FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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Nora lay next to Deragan. Covered in a sheen of sweat. Whispering Airon's name again and again despite that she was unable to summon his soul back.

"I know sweetheart." Deragan brushed his lips to her. Stroking her hair from her face in an effort to soothe her. "He's safe now. I promise you."

"Airon..." She whispered. Flailing so wildly Deragan worried she'd hurt herself.

He lay next to her. Twisted over her to watch her face. Brows knitted with worry as he yearned to take her pain.

This was why I always feared us having young. I knew it'd shatter her.

And me.

Nora's dream was fraught with sifting through bits of clouds trying to find the tiny soul that had escaped her. But no matter how she called for him he wouldn't come to her.

Her grief and pain were mounting. Though she didn't know it, she was sending pulses of angel magic flowing over Ardae in potent waves. Every time her back arched and her arms tossed she unleashed another surging wave.
In the back of her mind she could heart the moans of a crowd of women rising in a crescendo that turned to shrill screams. Like a flock of wild birds shrieking in fear.
"Stop. Please stop." Nora covered her ears. Squinting her eyes closed harder as she tossed side to side. Kicking something hard next to her which didn't move.
Deragan. She knew.
And somehow just realizing that he was next to her calmed her.
She blew several calming breaths in an attempt to calm her racing heart.
Suddenly she was overwhelmed with visions of women clawing for freedom. Their wings bound inside their body. Restrained by vibrating ropes of light which held them under the skin. Binding the angels in their human bodies in an inescapable way.
They tossed brown, blonde and black hair in desperation trying to escape the constraints of human flesh which seemed to hold them all captive.
Nora calmed as she watched their struggle. Realizing that before Deragan, she'd shared it with them. Her spirit had felt exactly that way. Her head spun to her right seeing them crying out in the bed next to her. Tossing in frustration as they tried to free. She looked above her and saw their faces floating there. And on her left their were more. Clambering over each other in piles of writhing bodies.
Desperate for salvation.
Like Nora had been. But then Deragan had come and woke her up from her hibernating state. Giving her, her wings back which had driven her from her walking sleep.
Now it was time they do the same.
"Awake." She whispered. Energy draining from her in a great siphon of light which drug from her and seeped out the window like a fog that stretched over Meadowbrook and reached tiny streaming fingers over Grier to reach the countries and dropped to flow between tree trunks.
Each seemingly hapless streamer of wisping light finding its target. Piercing into the heart of a woman who awoke panting as she was filled with the swelling power of Nora's spirit.

Peak Mountain, Black Mountains, Battling Border
"No..." Radix stood outside his lair atop Peak Mountain watching the play of lights below. "It can't be."
But Radix knew that play of light. Recognized the blinding color the soothing, damnable peace of it.
"What's happening, Master." Belline walked from the lair. Heedless of her naked flesh. Her pale skin reflecting the silver sheen of the midnight moon. Large pink nipples now darkening to brown. Her plump legs beginning to thin as her body was already beginning to recede. The swells of her buttocks becoming narrower.
She put a hand already becoming gray-skinned on Radix's shoulder. "You seem disturbed?"
"An ascended angel is trying to wake the others."
"I thought we had most of them." Belline frowned. Sliding her unwanted hand from his shoulder. The bony knuckles and dry palm rasping over the rough fabric of his gray robe. Trimmed in
"We do. But there's always more then I can spot. The dormant ones shed no light I can see."
"So what are we going to do?"
"There is no 'we'." His head whipped to her. "You are going to have turn them faster." His gaze slid over her body dispassionately. "Get back to work."
She groaned. "But there's so many ugly men in this country."
"You're not altogether that lovely." He murmured. Turning back to watch the spirals of light climbing up into the sky.
"Dammit." He muttered as she slinked off like a wounded cat.
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