FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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1732 FOREVER KNIGHTS - Preparing for War

April 25th, 1732

Battling Country Border


Today Captain Deragan was the silver wolf. He wove through the mist like made of it.

The other Knights moved from within the treetops. Travelling in rhythm with him as a single unit.

Circling the cluster of Cimmerii below, they tightened their perimeter.

Through the fog, Deragan saw Radix.

Still as a statue in the center of the clearing.

Deragan couldn't help but be struck by the familiarity of the scene. He remembered Anastacia’s hollow face as she'd died in the bed next to him.

Followed by the image of years before, when he'd found her broken on the floor of the makeshift cabin. Neck limp and face bloodied. Her bottom jaw crushed.

Then there were flashes of images. All the other times he’d found her after Radix had done his damage.

Stealing her life and leaving me to spend decades without her again. Deragan's rage climbed. For years he'd been praying for a moment, just one, when he could get close enough to Radix to snap his damn neck.

Deragan shifted back into a man. Catching the pendant in his palm. He didn’t have to look to see it winking brightly. Beginning to glow with a blue light from within the confines of his palm.

Feeling its hot touch, his fist tightened until his hand seeped blood. Rich red drops falling dully to the grass under his feet.

Cracking his neck violently, Deragan lowered his head. His violence echoed in the yellow eyes flaring above him. Brightening the dark tree canopy. My pack.

Waiting for my order.

Radix was deathly still. Fist clutching his tall, gnarled, staff.

But he's ready. He has something planned. Deragan could see it in the malevolent creatures proud posture. His narrowed eyes bidding Deragan to attack.

Deragan took a precious moment to assess everything this time. I won't rush in like I did before.

This time we'll be careful.

We'll know what we're getting into.

Cimmerii surrounded Radix. In every shape and size. Forming a protective wall.

It won't be enough to keep me out. Deragan's eyes were locked on Radix. Sighting him as prey.

Deragan had not let his rage and hunger for vengeance drive him this time. We’re ready.

Bast, the black panther, had slinked into the clearing. His body straightening into human form as he walked with the same lithe stride as he had as a beast, straight to Radix.

Around the demon, the Cimmerii hissed. Not liking Bast's nearness. His confident swagger. His fearless stare.

Bast didn’t spare them a glance. Gaze fixated on the demon unwaveringly.

Too damn fierce to be afraid. Deragan thought proudly of their Great Protector.

Targue snapped the air at Bast's legs as if to attack, but gave way for him.

Radix is letting him approach. Good. Deragan knew that the demon Master could bid the beasts to attack Bast with a mere thought. But he's curious.

They were counting on that.

Bast stepped until nose-to-nose with their infernal enemy.

Radix’s lip curled above his gray beard at the fearless knight.

Staring each other down, the demon couldn’t ignore the blatant challenge on the Forever Knight's face.

One he'd hunted for centuries.

Radix lunged forward. Swiping at Bast’s torso ripped his flesh in gaping wounds.

Bast flexed his abdomen and jerked back but didn't flinch. Gaze still levelled on his enemy. "Where is she?"

“Now.” Deragan barked from behind him. Seeing the spurt of blood erupt from Bast’s gut and hearing the question he'd asked.

If Radix brags of owning Elsabet...It'll be Bast that goes mad with rage this time.

Deragan sent one thought into the pendant his thumb massaged. "Now."

Bast knew that was his moment to signal them all. His jaw dropped as he gave a feline roar. Unleashing the cry of his beast. Eyes burning gold so he was seen clearly through the fog.

A beacon of where to attack. Telling us all where Radix stands.

It was the battle cry.

Bast turning to the shining black panther in a burst of gold flakes at dawn was the signal for where to attack.

Men dropped from the trees. Landing on all fours and fur coating their backs as they rushed forward. Moving like pouring silk, the wolves cut through fog. Bones breaking ricocheted like thunder in the valley as the predators poured from the mist to snatch up the demonic creatures protecting their master.

One by one the Cimmerii numbers dwindled.

With each cracking neck Radix winced imperceptibly.

More wolves came.

Instantly human again, Bast shredded his shirt and his remaining skin parted to release his Figurine dragons. Clawing their way from inside him.

Lips twitching in contempt, Bast never looked away from Radix. Not even in his vulnerable state. Challenging the demon to try and get to him through the hoard of fierce small dragons at his feet and the wolves circling his feet and falling into line around him.

Deragan stepped to his side and stared down the demon. "What do you do now, Demon?"

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