FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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RHYERS - Savage Jack's Woman

Danbury’s Hold, MidGale City, Nightway


Rhyers had heard word that the Assassins of the Blue Lark Guild had been whispering that their king was dead. Their dissension will soon lead to them working freely.

That’ll be dangerous.

And Rhyers had a bit of fondness for him. The man saved my life once.

Sure, we’re even but I rather like him.

Rhyers had followed his sennight old tracks to where carriage wheels begun and followed them to the large black keep. Newly built with shining stone and fresh mortar. Already smelling like cimmerii blood and sweat. Filled with Firoque.

Now why would he want in there? Rhyers had no doubt that a carriage load of armed men wouldn’t be enough to take Savage Jack unless he was willing to be there.

So Rhyers had lurked outside waiting. Avoiding my pretty new wife.

Though no one but he and Ebony knew, he’d not yet consummated their union. Thinking she’d soon be wanting the marriage annulled, he’d refrained. Despite her being warm, willing and scantily clad lying next to him for several nights.

He’d been relieved when he’d heard about the King of Assassins and had an excuse to leave. Despite Ebony’s small tantrum.

Today, Rhyers glimpsed a familiar redhead running through the woods. Savage Jack’s woman.

For the life of me, I can’t remember her name. Did I ever even know it?

He fell into step behind her and caught her arm. Spinning her around.

She squawked.

He covered her mouth and looked around to see if anyone else had heard her, but it didn’t appear they had.

“What’s going on? Is Savage Jack in there?”

“He is. But he’s planning to get out tonight. Or early in the morning.”

“How?” Rhyers looked at her askance. “He’s skilled in escape now?”

“I’ve never known anything that could hold him.” She looked crestfallen.

She means she doesn’t think she can hold him. Rhyers eyed her.

She’s worried about him.

“Why’d he let himself get captured?”

“He told me before he left he had to talk to an old friend. A woman from how he steered clear of telling me.”

“A woman?” Rhyers looked over her head back toward the holding. “Elsabet…”

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