FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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Use Them

“Nora.” Deragan said reluctantly. “You have to use them.”

She gave him a quick look. “I don’t know how.”

“You have to try.” He said. “We don’t have much time.”

Nora whimpered.

Her hand fluttered on the floor in a gesture for Deragan to set him down. He complied. Airon was incredibly limp.

She scooted to view the moonlight. Kneeling next to Airon. She lifted her face toward the light and drew slow breaths through her nose. Until she felt the tickle and slide along her back. Until the feathered white wings emerged as arcs over her shoulder which began flexing until they jutted in pointed tips.

She grunted in her effort to concentrate as she closed her eyes and made a circle with her arms, flexing her shoulders until the wings did the same. Framing Airon in a protective circle. Light began to emanate from her. In shining waves, flowing out from her like water. Her hair lit in luminescence floating up off her shoulders to move around her face as though captured in a pool of water.

Her blue eyes turned nearly white. Glistening in the meager light as power surged through her. She pressed two palms to his torso and tried to move that energy through her. But it continued in waves in the hallway.

“Come on.” She whispered on a sob.

“Concentrate, Nora.” Deragan breathed. Knowing they were running out of time. His heart was wrenching at the sight of his mate suffering.

Nora focused trying harder.

“Let it move.” Deragan whispered. “Let it flow through you like your breaths.”

But even as Deragan said it he saw the tiniest white flicker of light slip from the little boy’s body. A tiny tendril that floated like a leaf on the wind as it headed upwards, until more lights surrounded it. Drawing it from view.

He’s gone.

Deragan’s mouth opened as he struggled for words but one look at Nora’s face. Seeing the way her wings fell, he knew she’d seen it too.

She deflated and wailed as her face fell to his chest. “No. No more.” She whimpered.

“I’m so sorry.” Deragan wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

“No!” Marcus shouted.

William stepped from the shadows. “What’s happened? Get out of my way! Who did this? Is he gone?” He raged.

“He’s gone.” Marcus howled.

William dropped next to him and pulled his little brother into his arms. Holding him.

Deragan jumped to his feet.

“Where are you going?” William demanded.

“To check on Beth!”

Marcus was at his side in moments and they ripped the door open. Finding the little girl sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, Sweetheart.” Marcus wrapped his arms around her. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Seeing she was safe, Deragan ran back to the hall. Skidding back to Nora.

“Bast!” He shouted in a voice so filled with rage it quivered.

I’m coming.

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