed to the ground as he shielded Lorna from the wolves’ noses and ears. Keeping her disguised.

She crossed the meadow to only a few random yips of wolves that sensed something. Jumping up to find where. By the time they rounded the house Lorna put a hand to the side of the Manse. The oil locking her to the structure. Her next hand when higher. And as her foot touched the black goo stuck to her toes keeping her locked on the side of the house. She climbed such. Working her way up to the high windows of the bedchambers. She peered into the first one before tilting sideways. To crawl toward the North corner of the house. Peeking into chamber windows as she passed until she saw one she liked. Reversing several steps before slipping in on nearly serpentine limbs.

Rising to stand she tilted her head. The long threads of black hair moving over her shoulder like water. As she set deep purple eyes on the little boy sleeping in his bed. As she drew near, she saw the bed coated in a layer of sleeping spiders. Large, small, brown, black. When she bumped the edge of the bed, they swarmed to that corner. As she reached over them, they stacked upon each other in an effort to reach her arm.

Knowing the fierce bites that would come from the vicious guardians she hovered her other hand over them and let the dark oil pour from it to cover them. Sliding over them until they were pinned and suffocating under its weight.

Airon sat bolt upright gasping for air. Unaware why he felt he was choking. When he did, he was meant with the woman’s fist around his neck. His eyes turned dark and his body jerked as it filled with the slime. Pouring down his throat. Filling his belly until his blue eyes were black. And his blonde hair was sullied by the fluid creeping from his ears while he gagged on it.

“Airon?” Marcus shoved open his door.

A half second too late.

He shouted at the woman and she released the limp child and leapt from the window. Climbing on spiderlike legs down the side of the house and fleeing barefoot back across the meadow. Shielded by Radix’s magic until Marcus stuck his head out shouting.

“She’s hurt Airon. Her! There!” He pointed.

The wolves emerged from both directions. Circling the house to pursue her. Snapping at her heels.

But as she rounded the brush Radix stood and put a hand to her shoulder. In a moment they were both gone. There was nothing there for the wolves to sink eager teeth into.

Deragan’s boots took him down the hall. He entered the chamber. Teeth gritting at the sight of the boy covered in black slime which shined in the lone candle’s glow.

“Nora!” He called. Horrified at the sight but knowing there was only one possible way to save him.

Deragan ran to the edge of the bed and hovered a hand over the child’s chest. Instantly feeling the soul still fluttering within.


He lifted the boy and began to head to the door but was slipping on the sludge. Skidding to keep his balance before dashing for the door with the tiny figure balanced in his arms just as Nora materialized in the doorway.

She screamed and took several steps back. “No.” She shook her head fervently. “No!”

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