FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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SAVAGE JAXSON - Meets a Match

Winter Haven, Blue Lark Guild, Dread Hideout

Savage was pacing Winter Haven like a caged animal. Unsettling every assassin in the place.
"What's wrong with you?" Dimurah had stopped washing mugs to watch him quizzically.
Elsabet's words. Vowing she loved Bast. That she'd not kill him.
That keeping the Knights away was the right thing.
But there was no sign that he could trust her.
Only Bast's belief. His eyes lifted to Dimurah and met her sky blue gaze. Dusted with pretty dark lashes.
Would I believe in her any less?
Never. The answer came immediately.
But knowing it didn't cool his frustration.

"You're disturbing the rest of us." A man in a gray cloak in the corner remarked. "Mind settling down friend, so I can enjoy some fine ale and my bird leg?"
Savage's gaze flicked to him in annoyance.
"No!" Dimurah came around the counter to put a hand to his chest. "Don't."
"Listen to your woman." The stranger took a bite of bird. "I'm not causing you angst. Whatever has you pacing the like, is what's really bothering you."
Savage's piercing blue eyes landed on him. Feeling clear challenge from this man. But sniffing yielded no scent of Cimmerii. "Who are you?"
"Name is Disseus."
"If your name was Disseus, you wouldn't be in my Assassin's Guild."
"Your guild is it?" The man set his bit of chicken down and lifted his head to look at Savage unflinchingly. "Guess that'd make you the King of Assassins, wouldn't it?"
"I'll ask you again." Savage said in a dangerous tone. "Who are you?"
The man sighed. "They call me The Scythe."
"Death's Weapon!" Another man said in a hushed voice. Chairs scraped the floor and men left the alehouse in a scatter.

Dimurah watched them in confusion. "You're bothering my business."
"I was bothering nothing until your man here wanted to demand a name. I merely came in for a drink and a bite to eat."
"Don't talk to her like that." Savage snapped.
"Talk to her like what?" Scythe sighed as he stood. Wiping his hands on a bit of cloth before tossing it to the table. "It's clear you simply want a fight tonight, Brother. And I've no issue giving it to you but perhaps it'd not be as you'd expect. Care to reconsider?"
Savage stared at him. Jaw ticking.
"Don't fight him." Dimurah whispered. "Something isn't right. He's too calm."
"That's because he's not human." Savage remarked without looking away from Scythe. "Are you?"
"In truth, I am not."
Savage walked to him and met the man nearly nose to nose. "Are you here to challenge me?"
"Not in the least. I don't want your Guild. I already told you once. I came in for a drink and a bite."
Savage was getting irritated that the man had not yet pulled a blade. Most did the moment he descended. Their instincts screaming they protect themselves.
"I don't like your tone."
Scythe shrugged. "Most don't."
"Draw your blade." Savage barked.
"Fine." Scythe pulled a curled dagger from his belt.
Savage caught his wrist and turned it but Scythe ducked his arm and moved with it. Dodging so fast that his gray cloak whipped. Breaking the silence in the alehouse.
Savage changed angles and leveraged his arm down but Scythe hopped onto a chair and leapt over Savage's head and landed in front of him. Breaking Savage's grip in the process.
"What the Devil are you?" Savage's eyes narrowed. But a bit of excitement coursed through him.
I've never seen anything move like him.
Not even Chavias.
"Something you've likely never heard of." Scythe shrugged again. Standing still as though waiting for Savage to attack again.
Savage lunged forward but Scythe sidestepped and turned. Rolling back an elbow to smash into Savage's face.
Savage spit a bit of blood and slowly turned his head back. Well, this is more fun then expected.
He caught an eating knife off one of the tables and used one foot on a beam to leverage up. He turned knife in hand, aiming for Scythe's neck but he ducked it and hit a palm against Savage's chest.
Making Savage's own momentum knock the breath from him.
Savage landed on his feet but was hunkered over trying to catch his breath.

When finally he could breathe a low chuckle escaped him which bloomed into a booming laugh. "You really must tell me what you are!"
Savage tossed his head back. His earlier annoyance dissipated after having a bit of a good spar.
Scythe blinked blandly at him. "No, I mustn't do anything assassin."
"You say the word with such derision from a man who is one."
"I wasn't always." Scythe sheathed his blade. Seeing the short battle was over.
"Well done." Savage nodded grudgingly. "I'm clearly outplayed."
"Your very skilled." Scythe countered tonelessly. "But I'm something else. And I was trained in combat my whole life."
"Your some kind of Fey." Savage recognized the scent.
"I hunt fey actually. They call me a Harbinger."
"Interesting..." Savage tilted his head. Blue eyes assessing the man. "I like you."
"Indeed you would. I sense not many have outmaneuvered you."
"No, they have not. Thank you for indulging me in a bit of sparring."
Scythe gave him a lopsided grin. "I must be off."
"No." Savage shook his head. "Finish your bird leg. Have another on me. Let's chat."
Savage waved Dimurah over with another plate and slid into Scythe's booth. Gesturing for him to resume his seat opposite.
"You take defeat rather well." Scythe commented.
"Good to know. Since I've not experienced it afore..."
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