FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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A Meet with the Alpha

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier Country

Savage kept his word and met with Deragan. To say he was less then pleased with the suggestion not to come after her was an understatement.

Deragan had thrown Savage through a tree and landed on him. Holding him by the throat and panting with aggravation.


Savage was impressed. “You are as strong as they say.”

“What makes you think you can come here and tell me to back off?” Deragan was snarling. Blue eyes flaring nearly white in his annoyance.

“She asked me to.”

“Elsabet?” Deragan’s gaze narrowed. “And you decided to obey her like some pup in first heat?”

“No. I vowed to her I would ask you. And I have. She says there’s enough cimmerii in that keep to destroy your men.”

“Was she telling the truth.”

“There were more than I could count. But I walked through all the ones that confronted me.”

Deragan stepped off him and let Savage leap onto his feet.

“What are you going to do?”

“That’s my business.” Deragan walked away.

It irked Savage not to know but he knew the alpha wouldn’t tell him if he didn’t want to.

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier

“Jaxson!” Bast took the stairs two at a time, to welcome him. Wrapping an arm about his shoulders. “I’ve been hoping you’d return. I’ve someone for you to meet.”

“I’ve something to tell you.”

“Fine. But first you meet her. It’s important to me.”

“Her, who?”

“Your sister.”

“What?” Savage blinked at him.

“Sebet!” Bast called.

A tiny squealing girl sped down the stairs, tripping and landing on her butt.

Her father reached between the rail bars of the staircase and helped push her onto her feet. “Meet your brother, Jaxson.”

“Jaxson?” She slowed and eyed him. Turning her head sideways. “You look like daddy!”

Savage’s brows nearly shot off his forehead. “I suppose I do.”

“What’s in your hair.”

“Umm…” He cleared his throat. Looking uncertainly at Bast. “Beads…”

She reached up and opened and closed her fist, indicating her desire to touch them.

Feeling very unsure, Savage lowered to a knee.

She sidled up to him and fingered a bead before letting it go and watching as they clattered together in his hair, near his cheek. “I like them.”

He chuckled despite himself, at the abruptness of the child.

She caught one of his large hands. “Yours are rough like daddy’s. Mommy’s are soft.”

“Who’s your mommy?”

“Els…Elsabet. Her name is like mine.”

“That’s because you were named after her, clever girl.” Bast crouched to tweak her nose.

Savage was stunned by her angelic little face. Framed by shimmering silver curls. Round and flushing with energy. Her round blue eyes vibrant. He looked to Bast in confusion. I thought she was dead.

He stood and pulled Bast aside. “What is this?”

“Your sister.”

“How? Elsabet speaks of nothing beyond this little one’s murder.”

“She was murdered by Radix’s creatures. But The Fallen gave her back to me at the Captain’s behest.”

“How is that possible.”

“I’ve heard tales that your mate healed you at the brink of death.”

Savage jerked. How’d he know that?

The Tracker, likely.

Is there anything Bast doesn’t know?

“Why have you not told her?” Savage asked urgently.

Elsabet might change her course if she knew.

“I won’t have her coming back out of some obligation. I’ll never keep her here like that again.”

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