FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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SAVAGE JAXSON - She's Betrayed Him


Elsabet opened her wings enough to peer at him through red eyes. Long, coarse, brown hair draping the floor. Her tone carrying its usual cold note. “Why are you here, Savage Jack?”

“I got caught.”

She scoffed. “You let yourself get caught or you wouldn’t have been.”

He tilted his head acknowledgingly.

“I needed to talk to you.”

“Then say your piece.”

“What are you doing with them, Elsabet?”

“Leading of flock of birds.”

“The same kind as you? Valkyrie.”

She nodded solemnly. Her hair whispering over the floor as she moved. Still hanging upside down with a blank expression.

“So, you are one of them?” Savage attempted to confirm his suspicions.

She merely blinked those blood red eyes.

“Get out of here and go home. Before the war. Go back to WaterRose he urged.”

She snarled and released the beam to flip onto her feet. Straightening she rolled her shoulders and the wings retracted into her back. The dusting of brown fur which covered her sides and part of her breasts, faded and was replaced by a white tunic and dark breeches.

“It wasn’t my home. It was my prison.”

“He believes in you, you know. So much he refuses to believe you belong to Radix now.”

“And didn’t you once, Savage Jack?”

“Yes, I did. And it was the closest to a home I ever was. But not because of Radix. Because of the Forever Knight that made it bearable.”

“They do have that effect. Taking slavery and deceiving one into thinking it was companionship.”

“Do they? Or did we let them because we enjoyed the companionship?”

She glared at him hotly.

“Are you enjoying Radix’s company?”

No one would.

He’s a far cry from Sebastian’s warmth and laughter. She has to find Radix’s company as an alternative nearly unbearable.

“He’s crumbling to see you working for Radix.”

“He hasn’t seen anything yet.” She countered.

“But he will?”

“I have my reasons for being here, and you’ll not sway me.” She asserted.


“Yes.” She affirmed. “Not a single day passes that I don’t see my dying daughter’s face.”

“But it wasn’t Sebastian that killed her, Elsabet!”

“Wasn’t it?” She queried dully.

“I was trying to save you some hassle. They’re all going to come for you to try to persuade you to rejoin the knights.”

“I won’t.”

“Fine. But if you harm a single one of them. Swear by all that’s Holy, whether you’re his love or not, I’ll slit you from your belly to your chin and let the Targue feast on you.”

She scoffed. “Quite ferocious.”

“See if I jest.” Turning he left her chamber. Slamming the broken door enough it bounced off the jam then collapsed from the hinges. He stalked down the hallway and cut a path all the way out of the keep. And out into the trees where he met up with Rhyers and Dimurah. Still seething.

She’s betrayed him.

As he reached the front gate, she surged out a window slit high above and landed before him, in his path.

She wants to fight?

He closed in on her. Towering over her ominously. Shaking with fury. He hasn’t earned that betrayal.

“I know it wasn’t Sebastian’s fault.” She said in a hushed voice. Eyeing him with her head tilted down enough others couldn’t hear her.

“Then what are you doing here?”

“Settling my vengeance. I wasn’t lying about that.”

Savage stiffened. Staring at her in rare surprise. He clicked the pieces together in his mind. “Are you telling me the truth and lying to them or telling them the truth and lying to me.”

“Why lie to you? What point does it serve?”

“Why are you telling me now?”

“So you’ll vow to tell Deragan to back them off. Let me seek my revenge. Let me have blood for the innocent pool he spilled beneath my tiny daughter.”

“Why should I trust you now?”

“Because there’s enough cimmerii here to fight them off. If I wanted them dead I’d let Deragan send them here for me and have Radix ambush them. Keeping them away protects them. Him.

“Tell me now. The truth.” He commanded. “Do you care for him?”

She looked around and ensured no one was close enough to hear. Not even Danbury.

“With every part of my heart that didn’t belong to my baby.”

“Fair enough.”

“Make me the promise.” She demanded.

“I will talk to the alpha.”

Deragan. And back them off.

“But if you’re lying to me,” Savage’s eyes narrowed on her. “you’ll be the first one I kill in the upcoming war. And it won’t be kind.”

“As you’ve said.” She swept past him. “Just keep your vow, King of Assassins. Let him out.”

She commanded with a toss of her hand over her shoulder.

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