FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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SAVAGE JAXSON - A Couple Escapees

Danbury’s Hold, MidGale City, Nightway


When Max, the Master of Torture, left that evening he had his usual housemaid tucked into his cloak under his arm.

“Usual evening sport?” The tower guard called down.

“Man needs a bit of warmin’ after them cold dungeons.” Max called up with a grin.

“Tend her well!” The tower guard teased. “Or I may soon be stealing her away.”

Once far from view of the walls. He unfolded his massive cloak. “Get on with you.”

“Thank you.” Murah put her hand on his shoulder. “You’re a fair man in the least.”

“Is he going to come after me.”

“No. One thing about Savage, he never turns on his word.”

“Good to know. Get out of here before you’re seen and I am executed.” He gave her bottom a playful whack.

She turned a wide-eyed look over her shoulder. “Now that he’d kill you for…” She made a pained expression. “Or maybe just cut off your hand.”

Max frowned. “Well do me a kindness then and don’t tell him. He unnerves me.”

“He does have a knack for that.”

The night watchman had dozed off, as Savage had anticipated. It gave Savage time to work loose a few staggered bricks.

Backing up until against the pillar he ran at them. Ripping free the stone sliver he’d spotted days, ago as he hopped up the blocks as lever points to get up to the ceiling where he slid between the one drooping beam and the worn ceiling board. He shoved the spike between the boards. Then leveraged his knee against the spike and pressed his back against the beam. Pushing the spike until hearing the board crack as he worked apart the bits of dry wood until the gap was big enough, he could get his fingers above it.

Once he twisted and got both hands through the cracks between the boards, he rolled off the beam and let his weight dump on the weakened board. Feeling it snap in half and drop him back onto the dirt floor.

He landed smoothly on his feet and used the broken half of the board against the pillar as a ramp to hop up through the hole in the ceiling to the main level of the keep. He landed with his hands on the floor and pushed himself up to land in a crouch. Finding himself fortunately, in an abandoned kitchen.

He stood and grabbed the nearest floor fur to drop lazily over the hole. Strolling through the keep as though he belonged. Despite that his healthy golden skin and studded black tunic were far out of place amongst the gray skin of the Firoque.

Savage got a dagger from the first one he encountered. Quickly cutting his throat several times and stabbing him repeatedly in the torso. Once the man was limp, Savage kicked him into the first dark doorway.

Same with the second and third.

Savage stepped into one doorway and lingered long enough to close his eyes and inhale through his nose. Catching the scent of flowers over dead, rotting flesh. Separating the scents to trail up to the top level. Walking through the corridors until he caught the white light seeping from under one door.

She still shines like that. Despite what she’s doing.

He kicked the door next to the lock and broke it open.

She was dangling upside down from a beam.

“You should be careful hanging on those.” He pointed to it with his dagger. “Tended poorly they can split right in half.”

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