FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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A Tiny Secret I Keep

“What of her?” Savage thumbed toward the little girl who was making dancing gold lights between her hands in an arc. Then trying to slap them between her hands as they dispersed. “A child needs her mother.”

“I’m hopeful she may come back one day.” Bast’s gaze fell and it was clear he was losing that hope.”

“That’s why I’ve come here.” Savage sighed.

“You spoke to her?” Bast registered Savage had stated she spoke of nothing other than Sebet’s death.

“I have. Several times.”

“You’re the one leaking our festivities to her?” Bast realized.

“I was trying to keep her with us.”

“Us?” Bast asked in surprise.

“The Forever Knights, I mean.” Savage took an uncomfortable step back.

“I think ‘us’ is fitting.” Bast put a hand to his shoulder. “You’re one of us. It’s nice to hear from you.”

Savage gave a tenuous half-smile.

“Tell me of her.” Bast sat on the bottom step. His eagerness obvious as he ran an anxious hand through his hair.

“You’ve not lost her.”

Bast looked at him. Emotions pouring over his face and landing on relief.

“She’s on an agenda for vengeance.”

“What does she want to do to me?” Bast asked reluctantly.

“Nothing from the sound of it. For the first time I’ve ever heard. She admitted what happened to Sebet was not your fault. She wants vengeance from Radix.”

Bast stood, hand bracing him on the rail as he took in this news. “She hasn’t turned on us because of me.”

“She’s forgiven you.” Savage watched him carefully.

“Even without knowing this.” He nodded toward little Sebet.

She rushed over and tugged at Savage’s pantleg.

Utterly unafraid of me.

Like my Murah.

“I can make gold light.” She bounced both ends of the arc.

“I see.” He smiled appreciatively. “Can I show you something?”

“Yes!” She clapped. Hopping eagerly.

“Promise not to be scared?”

She nodded avidly.

He pulled his tunic over his head and crouched next to her. Closing his eyes, he focused on the muscles of his back. Letting the long gold wings unfurl.

“Well done, Lad!” Bast applauded at the sight of his wings.

“Wow…” Sebet breathed. Reaching to carefully rub the bone of one. “They’re like daddy’s. Mommy’s are darker.” She smiled at him but then sadness swept over her face. “I miss my mommy.”

She looked up at Sebastian. “Daddy says she’ll come home to us soon.”

“I’m sure she will.” Savage reassured. Giving her hair a rough scrub.

She grabbed his wrist with both her little hands and wrestled away laughing.

“Until then, I’ll help keep your mommy safe!” He promised. Chuckling as the little girl struggled with his heavier arm.

“Thank you.” Sebastian murmured from above him.

Savage nodded up at him.

“You’re a good man, Jaxson. Would that I had known of you years ago. There’s so much I’d have kept you from.”

“Ah,” Savage collected his tunic and rose. Tucking his wings back under his skin and pulling his tunic back over his head. “But then I wouldn’t be the man I am today.”

“We couldn’t have that.” Bast went back to his usual smiling expression. “Come. Have some dinner. Elengard has cooked and her roasted quail near melts in your mouth.”

As usual his arm crept over Savage’s shoulders as they walked toward the Dining Hall.

Savage’s leg jerked as the little girl slammed into the back of it and clung on. Making his step heavy. “She’s full of life.”

“Thank our alpha and his mate for that!”

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