FOREVER KNIGHTS: #20 Watchers Gathering

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It Ends Today

Soon the dragons descended in hoards, shredding everything they could get jaws around.

Unprepared for this attack so soon, Radix waved his hands to make clouds block the moon. Changing the valley to pitch.

Making the dragon’s eyes immediately adjust to the dimness.

Therefore, Radix's lightning strikes were blinding.

They snarled and reared in pain.

"Stay in the air!" Deragan roared through the pendant.

They tossed their heads against the burning of their eyes but managed to stay airborne.

Flying Cimmerii began landing on them like bloodthirsty bats.


Where'd they come from? Though Deragan had expected them he'd not seen them coming. Where were they hiding?

Deragan felt an attack on his own back. Chunks of flesh were being torn away. He roared in anguish and spun to toss them. Stretching his wings and careening in a tornado lower.

But they clung on with determined jaws of parasites.

Deragan swooped low and turned sideways to scrape his back against a tree.

The other dragons followed suit to rid themselves of the viper teeth sinking into them. And the raking claws of the short-armed Sarabi.

Deragan dislodged the Sarabi, but tore his own wounds in the process. Ignoring the pain, he focused on the battle. Now is not the time to think about the pain.

Strategy. He cleared his mind. Focus on my strategy.

The demon was centered in the flashes of light below, which illuminated his silhouette against the bleak backdrop of gray ash and dense trees.

Dropping with a speed beyond any hawk’s attack, he aimed his body at the demon. When close, he heard the crackling of black light. Tearing over the sky, it struck several of his comrades.

Hearing the cry of a dragon, Deragan saw the dark shadow of one falling in the dim light. Illuminated only by the flashes above the clouds. It plummeted downward from above.

Flying from its path, Deragan roared to the falling dragon to wake it from the stun. It reminded him instantly of watching Raese’s green body fall so many years ago.

He called to it again.

Wake up, Brother! Deragan's cry echoed over Battling and deep into the Black Mountains. Reverbating through the canyons and even into the dark halls of Blue Lark Guild seated in Dread Hideout Country.

At the last moment the falling dragon heard his alpha's cry forcing him from his unconsciousness. He shook his head and rotated. Returning skyward.

Deragan willed clouds to part. Sending a boom of energy which made them ease slowly from the moon.

The moon? So early in the day?

Moments ago dawn had been breaking over the Paladinian Mountains.

Radix had not only darkened the afternoon. He's summoned the night.

Deragan felt his chest tightening. Giving the demon a sharp look. I didn't know he was capable of that.

Don’t underestimate him. He reminded himself. Doing so had always proven a foolhardy game.

The sky brightened with further lightning.

Dragons fell. Weak from Cimmerii attacks or struck by lightning slashes.

Flapping in a circle Deragan moved to get a clear shot at Radix. Cimmerii guarded the demon too closely. He was wary of attempting it. Remembering how just that maneuver had led to Chavias' capture before.

He looked into the distance and saw the pearlescent dragon hovering just before Peak mountain. A smaller Sarabi in his claws was viciously ripped apart and tossed over the countryside.

Chavias was descending again with the same ferocity he always fought.

Pure ruthlessness. And Deragan was damn happy that drive was back on the proper side.

Sending a burst of black energy into the sky, the demon sent those still in flight reeling. Unleashing a cascade of repeated blows. Strikes of light lifted his body into the air. Making him hover on his own flying dais.

Deragan squinted against the vivid brightness. Burning sharply behind his eyelids.

Lifting his hand, the demon made an invisible barrier which Deragan could not get beyond.

Sliding down the barrier, Deragan landed on human feet.

Transitioning instantly, he lifted his hand. Shouting, he ordered his pack to stop.

Looking around, Deragan found he wasn't alone.

Others had landed, scraping at the barrier to get to Radix. And were now a broad circle around their Captain.

We need to break it down. Deragan was worried about them clustering so close to Radix.

The knights voiced their dissension in shouts and vibrating growls. Wanting to get at the demon as bad as Deragan did.

Radix laughed, mocking them all.

Go ahead and laugh.

“We’re going to kill all of your kind today, Demon.” Deragan promised.

“You try that. Meanwhile my armies flourish growing stronger. Faster...” Radix laughed roughly. "While yours only diminish."

“That ends today.”

Continued in BOOK TWENTY - ONE.

FOREVER KNIGHTS: Immortal Warfare

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