FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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MARDICHI - Zuriena Knows That Death


“What’s happening?” Mardichi charged in with a roar. “I heard all ye shoutin’ from outside.

“He’s dead!” Nora sobbed.

“Who?” Zuriena was hot on Mardichi’s heels. Peeking around him trying to get a look at what was going on.

Nora pushed open the creaking door and revealed the boy on the bed. His eyes and ears seeping black liquid.

Zuriena moved as if in a daze. Drawn to wander to the edge of the bed and stare down at the boy. Her breath caught.

Her heart is racing. Mardichi noted.

His expression crumpled in anguish. “A dead child?”

“Not just that.” She was shuddering with pain. “It’s how.”

His brow knitted.

“Ours was killed like this.” She gestured to poor tiny Airon. With the dark liquid seeping from his eyes and ears.

“She suffocated Liam like this.” She covered her face.

“Why didn’t you wait for me. Tell me?”

“That I failed to save him?” Leaning sideways, she clutched her stomach and wretched.

“You didn’t. It was Radix that stole him from us. Nothing will ever make that better.” He swallowed hard. “Zuriena, I understand that. But we do have Liasa. A precious gift…A gift I’d very much like to share with you.”

“We have to stop Radix. Forever.” She looked at him steadily.

He nodded in agreement.

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